Teaser: Adam Lambert Sings “Hot Patootie” In ROCKY HORROR Reboot

In advance of the premiere of Fox’s reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Thursday at 8PM ET, we get a quick tease of Adam Lambert (American Idol) rocking out on some “Hot Patootie” as “Eddie” from the cult musical.

It turns out, though, that Lambert took some twists and turns in the early phase casting for the TV movie.

Via Attitude:

When he was asked to play the part of Frank-N-Further in the Kenny Ortega-directed remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, American Idol winner Adam Lambert refused, as being “cis and playing the role of a trans character… felt inappropriate” to him.

Instead, the role went to the spectacular Laverne Cox, who’s portrayal has already got fans whipped into a frenzy of excitement. But, not wanting to miss out on the action, Adam took on the role of Eddie in the retelling of the 1975 cult musical classic.

Speaking to Out Magazine at the time, Lambert said: “When they started announcing the cast, I said, ‘Wait a minute — what about Eddie? I wanna play Eddie! I could do that — that’s like one song. Let me just come in and do a bit part!’ Because I really, really wanted to be a part of it.”

Trailer: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” On Fox

The first full-length trailer for Fox’s upcoming “Rocky Horror Picture Show” reboot dropped yesterday at the San Diego Comic Con.

Starring Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Christina Milian and Tim Curry, this trailer gives us the first look at the reimagined “Time Warp.”

What do you say readers? Does this fill you with an-ti-ci-SayIt!-pation?

Premieres October 20th on Fox.

Laverne Cox Sends Big Rainbow Kisses For Pride

Laverne Cox, soon to star in the new TV version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, slowly gives viewers a big, wet kiss, leaving lip prints on the screen.

Of course, the red lips are a long familiar visage for Rocky Horror fans.

And the, we watch the lips change to rainbow in honor of Pride month.

Airing on Fox the week of Halloween, the TV musical is directed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) and also stars Adam Lambert as Eddie and the original “Frank-N-Furter,” Tim Curry, as The Narrator.

First Look: Laverne Cox As “Dr. Frank-N-Furter” In Upcoming ROCKY HORROR Remake

Entertainment Weekly has a first look at OITNB star Laverne Cox as the iconic “Dr. Frank-N-Furter” and Tony Award winner Ben Vereen as “Dr. Scott” from the upcoming remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

You may notice that this Frank has a somewhat different look, and that’s by design (the costumes for this Show are by Tony-winner William Ivey Long).

“We were on set and a reporter saw me and said I looked like the love child of Grace Jones and David Bowie. I said ‘That’s exactly right.’ I think we mix up the look more than they did in the original,” Cox explains.

“It’s inspired by the original but it’s really our own take. It’s way more elaborate and couture. [Director] Kenny Ortega had this vision that Frank was at this old theater and found these old burlesque costumes and is, like, using them and wearing them now but has altered them a bit.”

Check Out The New “Rocky” For Fox Network’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Staz Nair will be starring as “Rocky” in upcoming Fox TV presentation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

With so much music theater coming from NBC (The Sound of Music Live!, Peter Pan Live!, The Wiz Live!)  Fox Network has decided to push the envelope a bit further with a television redux of the Rocky Horror Picture Show—with none other than Laverne Cox as “Dr. Frank-N-Furter,” the role that helped launch Tim Curry’s career by starring in the original stage production in addition to the movie.

But can we take a look at the new “Rocky?” Staz Nair, former X Factor UK contestant, will be the hottie to wear those famous gold lame booty shorts.

We’ll also be seeing the 6’1′ model-actor, who is of Russian and Indian descent, on the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

Check out some pics from his soon-to-explode Instagram account.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Cast 40 Years Later

From L to R: Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, Tim Curry, Meat Loaf and Susan Sarandon.

Entertainment Weekly’s annual Reunion issued picks some great folks to come back, reminisce and remember with.

I especially love the pic of The Rocky Horror Picture Show cast Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, and Meat Loaf, brought together for the film’s 40th anniversary.

From EW:

The film was an immediate flop and then a subsequent legend, as an entire devotedly weird subculture built itself up around its red-lipsticked glory, with the call-and-response fervor of a evangelical church. “Molly Ringwald took me to a screening pretty early on,” says Sarandon. “That was the first time I saw it; I believe it was 8th Street, the whole ritual.”

“There’s something incredibly simple about Rocky Horror Picture Show in terms of its color and props and scenes,” says Bostwick. “And I think that’s what people respond to. That they can be any character in it if they have the balls to stand up and put those costumes on.”

Head over to EW for the cast reunions of “Family Ties,” “Bring It On,” and “Felicity.”