Radio Show: Film Maker Matt Zarley Is A “hopefulROMANTIC”

Handsome producer/singer/songwriter Matt Zarley talks about his award-winning short film "hopefulRomantic"
Award-winning singer/songwriter/film producer Matt Zarley

As part of my newly-launched companion podcast, I interview award-winning singer/songwriter turned movie producer Matt Zarley joins us to talk on the journey of his acclaimed musical short film, “hopefulROMANTIC.”

The film stars Zarley, Jolie Jenkins, Chuck Seculla, and TV icon/LGBT activist George Takei.

Accepted into over two dozen film festivals, the film is part music video, part Broadway musical and part romantic movie – in fact, it’s all of those things and more.

Zarley discusses the inspiration for the project, as well as the evolution of the film. Plus, he shares several songs from the movie soundtrack.

I enjoy the podcast/radio show medium – and why not? I get to talk even more!

After reading my posts for so long, don’t you want to tune in for a few minutes to hear what I sound like?  🙂