Jon Stewart Skewers Florida Same-Sex Marriage Haters

Now that same-sex marriage IS the law of the land in Florida, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show skewers those in the Sunshine State who stood in the way of marriage equality.

For example, regarding the county clerks who decided to cancel ALL courthouse weddings rather that be forced to marry same-sex couples, Stewart says this: “Yes we don’t want to cause ‘discriminations’ against county court employees who don’t feel like following the law. These people didn’t choose to be county clerks. They were born that way.”

As always, Stewart is as funny as he is on point. Check it out below:

Jon Stewart on the Cognitive Dissonance of LatteSalute

On last night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart addressed the hypocrisy (shocker!) of the right wing media’s outrage over the recent “Latte Salute” incident involving President Obama and an inartful salute.

Among other things, Stewart points out that President Obama is not the first prez to have a sloppy salute moment. We’ve all seen the now-famous photo of President Bush saluting with his dog in his hands.  Nuff said…

And, Stewart contrasts Fox News pundit Eric Bollings’ statements “These people put their lives on the line for us. Show the respect” with his later quip in the very show when he dissed a female pilot performing air strikes in the Middle East saying “Would that be considered “boobs on the ground” or no?”

Stewart suffers no fools easily here. Watch below:

Jon Stewart: Remember when the NFL though a GAY player would be a distraction?

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show reminds us of those golden days when the NFL’s most worrisome headache was the claim that out NFL-er Michael Sam gave franchise owner heartburn because they worried about his homosexuality “becoming a distraction.”

Well, can’t you imagine what the NFL would give for the hunky Mr. Sam to do something – ANYTHING – to cause a distraction from the current scandals rocking the football world?

Between the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice getting national attention for punching out his then-fiance back in February, and now the Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson whipping his four year old child until his son bled, a gay football player looks pretty tame now, doesn’t it?

Stewart puts it all into perspective, as only he can, below:

Hillary Clinton chats up Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Former Secretary of State and US Senator Hillary Clinton sat down with the fab Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to chat about just about every topic you can think of regarding life in Hillary-land: 2016 run for President, her less than artful comment about being “dead broke,” the future of young people in this country and lots more.

You can check out the lengthy chat session below.

As always, my girl Hillary rocked.