Photography: “Rm. XIV”

While traveling across Europe playing “Riff,” the leader of the Jets in a touring company of West Side Story, Mark MacKillop felt the nightly “rumble” onstage wasn’t enough to fuel his creative appetite. So, he set about to create a visual journal of life lived out of a suitcase in various hotel rooms.

Now, when you’re on the road in the privacy of your own hotel room, you probably don’t wear too many clothes. And MacKillop is no exception. Lucky for us.

What began as a “project” has arrived fully developed as Room XIV.  Not only is Mark sharing his private life, he’s sharing 25% of the proceeds with Broadway Cares: Equity Fights AIDS.

The book is available for pre-order at

Check the video preview of a half-naked Mark MacKillop below:

(h/t Queerty)

Last night’s “Super Moon” seen over Las Vegas

July 12, 2014 – “Super moon” over Las Vegas, NV

I took this about 10pm last night from my backyard. It hasn’t been touched by Photoshop. Clearly, I’m not a “nighttime photographer” kind of guy. Not sure what settings would have made the pic clearer, but it came out looking like a painting anyway.

Big and bright last night. I sat with a glass of chardonnay and contemplated the “Jellicle” moon for a while.

Photography: “The New Art of Capturing Love”

A new photography book called The New Art of Capturing Love, which calls itself the “essential guide to lesbian & gay wedding photography,” is a collection of weddings featuring same-sex couples from all walks of life; weddings large and small; quiet and intimate to spectacular-sized events.

Check out just a few shots from the collection by Kathryn Hamm and Thea Dodds below:

Photo credit: OffBeet Productions / Amphoto Books

Photo credit: Authentic Eye Photography Amphoto Books

Photo credit: Authentic Eye Photography Amphoto Books

Alex Chacon’s epic 360° “selfie” from over 36 countries in 600 days

World traveler Alex Chacon

36 countries, 600 days, 5 motorcycles, and 125,946 miles.  That’s the basis for the most epic travel “selfie” compiled by hottie Alex Chacon.

The footage, taken with a GoPro camera and a stick, is gorgeous.  The three minute video  opens a window to what must have been an amazing adventure.

From the YouTube description: Alex Chacon is on a Modern Motorcycle Diaries driving his motorcycle over 200,000+ Km crossing 75+ borders around the world to the most remote and undiscovered places on earth on this charitable expedition.

Find more about Alex and his travels at

Book: “Heal This Way” photographed by Tracey B. Wilson

Lady Gaga’s biggest fans share their emotional journey about coming out, bullying, thoughts of suicide, and the need for acceptance, in this new book.

Written by Lady Gaga’s biggest fans, and photographed by Tracey B.Wilson, Heal This Way: A Love Story is a compilation of photos, letters, and quotes from LGBT youth. The book shares the heroic stories of young adults being bullied, coming out of the closet, and thoughts of suicide; all while encouraging us to love each other.

Heal This Way: A Love Story is a teaching tool that starts a conversation between parents and their kids, or teachers and students about what it means to be gay, and about the effects of bullying.

A portion of the book’s sales benefit Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, providing services for at risk LGBT youth.

Miami Nights – Color & Light

Went out with the boys last night in Miami Beach.

Good times. Very, very attractive people and groovy retro vibe everywhere.

Color everywhere

Dinner at the Cardozo Hotel complete with music

Funds for fun

Submitted without comment

Retro diner coolness
I don’t even remember going to this club
Ooh, pretty colors….
Ooh, pretty colors pt.2…

Last stop of the night.  Clearly I’d been drinking…

Holiday decorations at Twist

Time to head home…

Facebook seems to have a double standard when it comes to banning/blocking certain pics

I’ve written several times about former Marine veteran turned fitness model Alex Minsky on The Randy Report.  You can find a couple of those posts here and here.

My friend David Toussaint over at GuySpy has written about an interesting double standard that’s taking place on Facebook when it comes to certain pics being banned while others are allowed no problem.

From GuySpy:

Back in February of this year, GuySpy ran a story of an image of war veteran and amputee Alex Minsky that was blocked from Facebook. The photographer, Michael Stokes, was banned from Facebook for three days. The photo eventually resurfaced, with no apologies, after it had been removed from approximately 4,000 people’s pages who posted it in a sign of solidarity. Read the story here.

This week Stokes was banned for thirty days for posting the below photo of Alex Minsky.

However, a quick search of the social network’s pages found these two female images. You can find plenty more yourself on this Facebook page. I think the human body is beautiful, but this seems much more “sexual” in nature than the above Minsky pics. Maybe it’s me…

And how about this one, which Facebook also seems to have no problem with.

What do you think? Double standard going on here?