Accused Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ In Court

Robert Bowers

Robert Bowers, accused of barging into a Pittsburgh synagogue and killing 11 people last Saturday, appeared in court today to plead not guilty.

How he can be ‘not guilty’ when he was caught redhanded is hard to imagine, but….

Yesterday, a grand jury indicted Bowers on 44 counts of murder, hate crime, obstruction of religious practice, and more.

Bowers allegedly entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and opened fire. Eleven people were killed and six additional victims were injured.

According to prosecutors, the 46-year-old had several firearms, including Glock .357-caliber handguns and a Colt AR-15 rifle.

According to reports, when he was apprehended by police, he told them he “wanted all Jews to die.”

This was the deadliest attack on Jewish people in the U.S. in the history of the country.

The shooting took place during a gay couple’s bris for their newly-adopted twins.

Additionally, one of the victims was a well-known HIV physician in Pittsburgh.

In his court appearance today, Bowers requested a trial by jury which legal experts say could take 3-4 weeks.

If Bowers is found guilty, he faces a possible death sentence for 32 of the 44 indictments. Or, he could face life in prison without parole, or a sentence of up to 535 years in prison.

My America: Pittsburgh Muslim Community Raises Over $70K For Synagogue Shooting Victims

This is my America.

In the aftermath of the deadliest attack on Jewish people in the United States, the leader of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh announces the local Muslim community has raised more than $70,000 for the synagogue attack victims and their families.

“We just want to know what you need … If it’s people outside your next service protecting you, let us know. We’ll be there.”

Podcast: Neo-Nazi Kills 11 At Synagogue Celebrating Gay Family’s New Twins; LGBT TV Representation Hits All-Time High

In this week’s podcast:

A religious ceremony celebrating the adoption of twins by a gay couple at a Pittsburgh synagogue was interrupted by an armed neo-nazi who shot and killed 11 people. Click here to donate to help the victims and families affected by the hate crime.

• Out actor Garrett Clayton is talking about the homophobia he’s encountered in Hollywood.

• Caitlyn Jenner admits she was wrong to trust Donald Trump on LGBTQ issues.

• How many is “too many” sexual partners for a 30-year-old gay man?

• LGBTQ representation hits an all-time high on television.

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report.

Report: Synagogue Shooting Occurred During Ceremony For Gay Couple’s Children

The mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue yesterday that left 11 dead and six more injured happened during a ceremony for the children of a gay couple.

According to local LGBTQ group, The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, the deadly attack occurred during a bris, the Jewish rite of male circumcision, for the couple’s adopted twins.

We were just informed that this morning’s tragedy was happening during a Briss for a set of twins adopted by a gay couple.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all that were involved including the members of the Synagogue, law-enforcement and first responders.

We have witnessed the worst of America this morning in our town Pittsburgh. More than ever we must come together as people and change the temperament of our country.

After surrendering to police, assailant Robert D. Bowers said he “wanted all Jews to die,” according to a Pittsburgh police report.

Bowers was charged with 29 criminal accounts by federal officials.

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, issued a statement which read, in part, “Our hearts are with the community of the Tree of Life Synagogue, the first responders who bravely rushed into danger to save lives, the people of Pittsburgh, and all those impacted by this tragic act of hate violence.”

Donald Trump, true to form, told reporters that gun laws had “little” to do with the shooting.

“If they had protection inside, maybe it could have been a different situation,” Trump said.

Mind you, four police officers – who are well-trained in using firearms – were injured during the shooting.

After the massacre, the Trumpster called for bringing “back the death penalty” through legislation even though the death penalty is legal in Pennsylvania.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to raise funds for the victims of the shooting and their families. At this writing, the campaign has raised almost $400,000.

Trump Twitter Rants About Baseball Hours After Mass Shooting Leaves 11 Dead

Donald Trump

On a day that saw a mass shooting where 11 people were killed at a Pittsburgh synagogue, Donald Trump surprised some on Twitter when he took time to tweet a comment on World Series Game 4.

The tweet criticized the LA Dodgers manager for pulling pitcher Rich Hill from the game which saw the Boston Red Sox go on to win 9-6, taking a 3-1 lead in the series.

Earlier in the day, Trump condemned the shooting as an “assault on humanity” and an “evil anti-Semitic attack.” He also suggested that if the worshippers in the synagogue had had guns, things might have turned out differently.

He also attended a campaign rally just hours after the shooting. He defended his campaign appearance by erroneously telling the crowd that the New York Stock Exchange was open the day after 9/11.

(pssst – it wasn’t)

In the past, presidents have usually adopted a more somber public face for at least a few days after a national tragedy. Like this from former President Barack Obama.

Twitter noticed the difference in approach.

Four Dead As Maniac Opens Fire At A Pittsburgh Synagogue

Terrible news as there has been yet another mass shooting in America today.

A gunman entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this morning and opened fire as parents and family were celebrating the birth of a child.

The synagogue was hosting a bris. Parents, perhaps for the first time, were marking the birth of their son just eight days prior — a profound and emotional moment in their collective lives — and a maniac burst in and opened fire.

During a bris.

From The New York Times:

An official in Pittsburgh reported that at least four people were dead and at least 12 people had been shot after a gunman opened fire at a synagogue on Saturday morning.

Erika Strassburger, the city councilwoman for the district that includes the synagogue, the Tree of Life Congregation, said the gunman had surrendered to the police after being barricaded in the building and had been taken to the hospital.

Three police officers were shot but their injuries were not life- threatening, she said.

Asked by reporters about the horrific incident, Donald Trump blamed the victims, not the hate, saying if they had had guns things “maybe nobody would have been killed except him.”

Nick Jonas To Headline Pittsburgh Pride After Iggy Azalea Drops Out Days From Event

Exit the hater; enter the hunk.

Rapper Iggy Azalea dropped out yesterday as the headliner for Pittsburgh Pride in the Street over mounting criticism regarding racist and homophobic tweets published years ago before she was famous.

It looked like Pittsburgh Pride was in a tight spot, but LGBT ally, hunky KINGDOM star, and current “It” guy Nick Jonas rides in to the rescue.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

“Nick had heard about Pittsburgh Pride in the media and called us on Tuesday and said he would like to come and perform,” said Gary Van Horn, president of presenting nonprofit Delta Foundation of

Pittsburgh, in a statement. “He has been a supporter of the LGBT community, and he wanted to make sure that the community and Pittsburgh had a Pride event that they could be proud of.”

“When I heard about the difficult position Pittsburgh Pride was in just days before their event, I knew I had to find a way to help,” said Mr. Jonas.

“I’m excited to do what I can to support the LGBT community in Pittsburgh, and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday as we celebrate together.”

Pittsburgh police officer under investigation for punching teenager at Gay Pride event

A Pittsburgh police officer has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation after he was caught on video punching a teenage girl who had been confronting Christian protesters during the city’s gay pride event.

From WPXI:

According to the criminal complaint, Ariel Lawther was fighting with a man named Eric Moore. The officer involved said when he went to break the fight up, he was pushed and kicked. The complaint stated that the officer, “pulled the woman out and grabbed her hair and punched her in the stomach a few times.”

Channel 11’s Pamela Osborne spoke with Jenny Kenny who recorded the alleged incident.

“From the very beginning, he grabbed her neck and he shouldn’t have done that,” said Kenny.

Channel 11’s Rick Earle reported that sources say the woman involved was arrested and is facing several charges, including resisting arrest.

Lawther posted $5,000 bail and has since been released from the Allegheny County Jail.

According to several witnesses, the girl did not assault the police officer. Watch the clip below. The alleged assault starts around 3:00. You don’t see the very beginning seconds of the altercation, but it is hard to imagine that in two seconds the officer was assaulted to the point of justifying the force used here.

(via JMG)