Out Music: Parker Matthews ‘What Happened To Us?’

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews in 'What Happened to Us?'
Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews in 'What Happened to Us?'
Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews in ‘What Happened to Us?’

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews latest single and music video, “What Happened To Us?,” totally speaks to so many of us when we think a relationship is a true ‘love connection’ but in reality it was fading and we didn’t even know.

While that sounds like a downer, the soundscape of the track is anything but.

With the opening guitar and bass matching a chill pop-synth groove, the song and video conjure up a bit of 80s retro vibe (thinking Phil Collins here) as Matthews and his crisp vocals take us on a night time drive through the dark land of ‘what ifs.’

Matthews shares, “This record reflects on a time when I could see a seemingly infatuating relationship fade away.”

“At first, it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist when we were together, spending long nights and countless hours just the two of us,” adds the handsome artist. “However, over time, that spark faded, he eventually lost interest, and we stopped talking altogether.

“Lost interest.” Trust and believe, we’ve been there, Parker.

“This song touches on the idea that people might say one thing but mean another, or just not deliver on their promises,” says Matthews. “I feel like the song’s fun, strong beat paired with its soulful lyrics helps listeners subconsciously identify those debilitating feelings of rejection, and I hope it helps them begin to heal, too.”

“What Happened To Us” is Parker’s first single release of 2021, debuting this new sound in advance of his upcoming EP No Regular Love, about falling in love, heartbreak, and how there is nothing normal about that special connection.

You can find my previous coverage of the talented Mr. Matthews here. Follow him on Instagram here.

Parker Matthews’ Euphoric End Of Summer ‘Live For Your Crazy’

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews drops his latest track, an upbeat synth-pop banger titled, “Live For Your Crazy.”

The track features an infectious vocal hook and polished, top-shelf production. Effortless and euphoric, it’s a breezy end-of-summer bop.

In the video, directed by Nicolas Wendl, Matthews envisions sexy Mother Nature coming to save him from the sweltering desert heat.

I chatted with the rising pop star about the new song, sweaty desert realness, and what’s on the horizon for him.

The Randy Report: Your last music video, “Good Enough,” was set in a dark theater, serving up a melancholy Parker in ‘leading man’ mode. In “Live For Your Crazy,” it’s a complete 180 taking us out into the middle of nature, busting moves right and left, and chilling in a grove of palm trees. Where did the inspiration for the video come from?

Parker Matthews: I wanted to show the next step in my evolution on this journey both as an artist and as a person. In the beginning of this video, I let go of the rose petals I was holding on to from the darker place of Good Enough, and symbolically, set out to find my own way.  

My whole life, women have saved me, in various ways, and I wanted to depict that by having a Mother Earth figure as my saving grace.  Between everything currently going on with climate change, and the destruction of our planet, I wanted to show the beauty of nature by actually going on location and in some ways, how delicate it can actually be.  

The locations that we shot this video on have never been filmed on, nor will they be filmed on again. My team and I partnered up with CNLM, a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting endangered species and plants, was gracious enough to allow us to captivate such epic visuals.  It was a 16 hour day, in 118-degree heat, but with their help, we were able to film something amazing. 

TRR: What does 2019 Parker know today that it would have been handy if 2017 Parker might have known? Is there anything you’ve learned in the past two years that you thought, “That would have been really useful to know…”

PM: There are so many things I’ve learned since getting into this game, but I think one of the biggest things has been learning to always be my unapologetic self, no matter how ‘uncool’ that might be.  Standing up for my own vision, and surrounding myself with a team that believes in me is what truly makes the difference.  I can confidently say that I’ve found myself, and now, its full speed ahead.  I have my team locked down, and as for new music… I have a lot to say 😉

TRR: You’ve been turning out really terrific tracks for some time now. What’s the ’next step’ career goal?

PM: I have one more record for you this year, and then I’m taking some time to record my first EP.  I have most of the songs already written, and I have a title, that you’ll find out about all in good time J  

By having a bunch of singles that took listeners around the ‘map’, I showed my versatility and malleability, but I want to have this EP to really focus on the artist that I am, what I stand for, along with my overall brand.  (You can expect that around the end of March).

TRR: Random question: Name three artists you wouldn’t mind being compared to?

PM: I don’t really compare myself to anyone, because I am me.  I write my own records, and I create my own visual ideas, but if I had to choose other artists, I’d pick ones with like-minded values, and would honestly all be women.  Lady GaGa, Christina Aguilera, and Julia Michaels all have a spot in my heart.  Being real is what stands out the most to me,  and that’s where I give the utmost respect J

For more info on the handsome Mr. Matthews, check out my previous coverage of his music here.

“Live For Your Crazy” is now available on all digital download sites.

Check out a few peeks behind-the-scenes of the making of “Live For Your Crazy” via Parker’s Instagram.

Parker Matthews Is More Than “Good Enough”

Parker Matthews “Good Enough”

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews drops his latest music video, “Good Enough.”

Trust and believe – it’s more than ‘good enough.’

The visually elegant video finds our hero prepping for a performance, but troubled.

After the sexy sass of previous tracks like “Hit and Run” and “Feelin’ Right,” Matthews is in a pensive mood.

Who hasn’t worried/wondered if they are ‘good enough?’ For others, for ourselves?

Through repetition (plus a touch of humanity), the title phrase sometimes feels like Parker is convincing his listener, sometimes himself.

It’s like I’m not good enough, good enough
Why’m I not good enough, good enough
Baby, I’m good enough, good enough
I know that I’m good enough, good enough
I can’t take it
My heart, you break it
I’m good enough, good enough
I know that I’m good enough, good enough

(screen capture)

The handsome Mr. Matthews offers some of his most expressive and muscular vocals to date.

And, like all his releases, the production is top-shelf and sophisticated.

Make sure you hang around for the ending.

“Good Enough” is available now on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital download sites.

Check out my previous coverage of Mr. Matthews on The Randy Report here.

Podcast: Emmy Nominations, Harry Styles, ‘Gay Panic’ Defense & More

The Randy Report podcast is the perfect way to keep up with LGBT politics, pop culture and entertainment news on the go

In this week’s podcast:

• The Trump administration is raiding HIV/AIDS programs to pay for further family separations at the U.S. border

• Hawaii’s Supreme Court declines to review a bigot’s appeal after being found guilty is LGBTQ discrimination

• UK pop star Harry Styles admits, “There a little bit of gay in all of us”

• This year’s Emmy Awards nominations had a lot of love for the gays

• ‘Queer Eye’ and ‘Pose’ both get renewed for additional seasons

• Out indie artist Parker Matthews is “Feelin’ Right”

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report

Out Music: Parker Matthews New Sexy Groove “Feelin’ Right”

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews releases his latest single, the sexy and slow "Feelin'Right"
Indie artist Parker Matthews

Out indie pop artist Parker Matthews is currently “Feelin’ Right” and he wants you to be right there feeling it with him.

The Pittsburgh native has displayed notable versatility with previous singles “Lost With You” and “Hit and Run,” which I wrote about back in May.

For this new release, the soulful singer switches up the beats – this time taking the listener on an intimate, private flirtation.

In this Q&A, the handsome indie artist chats on his new, sexy groove.

The Randy Report: Your last single, “Hit and Run,” was an upbeat, bouncy bop. Your new track, “Feelin’ Right,” sounds like liquid sex. What was the inspiration for the song?

Parker Matthews: For this record, I want to take things a little bit deeper and show you a side of me thats more sexual. The song is about becoming obsessed and almost addicted to the way someone can make you feel when you’re in that moment. It’s when you find that person to get you through the night and keep you feelin’ right.

TRR: What’s your favorite part of the creative process? Writing? Recording? Production?

PM: I really do love it all, but recording is my favorite part by far. I get to be in the booth, in that moment, with just the mic and me.

When I was recording this record, I had all the lights in the studio turned off and some candles lit to really set the tone. When you record material like this, it’s about giving the perfect delivery right up close and personal to that mic. Recording is when you can truly make the song your own.

Writing is a close second though. Lyrics mean the world to me, and when my team and I have writing sessions, I like to go off into a different room, lock myself away, and let the words speak for themselves.

TRR: Who’s currently at the top of your list of ‘dream collaborators?’ And why?

PM: There are so many amazing artists out there right now, and I am always open to collaboration, but in the rap game, I’d be down for a collab with Nicki Minaj because I love her tone.

In the pop world, Jessie J, Ariana, or my hometown girl, Christina Aguilera, all have a such amazing voices. And that’s something I have the ultimate respect for.


For “Feelin’ Right,” Matthews’ silky smooth, sensual vocals sit right in the pocket for the bulk of the low-key song. The bridge introduces an accelerated heartbeat (you know where this is going) that leads to the climax of the song, leaving just enough time for some post-romantic after-glow.

The entire track oozes a confident sexual vibe that borders on intoxicating without crossing the line into being heavy-handed.

This enthralling follow-up proves he is definitely more than a ‘hit and run.’ We expect to hear much more from Matthews.

You can check out this interview with The Randy Report podcast where the Pittsburgh native shares how his own personal experiences influence his approach to making music.

You can follow Matthews on Instagram here, Facebook here, Spotify here and check out his official website here.

“Feelin’ Right” is currently available on all digital download sites including iTunes.

Check out the lyric video below.

News Round-Up: April 26, 2018

(image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• Paleontologist Francesc Gascó (above) redefines the old saying, “Walk tall and carry a big… hammer?” Ok, I’m not complaining… 🙂

• Out Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon not only attended the TIME 100 Gala in New York City as one of the news magazine’s “100 Most Influential of 2018” but he got to sniff country music star Keith Urban along the way.

• Hottie Simon Dunn trolled anti-LGBT Australian rugby player Israel Follau for saying gays will go to hell by kissing his bf after his own rugby match and then retweeting the pic to Follau. Follau has doubled-down in his hateful comments saying he’d rather end his career than take back what he said.

• Diver Tom Daley, married to Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black, says girls can still turn his head.

• A NYC subway rider found DWTS and ANTM champ Nyle DiMarco so hot she took creeper pics of him. She didn’t know he did the same 🙂

• Parker Matthews dropped his new music video for “Hit and Run” recently. In writing about the video, Pop Dust gushed, “Matthews’ confidence in his sexuality glows onscreen.”

I interviewed the talented popster back in February. You can catch my chat with him here and check out the video below.

Podcast: Parker Matthews Releases His New Single, “Hit And Run”

On today’s episode of The Randy Report podcast I’m chatting with Parker Matthews who releases his new single, “Hit and Run” today.

A little background on Parker:

He was touched by the power of music at a very early age when he saw Whitney Houston sing “I Will Always Love You” on the 1994 Grammy Awards. #GoodTaste

From focusing on creativity and music in school to staying up nights writing songs, he knew music would be a driving force in his life.

He also found solace in his music as his younger years were impacted by bullying and depression. Instead of letting the bullies win, he pulled himself up and became the artist he is today. He also uses those dark times as an inspiration to advocate for LGBTQ youth by supporting The National Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

With musical inspirations that include Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Adele, Jennifer Hudson and Jessie J, Parker says his music is about the message of human connection.

And speaking of connections, he was one of Music Connection Magazine’s 2017’S Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands.

Let’s first take a listen to his new single, “Hit and Run” and then chat with Parker Matthews.

“Hit and Run” is now available on iTunes and all digital download sites.