Kevin Spacey Found Not Liable In Anthony Rapp Sexual Abuse Case

In 80 minutes of deliberations, a jury found Oscar winner Kevin Spacey was not liable in a civil sexual abuse trail brought by  actor Anthony Rapp.
Kevin Spacey (image via Depositphotos)

In 80 minutes of deliberations, a jury found Oscar winner Kevin Spacey not liable in a civil sexual abuse trial brought by actor Anthony Rapp.

Rapp had accused Spacey of sexual abuse during a party at Spacey’s apartment in 1986 when both actors were appearing on Broadway in separate productions. Continue reading “Kevin Spacey Found Not Liable In Anthony Rapp Sexual Abuse Case”

Priest Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Tying Teen In Bubble Wrap

Brian Stanley (mugshot via Allegan County Sheriff’s office)

A Catholic priest in Michigan will spend 60 days in jail for wrapping a 17-year-old male in bubble wrap in 2013.

Brian Stanley, 57, will also spend 5 years on probation and 15 years as a registered sex offender because the accuser alleged Stanley masturbated while he was imprisoned for “approximately 30 minutes” including having his eyes and mouth taped shut. reports Stanley’s 60-day sentence was the result of a plea agreement. Originally arrested and charged on one count of unlawful imprisonment which could have resulted in a 15-year prison sentence, that charge was reduced to one count of attempted unlawful imprisonment.

During his pretrial hearing, Stanley admitted to tying the teen up in the janitor’s room of St. Margaret’s Church in Otsego in September 2013. But he denied there was a sexual component to the crime.

Over the course of the investigation, three other alleged victims – one who said he was 13-years-old at the time of the crime – came forward.

Michigan State Assistant Attorney General Alison Furtaw told the court, “Although (Stanley) reports there was no sexual reason for doing this to the victims, they thought he was masturbating but it was hard for them to tell because their eyes were taped shut.”

Furtaw also noted that in the pre-sentencing report, Stanley admitted engaging in similar episodes over two decades.

“This was going on for a long time,” added Furtaw. “These victims were not able to receive justice because this was outside of the statute of limitations.”

According to Furtaw, Stanley was living with the victim at the time of the incident. The victim’s parents had apparently encouraged the arrangement so Stanley could act as the teen’s “spiritual adviser” in regard to personal issues including addiction.

The local Fox News affiliate reports the Kalamazoo Diocese issued a statement saying they were “aware of allegations against Stanley in 2013, and further allegation in 2017, and forward those allegations to local police both times.”

In 2013, the police determined the “complaint wasn’t criminal,” and so no charges were filed. In 2017, charges were dropped because no witness would come forward.

Stanley declined to make a statement or apologize at his sentencing when offered the opportunity, according to

Watch Allegan County Circuit Judge Margaret Bakker sentence Stanley in the video clip below.

Wrestling Referee Says He Told GOP Lawmaker About Doctor’s Sexual Misconduct

Ohio State University wrestler during a match

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Ohio, a wrestling referee said deceased doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him while showering after a 1994 match at Ohio State University, and he reported it to then-assistant coach Jim Jordan.

Jordan is now a powerful congressman and has denied knowing anything about the numerous reports of inappropriate sexual behavior by Strauss during his tenure as a physician for the university athletes from 1986 to 1994.

Strauss passed away in 2005.

The lawsuit was filed by 43 individuals who say they were victims of Strauss’ abuse. The filing cites episodes of Strauss “drugging and raping athletes,” including underage boys who took part in athletic events at the university.

The referee, identified as John Doe 42, says both Jordan and then-head coach Russ Hellickson didn’t seem surprised when he told them about the encounter in the showers with the doctor.

“Yeah, that’s Strauss,” Jordan and then-head coach Russ Hellickson told Doe, reports NBC News. “Yeah, yeah, we know.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

“It was common knowledge what Strauss was doing, so the attitude was it is what it is,” John Doe 42 told NBC News. “I wish Jim, and Russ, too, would stand up and do the right thing and admit they knew what Strauss was doing because everybody knew what he was doing to the wrestlers.” 

“What was a shock to me is that Strauss tried to do that to me,” added the referee. “He was breaking new ground by going after a ref.”

Another of the victims, identified at John Doe 49, said Strauss told him to take off his pants when he went to see the doctor about an ingrown toenail during a wrestling camp. John Doe 49 says he was 14 or 15 years old at the time, and the physician threatened him with a scalpel before sexually abusing him.

Earlier this year in May, a team of investigators hired by Ohio State University found the doctor had sexually abused “at least 177 male student-patients.”

“We find that University personnel had knowledge of Strauss’ sexually abusive treatment of male student-patients as early as 1979, but the complaints about Strauss’ conduct were not elevated beyond the Athletics Department of Student Health until 1996,” read the report according to NBC News.

The referee is the second person to say they approached Jordan about the physician’s behavior.

Dunyasha Yetts, a former wrestler for Ohio State, has previously shared that the doctor attempted to pull down his pants when he saw Strauss about a thumb injury.

Responding to John Doe 42’s testimony, Yetts told NBC News, “It’s good that people are starting to come forward and say the truth, which is that Jordan and the other coaches knew what was going on and they blew it off.”

Several former Ohio State athletes have shared that Strauss’ behavior was basically an ‘open secret’ among athletes but the coaching staff didn’t seem inclined to take action regarding the allegations.

The story became national news in 2018 when former university wrestler Mike DiSabato came forward to not only accuse Strauss but share that the coaches, including Jordan, turned a blind eye to the behavior.

At the time, DiSabato said, “They knew, they all knew, and they did nothing.”

For his part, Jordan says he didn’t know anything about the alleged behavior.

“I never knew about any type of abuse,” Jordan told Politico last year. “If I did, I would have done something about it. And look, if there are people who are abused, then that’s terrible and we want justice to happen.” 

(source: NBC News – lead photo: Mark Lundy/FlickrCC License

Investigation Shows Ohio State Sports Doc Sexually Abused Over 177 Students

A year long investigation has concluded that Dr. Richard H. Strauss, who worked as a team doctor for Ohio State University, sexually abused at least 177 varsity male athletes from at least 16 sports over a nearly twenty year period.
(image via OHU)

A year long investigation has concluded that Dr. Richard H. Strauss, who worked as a team doctor for Ohio State University, sexually abused at least 177 varsity male athletes from at least 16 sports over a nearly twenty year period.

According to a 182-page report issued Friday, Strauss would require the young athletes to strip, would grope them and make inquires of intimate/sexual nature all under the guise of providing medical treatment or examination.

“From roughly 1979 to 1996, male students complained that Strauss routinely performed excessive — and seemingly medically unnecessary — genital exams, regardless of the medical condition the student-patients presented,” read one excerpt from the report via the New York Times.

Over 520 subjects took part in nearly 600 interviews throughout the investigation.

The investigators wrote, “Strauss’ acts of abuse ranged from the overt — such as fondling to the point of erection and ejaculation — to more subtle acts of abuse that were masked with a pretextual medical purpose — for example, requiring a student-patient to strip completely naked to purportedly ‘assess’ an orthopedic condition, or asking probing questions about a student-patient’s sexual practices or performance.”

One of the athletes who spoke to investigators said he once complained of a sore throat to Strauss, which lead to a genital exam.

One former wrestler, Nick Nutter, came forward last year saying the doctor groped him “19 exams out of 20.”

In addition, several former students shared that Strauss was known to shower with students, and hang out in the locker room.

The investigators found that many of the students were under the impression the physician’s behavior was an “open secret” and that coaches, trainers, even other team doctors knew of the sexual improprieties.

Indeed, the report shows that several coaches and players reported incidents involving Strauss over the years, but the complaints never saw Strauss held accountable.

There were so many complaints that an investigation was launched in 1994 by the university’s director of sports medicine, Dr. John Lombardo. He eventually dismissed the allegations calling them “unfounded rumors.”

Lombardo refused to sit for an interview with the investigators.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), now a powerful conservative congressman, was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State from 1987 to 1995. He has maintained he never heard any of the rumors regarding Strauss, even though the investigation by Dr. Lombardo occurred during Jordan’s tenure as an assistant coach.

Jordan told the Washington Post he feels vindicated by the newly-released report saying it found no evidence he knew about the sexual abuses.

Actually, the report doesn’t mention him by name at all.

“I think the report speaks for itself,” said Jordan. “It confirmed everything I have said all along.”

But several former Ohio State wrestlers came forward over the past year insisting the rumors were so widespread Jordan must have heard or knew something about the inappropriate behavior.

In truth, what would a seasoned politician say about such rumors today? Can you imagine Jordan standing up and admitting all these years later, “Yes, I heard about those incidents back in the day, but I chose to do nothing?”

Twenty-two coaches interviewed by investigators said they were aware of rumors or complaints regarding Strauss, reports the Washington Post.

Upon the release of today’s report, Ohio State President Michael Drake issued a statement calling the findings “shocking and painful to comprehend.”

“On behalf of the university, we offer our profound regret and sincere apologies to each person who endured Strauss’s abuse,” Drake continued. “Our institution’s fundamental failure at the time to prevent this abuse was unacceptable — as were the inadequate efforts to thoroughly investigate complaints raised by students and staff members.”

Three groups of victims have filed law suits against the university, and Ohio State is said to be “actively participating in a mediation process.”

While Strauss was still a professor emeritus at the time of his death in 2005, Ohio State told the press today it would begin proceedings to revoke that honor.

HBO Releases Trailer For Upcoming Michael Jackson Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’

(promo image via HBO)

HBO has released the trailer for the upcoming Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland.

The two-part, four-hour documentary explores the separate (but similar) allegations of two men who were both befriended as children by Michael Jackson.

James Safechuck (who met Jackson when he was ten years old) and Wade Robson (who met the singer at age five) both allege they experienced numerous incidents of sexual abuse by Jackson.

In 2005, Robson testified in Jackson’s defense during the singer’s criminal trial saying he had stayed at the Neverland Ranch more than 20 times – usually sleeping in Jackson’s room – and Jackson never sexually abused him.

But in 2013, years after Jackson’s death, he changed his story and sued the Jackson estate for what he described as seven years of molestation. The judge in that case dismissed the lawsuit saying the estate “couldn’t be held responsible for Robson’s exposure to Jackson.”

Safechuck filed a complaint in 2016 alleging Jackson had sex with him “hundreds” of times when he was a boy. That case was also dismissed.

Directed by Dan Reed, the film features in-depth interviews with both men as well as family members.

According to The Guardian, the Jackson estate dispatched a ten-page letter to HBO’s CEO denying the allegations and denouncing Reed for not interviewing anyone from Jackson’s family or legal team.

Robson, who became a successful choreographer in the 2000s for acts like Britney Spears and *NSYNC, says in the trailer that Jackson “told me if they ever found out what we were doing, he and I would go to jail for the rest of our lives.”

“I want to be able to speak the truth as loud as I had to speak the lie for so long,” added Robson.

“Secrets will eat you up,” Safechuck tells the camera. “You feel so alone.”

The comments on the YouTube page for the trailer are overwhelmingly negative about the film and the allegations with the ‘Dislikes’ outweighing the ‘Likes’ 5 to 1.

Part one of Leaving Neverland airs Sunday, March 3, on HBO, with the second part following on Monday, March 4.

Watch the trailer below.

Rami Malek Pans Working With Bryan Singer “It Was Not Pleasant, Not At All”

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Rami Malek, whose acclaimed performance in the musical biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, has won him a Golden Globe Award and made him the front runner for the Oscar, has finally come clean about his working relationship with film’s director, Bryan Singer.

Malek shared during an interview at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival that his relationship with Singer was combative, reports The Guardian.

“In my situation with Bryan, it was not pleasant, not at all,” said Malek. “And that’s about what I can say about it at this point.”

As the press has previously reported, Singer was dismissed from Bohemian Rhapsody with two weeks left on the shooting schedule. He was replaced by Dexter Fletcher, although Singer is still listed as the only director on the film.

Malek did offer this for those people who are uncomfortable with Singer sharing in the success of Bohemian Rhapsody:

“For anyone who is seeking any solace in all of this, Bryan Singer was fired. Bryan Singer was fired, I don’t think that was something anyone saw coming but I think that had to happen and it did.”

Malek has previously told the Los Angeles Times that the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at Singer were “honestly something I was not aware of” when he was working with the director.

A recent article by The Atlantic detailed the accusations of four men who say Singer had sex with them while they were under age.

Singer has denied all allegations of sexual abuse.

Bohemian Rhapsody, however, is doing just fine having banked over $800 million at the box office worldwide.

The film won Best Motion Picture – Drama at the 76th Golden Globe Awards, and was nominated for the Producers Guild of America Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture and BAFTA Award for Best British Film.

The movie also picked up five nominations at the 91st Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Malek.

Father Gets 5 Years In Prison For Forcing Son To Have Sex With Step-Mother As ‘Gay Cure’

(stock photo via Depositphotos)

When Richard Dowling’s son, Daniel, was 11-years-old, he forced him to have sex with his step-mother in an attempt to make sure his son wouldn’t be gay.

His father also forced him to watch porn and engage in three-way sexual encounters with himself and the step-mother.

Although the incidents took place in the 1990s, charges were only recently brought against the father and step-mom.

Richard Dowling, now 62-years-old, has been sentenced to five years in prison on one count of cruelty to a child and two counts relating to sexual offenses involving a child.

The former step-mother, Annette Breakspear, 62-years-old, received an eight year sentence on three counts of indecent assault.

Now 36, Daniel has shared his story with the Sunday Mirror in an effort to help others raise their voices in similar situations.

The initial abuse began while playing a board game one night. Richard suggested the loser remove their clothing. Soon, Breakspear was naked and the father encouraged Daniel to kiss and fondle her breasts.

At the time, 11-year-old Daniel says he justified the abuse in his head because, “Dad was encouraging me to do it so I thought it was OK.”

“I think that night was a tester of how I’d react because intercourse started after that,” he added.

Daniel says that he was a bit “feminine” when younger and that possibly led his dad to take these actions.

Daniel tells the Sunday Mirror that not only did Breakspear take his virginity soon after, but she would engage in sexual abuse at least ten times over the next three years.

In one instance, after returning home from Scouts, his father told him to go give his step-mom a “good night kiss.” But when Daniel entered the bedroom, Breakspear was naked and handcuffed to the bed.

She instructed him to kiss her, and things eventually led to intercourse. During the incident, the father came and joined in.

In another episode, Richard made Daniel watch pornography with him before the dad engaged in oral sex with Breakspear telling Daniel, “That’s how you do it.”

There were also times when all three would be in bed participating in some form of three-way sex. Other times, the father wouldn’t be present for the episodes.

Today, Daniel is openly gay but the damage done at such a young age persists.

“I was sexualised at such a young age that sex means nothing to me now,” he says. “The few positive memories of my childhood are tarnished by memories of the abuse. When I smell someone wearing her perfume, or see that board game in a shop or on TV, it brings the memories back.”

The repercussions of the abuse resulted in mental health issues including depression and an attempted suicide.

The abuse came to an end when Richard ended his relationship with Breakspear in 1996. The father and son moved to Weymouth, Dorset, where at age 16 Daniel became the victim of another pedophile.

It was during interviews with a psychologist that that the earlier abuse came to light.

But nothing came of the revelation as the father claimed his son was a liar and simply “seeking attention.” Daniel also told the Sunday Mirror that the police treated him “shoddily” during that time and a constable even mocked him.

It would take 17 years before Daniel would eventually find justice. On September 6, 2015, he recorded a phone call wherein the dad admitted the abuse. Daniel took the recording to the police, and this time he was taken seriously.

During Richard Dowling’s trial at Reading Crown Court, the father says his intentions were “to try and steer him in the right direction and not to go to the way of being gay, because there was like, sort of, tendencies for him to be gay”.

The father says he was concerned about Daniel turning out “the right way.”

Judge Maria Lamb admonished Richard Dowling in court saying, “Your warped sense of right and wrong allowed him to be exploited by your then partner not just once but again and again.”

“You’ve failed to protect him from the sexually predatory behavior of your co-defendant,” the judge said. “The damage is incalculable. The abuse of trust is monstrous and the reality is that one of you was involved in active sexual abuse and the other connived at it.”

And regarding Breakspear, Judge Lamb was direct and unflinching in her criticism: “For your own perverted sexual gratification, you initiated this boy into a world far beyond anything to which he should ever have had to be introduced at those tender years.”

The Sunday Mirror reports Daniel was not able to tell his story until today for legal reasons.

But he now shares that he has not spoken to his father for over two years, saying: “Dad threw me under the bus instead of admit his guilt. He is dead to me now.”

(h/t Sunday Mirror)

Out Music: Joey Suarez “Dancing By Myself”

Joey Suarez hits Top 5 in UK Club Chart

EDM/Pop musician Joey Suarez recently hit #5 on the UK Upfront Club Chart with a remix of his club favorite, “Dancing By Myself.”

The song, remixed by chart-topping UK-based HausUnited, puts him in the same chart neighborhood as superstars Calvin Harris and Sam Smith.

Suarez says the song is about “the feeling of being alone at a club, content with the idea that you are now alone.”

“The song grows and changes a lot like our emotions do when we are heart broken,” he explains. “With that said, I hope this song finds those who feel alone and are trying to dance away their troubles.”

The young musician has never worried about dancing to his own beat and being who he is.

A survivor of sexual abuse by his grandfather at a young age, Suarez spent years diving into his music as he hid that secret.

“Music is responsible for saving my life,” shared the handsome artist in an interview with I’m From Driftwood.

As music and performing became more and more important in his life, he decided he was done with exiling a part of himself.

Most musicians choose to hide their sexuality at the beginning of their career for fear of rejection, but Suarez consciously decided to flaunt it.

“I was about 14 when I decided secrets weren’t worth it,” he says. “From then on, I vowed never to lie and never to hide who I was from anyone and most of all myself.”

Fans might be surprised to learn the artist who is now climbing the EDM/dance charts spent over 10+ years studying classical vocal training. But the strict, regimented approach to classical music wasn’t going to work for an artist who needed to fully express himself.

Suarez says he was “so sick of getting criticized in choirs for being ‘too loud’ or ‘not blending’” that he shifted his focus to other kinds of music and artist outlets.

“Suddenly, all the constrictions and criticisms went out the window and I could freely explore my inner urges and talents,” he says.

His first two singles, “High in the Sky” and “Love Me Back” have garnered nearly 130,000 streams collectively on Spotify. A feat not easy for an independent LGBT musician.

He is currently in the studio writing and recording more songs for an upcoming project.

Check out Suarez’s “Dancing By Myself” then head over to his official website here for more info.

Billy Porter Pens Powerful, Frank Personal Essay Chronicling Childhood Rape

Tony Award-winner and current star of FX’s Pose and American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Billy Porter, has penned a frank and revealing personal story of childhood rape and sexual assault for
Billy Porter

Tony Award-winner and current star of FX’s Pose and American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Billy Porter, has penned a frank and revealing personal story of childhood rape and sexual assault for

“Sharing my story with @outmagazine was both cathartic and empowering,” Porter wrote on Twitter. “Be warned, I held nothing back.”

As a disclaimer to the essay, Porter warns the reader that the piece contains “very explicit content,” and if that makes people uncomfortable his advice is to “move on now.”

“Because what we’re not gonna do is shame victims any longer,” he adds. “I have written this piece to continue the excavation of a healing for my soul, not the readers’ comfort level.”

And then, in unfiltered prose, Porter details how his stepfather began to sexually molest/assault him from the time he was 9-years-old.

Porter explains it began with his stepfather introducing him to soft porn and then graduating to more hardcore imagery in Hustler Magazine. His stepfather would ask which pictures he liked and Porter, in an effort to “endear” himself would say, “I like the ones with women and the men.”

A year later, things had escalated to his stepfather choking Porter while forcing him to perform oral sex.

With a reference to the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearings where Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was eventually mocked by the president for not having enough details for her memory to be considered credible, Porter writes:

Cut to a year later with my two hundred and fifty pound stepfather fucking my face with his uncut, coke-can-girthed c**k. (You were warned…)

Is that enough, y’all? Is that horrendous memory “credible” enough or is it too old to matter because I can’t remember the particulars of how I got to the bottom of a face-f*cking position, with the adult put in charge to raise me? Is the manic memory of being suffocated by my stepfather’s beer belly as he…as he…rammed…as I choked. 

Am I being too graphic?  Is my language to offensive so you can’t “hear” me? After 40-years of taking care of everyone else’s feeling surrounding my trauma, the only person I care about is taking care of myself! Sorry, not sorry.

‘I was born gay and he knew it,” Porter continued. “He knew I would respond favorably to the sex, because sex is pleasurable, sex feels good.”

And then, like many childhood victims of sexual assault, he questions himself. “Maybe it’s my fault,” he writes. “Maybe I asked for it.”

Porter would eventually escape by working at a summer theme park. It was there that the memory of “the affair,” as he had come to call it, would overwhelm him.

It was when his mother came to see him perform that he would tell her of the abuse.

“She believed me but she stayed with him,” writes the Pose star. “I was testing her, I guess? To see if anybody could take care of me. Would there being any consequences for the damage he had inflicted. Would there be any reckoning?”

Porter would spend the next year living in the family basement, filling his schedule with school, dance classes and performances while avoiding his stepfather.

But late one night, when Porter came home late after being at a church concert, his mother forced the two men into a confrontation. The stepfather came downstairs brandishing a leather belt.

“If you hit me… You better kill me,” Porter told his stepfather.

And then his mother demanded that the teenager “Tell him what you told me!” And the stepfather immediately went into denial.

“I didn’t do anything to that boy. I didn’t do anything… he… he didn’t already have coming to him! I told you there was something wrong with him. Something ain’t right with him in the head. I… I can’t believe this. I… That’s a lie. It’s a lie. He’s lying!”

Porter called him out, though. “Lying about what?”


“See…? You just told on yourself.”

Soon after, Porter moved out and headed off to college at Carnegie-Mellon University. Even though the school was just minutes from home, he never went back.

The stepfather would die two years later due to a heart attack.

There would be no closure; no resolution; no healing.

Porter explains the #MeToo movement as well as the recent Brett Kavanaugh/Christine Blasey Ford showdown led him to share his story.

We’ve been forced to endure yet another public victim of these violent atrocities be shamed, mocked, laughed at, disbelieved and discredited while the monsters receive saintly status and are elevated to the highest court in the land with the power to legislate our lives as they see fit.  No accountability. No consequences. Time’s up, Bitches! TIMES! UP!

In the end, it’s not a ‘woe-is-me’ story. This is a call to action.

Porter closes with a clarion call to use the one power we have in these trying times.

We have to stop in-fighting each other and band together to save our Democracy and earth’s humanity.  Period! The End! Cause I know when the shit hits the fan they’re coming for my black faggoty loud mouth ass first.

So I’m gonna stand on the shoulders of all those who came before us, the folk who laid down their lives for the rights we seems to be so carelessly squandering –  and keep screaming and fighting till my dying day! Who’s gonna join me?  Pull it together people, it’s time to save the world!

VOTE, BITCHES!!! While we still can! It’s the only power we have!

To call the essay ‘powerful’ would be an incredible understatement.

Click here to read the full unfiltered (remember you are warned) at

And then – GO VOTE.