Halloween PSA Reminds Parents – It’s All Just Pretend

As we head into the Halloween holiday with all its spooky, dress-up fun for everyone, I thought this PSA (which debuted in 2017) makes for a timely #ThrowbackThursday post.

Boys and girls all over the country will get excited this evening about dressing up as their favorite super-hero, comic book character or cartoon persona for Halloween.

And in this day and age, some of those choices might surprise parents.

This public service announcement serves as a touching blueprint for moms and dads who might feel concern as their kids go house to house on Halloween as, say, “Batman” and “Wonder Woman.”

In the video, two children oversee their parents carving pumpkins with the logos of their favorite superheroes before running up to their rooms to suit up for a night of Halloween fun.

The two-minute video continues as the parents dutifully follow the mighty duo as they make their way from house to house in the neighborhood. We see one neighbor thanking the tiny tots for “keeping our streets safe” as the parents watch from the curb.

At the end of the clip, mom and dad tuck the kids into bed and there’s an important reveal.

One of the co-writers for the spot, Alexander Day, told HuffPost at the time, “Halloween can be a time people can express themselves in a certain way and not be attacked for it.”

For those who get concerned about so-called “gender norms,” just remember – the kids are pretending no matter who or what they choose to dress as.

And that goes for the adults who enjoy the holiday as well.

Here’s hoping everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

Burger King PSA: Folks Stand Up For Bullied Burger More Than Bullied High School Junior

Fast food restaurant Burger King created this public service announcement in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month that seeks to find out why more people will stand up for a bullied Whopper Jr. than a bullied high school junior.

For the spot, the company hired actors to play the bullies and the victim during a busy time in a Burger King restaurant. While the teenager is getting bullied, employees served “bullied” Whopper Jr’s to patrons.

The patrons didn’t hesitate to complain about the burgers, but practically no one addressed the bullying going on right in front of them.

As one kid shares, “It’s just easier to do nothing.”

From Burger King:

Scrawny. Short. Ugly. Fat. Weird. 30% of school kids worldwide are bullied each year and bullying is the #1 act of violence against young people in America today (Source: nobully.org). The BURGER KING® brand is known for putting the crown on everyone’s head and allowing people to have it their way. Bullying is the exact opposite of that. So the BURGER KING® brand is speaking up against bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month.

Visit NoBully.org to learn how you can take a stand against bullying.

And watch below to see how many customers actually step up for the high school junior.

Liberty & Justice: A Love Story

I recently heard from a classmate of mine, Sheila Head, from college days at Syracuse University.

It turns out Sheila is still in creative mode and raising her voice – you know I love that 🙂

My wife Norma Lana and I just shot a video as Lady Liberty and Lady Justice in support of the upcoming SCOTUS decision. (And to kick off Pride Month.)

Our goal is to raise as much awareness as possible about the upcoming Supreme Court decision in mid-late June.

#libertyandjustice #marriageequality

Directed by Mandy Fabian; written by Sheila Head and Mandy Fabian; produced by Sheila Head (Lady Justice), Norma Lana (Lady Liberty), Mandy Fabian, and Kristen Phelan; music by Peter Dee.

I love a community collaboration! Check out the video below! Great going ladies!

NFL Addresses Domestic Violence In Chilling Super Bowl PSA

Whoa. Powerful.

The NFL and the No More campaign (which works to combat domestic violence and sexual assault) teamed up for this PSA to run during the Super Bowl.

The premise comes from a story shared on Reddit last year by a former police dispatcher who once took a call from a domestic abuse victim who pretended to order a pizza in order to get police to her home without tipping off her abuser.


MTV airs Ferguson PSAs during 2014 Video Music Awards

During the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, the network ran two public service announcements referencing the recent turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri.

From Mediaite:

One of the ads is based on a quote from author James Baldwin: “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” The words show on-screen while the now-famous “Hands up, don’t shoot” chants are heard in the background.

The other spot — with a concept title of “Look. Listen. Change.” — shows young people getting hit with broken glass while a narrator rattles off racial stereotypes.

PSA: “Knowing”

From the Youtube description:

From Impulse Group and The Advisorie, comes this artistic and educational short, a sexy portrayal of a couple taking the next step in their relationship, and the influence that knowledge, communication and compassion has on their deeper connection.

The short makes its online debut as a lead up to Impulse Group’s launch of it’s WHY NOT campaign. Why not know? Why not ask? Why not tell?

This short highlights the journey from a break-up to knowing one’s HIV status to communicating that status. And of course, love and compassion prevail.

Parker, played by Kyle Heinen, finds that love in his unlikely nerdy co-worker, Billy, played by Namir Nasir.

YouTube heartthrob, Eli Lieb of Los Angeles donated his haunting cover of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ to the film. Download the music on iTunes.