Melbourne: Photo Of Gay Couple Holding Hands, Facing The World, Goes Viral

Photographer Chris Cincotta’s photo of a gay couple holding hands in Melbourne has gone viral as a symbol of gay love facing the world.

From the Humans In Melbourne Facebook page, Cincotta writes:

I was sitting in Centre Place when a couple who were clearly in love walked by. They were laughing with each other, holding hands and they looked like they were in their own little world. Which is exactly how love should be. I chased after them…

Their names were Tim and Brendan.

I asked the two gentleman to pose for me in this photo to show what would happen to those around them if gay marriage was legalised in Australia… Nothing. Zip. Zero.

Life would continue on exactly for everyone else as it does now and nobody would be effected except the two Humans who are so in love.


Cincotta explained the composition of the pic to Buzzfeed like this:

“I didn’t want them facing me, I wanted them to be any two men or two women. I said, ‘Stand there, you’re going to represent love, and everyone will be moving around you’… That’s exactly what love is, it’s about being in a bubble and the world moving around you.”

Photography: Michael Stokes “Always Loyal” & “Exhibition”

California photographer Michael Stokes has two new large-scale, coffee table, art books in the works. One features wounded US veterans (Always Loyal) and the other explores male figure studies (Exhibition).

Stokes is widely acclaimed not only for his work capturing the male physique, but in celebrating our wounded soldiers.

His Kickstarter campaign has 12 days left but his results there are spectacular. With an original goal of $48,000, he’s raised a jaw-dropping $203K.

Donations to his campaign include copies of one or both books.

The images are gorgeous and well-worth  drooling over pursuing. Take a look at some of the images to be included in the projects in the video below.

Get Your Kilt On

I’ve always thought kilts were really sexy. Paired with a tux in a rather regal setting completely works here.

And then, there’s the model 🙂

This pic from the terrific photographer Michael Stokes, who excels at capturing the full spectrum of male imagery.  Follow him on Facebook here.

Photography: Red Hot 100

Photographer and filmmaker Thomas Knights has released his newest project – Red Hot 100.

Knights’ debut exhibition that is ‘rebranding the ginger male stereotype’ is neatly consolidated into this amazing coffee table book. The exhibition will tour the world with Sydney, Paris, The Netherlands and London confirmed for December 2014 and many more to come in 2015.

Think red heads rule? Check out the cool video below about the exhibition, and the book itself on Amazon.