Out Music: Kat Cunning “King Of Shadow”

Out actor/singer Kat Cunning recently released her new single, "King of Shadow," which has been featured on the hit Netflix series Trinkets where she plays rocker chick, "Sabine."
Kat Cunning (image via Instagram)

Out actor/singer Kat Cunning recently released her new single, “King of Shadow,” which has been featured on the hit Netflix series Trinkets where she plays rocker chick, “Sabine.”

Since her performance of “King of Shadow” on the show in mid-June, Kat’s streaming platforms have seen 7.8 million streams with “King of Shadow” garnering over 3 million streams.

As a musician, the beguiling artist crafts alternative pop songs, drawing from her study of dance as well as her time on stage which includes appearances on Broadway in Dangerous Liaisons and Cirque Du Soleil’s Paramour.

“A lot of my music is pretty queer because I’m telling my stories and I’m queer, and I really believe in representation for anybody who’s marginalized,” she told PEOPLE in 2018. “Being a queer person, I can’t really help but write true stories about love with female pronouns.”

“The themes my music ends up being about are sexuality, religion — as one of those metaphors for sexuality and love — and also heartbreak and love,” she added.

In “King of Shadow,” Cunning exudes seductive romantic confidence that combines with rich pop production resulting in a richly-layered musical tapestry.

I like.

The multi-hyphenate artist is currently working on her debut EP. Hit play below.

Lena Waithe To Be Honored With MTV’s “Trailblazer Award”

Lena Waithe (image via Instagram)

Actress/writer/producer Lena Waithe will be honored with this year’s Trailblazer Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Waithe made history earlier this year as the first woman of color to be awarded the Emmy Award for ‘Best Writing in a Comedy Series’ for her work on HBOs Master of None. The episode that won her the Emmy Award was based on her own coming out story.

The award recognizes content creators that introduce fresh, fearless and unique voices within the entertainment industry.

Past recipients include Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Channing Tatum and Shailene Woodley.

“Honored,” she responded on Twitter, adding an #IWantMyMTV hashtag.

Waithe recently starred in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and is the creator/writer/producer of Showtime’s The Chi.

She also has the upcoming television show Twenties, based on her own early years in Los Angeles, which she is writing & producing for TBS.

Waithe pays it forward by mentoring young, diverse writers through The Black List initiative.

“Lena is shaking up Hollywood and breaking cultural boundaries through her innovative and authentic storytelling,” said Amy Doyle, general manager of MTV, VH1 and Logo, in a statement. “Her unwavering passion for equality and inclusion make her the perfect recipient for this year’s Trailblazer Award.”

The MTV Movie & TV Awards will air on Monday, June 18 at 9 p.m. ET.

Music Video: Tom Goss feat. Matt Alber “Breath And Sound”

Randy Report fave Tom Goss has a gorgeous new music video with Matt Alber “Breath and Sound” featuring three couples of dancers interpreting Tom’s words and music.

From Tom’s Huffington Post interview regarding the point of the video:

I want them to understand the boundlessness of love. There’s a reason the first verse focuses on the straight couple alone — that’s what they are used to seeing. I want straight people to be drawn into a familiar story, one they understand and relate to.

Once there, I want to show them that this exact same story is being lived by the LGBTQ community.

As a gay man, I don’t want special privilege. I just want to love – passionately, fearlessly and completely.

New Music Video: Matt Alber “Handsome Man”

Accidental Bear shares the debut of out singer/songwriter Matt Alber‘s newest music video, “Handsome Man,” from his current album Wind Sand Stars.

Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders also has a short Q&A about the making of the video and what exactly Mr. Albers wanted us to take away from the musical respite:

AB: What is the story going on in this new video for “Handsome Man?”

Matt Alber: Well, there’s always room for interpretation, but I see this as the story of two guys who find the spark of love the morning after a pivotal sleepover. Maybe they’ve jut been hooking up until now, keeping things casual. But something changes when neither of them wants the morning to end. One of the fellas hides a love-note for the other on the back of a photo-strip, and when the other one finds it… well, it’s ON!

Hit the play button below and enjoy. And check out the full album on iTunes here.

More of the Q&A (plus more stills from the video) on Accidental Bear.

Music: Jay Brannan “Square One”

Out singer/songwriter Jay Brannan just released his new music video for “Square One” off his latest CD Always, Then & Now as he heads out on tour for the next several months.

Critics have had this to say about Brannan’s uber-obvious talent:

“Brannan’s star is on the ascent.”

“The Male Joni Mitchell”
–Alex Catarinella, GEN ART PULSE

“the kind of indie folk that makes you feel warm and fuzzy while tearing out your insides”

You can download the new album on iTunes or Amazon.

“square one”
music & lyrics by jay brannan

does anybody here have a soul?
put the thermostat on overdrive, the air is bitter cold
everywhere i look is nip & tuck
and every song they play in here is vapid as fuck

well i don’t give a shit about the weekend
i don’t wanna hear about your car or what you’re drinkin’
don’t know what to make of all of it
the same people claiming it gets better treat everyone like shit, and

everyone sings about leaving, breaking off
but where the hell do they run?
here we were receiving, giving, making love
when some something came undone
sticking me back at square one

pigs & asses used to lived on farms
friendly skies weren’t always overrun by airborne infants in arms
life’s a beach, and should you swim astray
you’ll fade to grey some castaway, there’s no lifeguard service today

falling for the foolish can be tough
but everything is possible when you hate yourself enough
not my proudest moment, but the one i’ve got
it’s a little painful being so much less cool than you by a lot, and


i just met you yesterday, and i’m already imagining the break-up
a little lovemaking and a 2nd latte is enough to keep me charging towards the shakeup
you’re fucking out of my league, when will i learn it?
could sell the devil my soul, and he’d return it