Radio Show: Music Legend Judy Collins On Christmas & Creativity

This week on The Randy Report radio show:

Grammy Award winner Judy Collins chats with Randy about her latest collection of Christmas songs Christmas with Judy Collins, and along the way this singer/songwriter/artist/author shares insight into her own approach for cultivating creativity on a regular basis.

Collins continues a full touring schedule, performing over 100 live concerts a year. Plus, this past September saw her release a new studio album of duets – Strangers Again – with superstars like Michael McDonald, Willie Nelson, Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett and Don McLean.

Along with songs from the album, Judy shares her favorite holiday traditions. Tune in to hear this warm and wonderful legend settle down for a holiday chat.

Radio Show: Save Your Money And Your Sanity During The Holidays

Money and sanity saving tips for the Christmas holidays

One of my favorite radio shows to do – HOLIDAY TIPS!

In this episode of The Randy Report on BlogTalkRadio, food editor and lifestyle expert Candi Fox, of Candi & Company, brings lots of tips, tricks and ideas to help you during the holiday season.

Whether it’s saving money, saving time, or saving your sanity – Candi brings lots of new ways to help you out.

Plus, we discuss making sure that your holiday season is exactly that – YOUR holiday season.

Grab your jingle bells and let’s go!

Radio Show: Chloe Lattanzi Talks Re-Imagining “Magic” With Mom Olivia Newton-John

Chloe Lattanzi and Olivia Newton-John
Chloe Lattanzi and Olivia Newton-John hit #1 on Billboard Dance chart

A few weeks ago, I was engaged by a big media outlet to interview Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe as their dance hit, “You Have To Believe,” was racing up the Billboard Dance charts.

At the time I chatted with Chloe (I record all of my interviews so I can make sure I quote folks correctly), the song was just hitting #19 on it’s way to #1 whereupon Chloe and Olivia became the first mother/daughter team to reach #1 on the Billboard Dance Club chart.

Chloe also talks about her upcoming role in the Syfy network film, “Dead 7.”

I thought my radio audience might be interested in hearing the actual interview, and so, voila!

Chloe is quite charming throughout the chat, and it’s fun to hear the excitement in her voice as the song’s journey was just unfolding.

You can hear other shows on my newly launched The Randy Report companion podcast by clicking here.

Radio Show: Film Maker Matt Zarley Is A “hopefulROMANTIC”

Handsome producer/singer/songwriter Matt Zarley talks about his award-winning short film "hopefulRomantic"
Award-winning singer/songwriter/film producer Matt Zarley

As part of my newly-launched companion podcast, I interview award-winning singer/songwriter turned movie producer Matt Zarley joins us to talk on the journey of his acclaimed musical short film, “hopefulROMANTIC.”

The film stars Zarley, Jolie Jenkins, Chuck Seculla, and TV icon/LGBT activist George Takei.

Accepted into over two dozen film festivals, the film is part music video, part Broadway musical and part romantic movie – in fact, it’s all of those things and more.

Zarley discusses the inspiration for the project, as well as the evolution of the film. Plus, he shares several songs from the movie soundtrack.

I enjoy the podcast/radio show medium – and why not? I get to talk even more!

After reading my posts for so long, don’t you want to tune in for a few minutes to hear what I sound like?  🙂

Announcing “The Randy Report Radio Show”

After months of thinking and postponing and more postponing, I finally launched the companion podcast to The Randy Report this week.

Many readers here know that for years I co-hosted an online radio show, The Candi & Randy Show, with my fab friend Candi Fox.

It was a fun, enriching experience where Candi and I laughed together, and also explored a lot of topics I’d never thought about. Along the way we racked up over 500,000 targeted listeners.

But after two and a half years, I found my calendar was booking up with lots of theater projects that I was really looking forward to working on, and plus, I found I was a bit out of ideas. I stepped away thinking that at sometime in the future I might see myself sitting down at a microphone again.

So, Monday night I debuted the first episode of The Randy Report (the radio show) on BlogTalkRadio. I hope many of you will click over to the show page there and click “Follow” so you can be notified of upcoming episodes.

The first show featured two interviews – one with Lee Roy Reams, who is currently starring in Hello, Dolly! in Boca Raton, Florida (the first American male actor to play the title role); and the second with award-winning singer/songwriter Matt Zarley discussing his acclaimed musical short film “hopefulROMANTIC.”

I refer to the radio show as a “companion” piece to the blog here as I hope to explore via talk radio many of the stories and issues I bring up here on a a daily basis.

I’m still working on some details – one of which being exactly when I’ll air shows live. But the great thing about BlogTalkRadio is every show is available for free on-demand listening within a few minutes of a show airing. So, whether you join me and my guests live or catch up later on your own schedule, you can be a part of the ever-expanding Randy Report experience 🙂

Really hoping you hit play and listen below. And I’d love if you would call in live some time. I’d love to hear from readers 🙂

New Jersey: Radio Producer Joe Votruba Comes Out On The Air

Great feel good story coming out of New Jersey concerning Joe Votruba, the afternoon show producer and writer for New Jersey 101.5, the largest FM talk radio station in America.

Last Friday, Joe came out live on air during the Deminski & Doyle Show, which he produces. The off the cuff announcement barely seemed to throw radio hosts Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle off guard.

The moment happened as the host’s were discussing the wisdom of being friends with your ex. During the segment, Joe said, “I can give you a story. This story has to come with an announcement first of all. I’m gay. But we’ll talk about that later.”

From the show’s website:

We spent the hour debating whether or not it’s ever okay to remain friends with an ex. Joe chimed in with a story of his own, but he buried the lead. Little did we know that this was going to be the moment when Joe V decided to announce to the audience that he’s gay. We are so happy for him that he did, though!

The über-cool thing is how calm the announcement came and went. His radio hosts, who knew he was gay although Joe had not gone “public” public with the news, completely rocked and rolled with the announcement and kept on chatting with the topic at hand.

Later, Joe expressed his thanks on Facebook to those who offered him support after coming out on the air.

“While a lot of my friends and relatives were already aware of that fact that I’m gay, Friday afternoon was the first time I ever talked about that aspect of my life on the air. Your kind words in response have been so incredible and you are all truly amazing. I just want to say THANK YOU for your outpouring of love, support and acceptance. Stay hungry and stay free!”

I really love how the rhythm of the show and the hosts didn’t skip a beat when Joe shared his news. This was smooth, kids.

It really informs us on how far we’ve come.

Congratulations, Joe!