Facebook seems to have a double standard when it comes to banning/blocking certain pics

I’ve written several times about former Marine veteran turned fitness model Alex Minsky on The Randy Report.  You can find a couple of those posts here and here.

My friend David Toussaint over at GuySpy has written about an interesting double standard that’s taking place on Facebook when it comes to certain pics being banned while others are allowed no problem.

From GuySpy:

Back in February of this year, GuySpy ran a story of an image of war veteran and amputee Alex Minsky that was blocked from Facebook. The photographer, Michael Stokes, was banned from Facebook for three days. The photo eventually resurfaced, with no apologies, after it had been removed from approximately 4,000 people’s pages who posted it in a sign of solidarity. Read the story here.

This week Stokes was banned for thirty days for posting the below photo of Alex Minsky.

However, a quick search of the social network’s pages found these two female images. You can find plenty more yourself on this Facebook page. I think the human body is beautiful, but this seems much more “sexual” in nature than the above Minsky pics. Maybe it’s me…

And how about this one, which Facebook also seems to have no problem with.

What do you think? Double standard going on here?