Talking Cancer & Fitness With Dr. Phil’s Fitness/Nutrition Expert Robert Reames

Fitness & nutrition expert Robert Reames

I recently did an episode of the American LBS radio/video podcast with Dr. Phil Show head trainer and nutritionist, Robert Reames.

The podcast highlights inspirational and motivational stories involving wellness sharing information from some of the best fitness folks in the industry.

I’ve known Rob (an awesome source of great fitness info) since the 1990s. He asked me to chat about my cancer journey back in 2009 and how fitness & my dance background played a part in my recovery.

While I’ve mentioned my bout with cancer on The Randy Report, this is probably the first time many of you might hear first hand what my little journey was like.

Hit play below, and you can find out more info from and about super-smart guy Rob at his official website here.

Five Foods You Should Never Eat

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5 #Snacks kids should not eat! #cancer #Posted by Your Healthy Page on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Which Do You Hit Harder To Lose Weight – Diet Or Exercise?

Which is more important in weight loss – diet or exercise?

The science guys over at AsapSCIENCE explain it for you in three minutes.

I will add – since I do know several of the men of Chippendales – who know a thing or two about being in shape – that they put it at 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

That’s not to say exercise should be ignored. You burn more calories the  more fit you are. And there is that endorphin high that’s hard to beat… 🙂

Guess What’s In Your Favorite Holiday Coffee Drinks

Did you know that a Grande Eggnog Latte has the saturated fat of about 2 1/1 glazed donuts? That’s 60% of your daily saturated fat. (Insert sad trombone sound here…)

Check out this video from AOL that kind of spills the beans on your favorite holiday coffee drinks. Here’s just a bit of the 411:

• A grande Eggnog Latte = the saturated fat of about 2.5 glazed donuts
• A grande Chestnut Praline Latte = the sugar of 15 Hershey’s kisses
• A grande Peppermint Mocha = the sugar of 21 Hershey’s kisses
• A grande Gingerbread Latte = the sugar of over 10.5 Jolly Ranchers


I’m a regular coffee guy myself.

First Lady Michelle Obama appears on The Tonight Show skit to promote healthy eating & excerise

First Lady Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell

The right-wing zealots are SCREAMING about how “embarrassing” it is that the First Lady appeared in this Tonight Show skit with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell to promote her campaign for healthy eating choices and exercise.

Wow. What a TOTALLY terrible thing to do…?


(h/t Boy Culture)

Weird ways to burn 200 calories

As I’ve mentioned in passing a couple of times here on The Randy Report, I’m currently looking for ways to “balance” my approach to fitness and nutrition. I’m not going crazy with any fad items on the menu, but I’m looking for ways to help me out to a healthier lifestyle.

AND since I love the folks at AsapSCIENCE, how timely that their latest video to make you smarter in three minutes concerns ways to burn 200 calories!

Watch, learn in three minutes and drop some of these facts at your next cocktail hour or coffee klatch.

Happy Tuesday, kids!

Pete Stellato on The Candi & Randy Show

The Candi and Randy Show recently welcomed WBFF’s (World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) Pete “Steel” Stellato.

Handsome, smart and motivated, Pete talks about how he’s making his own personal come-back, what his future plans are, and we delve a bit into his personal life.

Sometimes, life takes a swing at you and throws you. Pete’s approach? Balance. In working out, in nutrition, in relationships.

Hit play and listen as Pete inspires us to be our personal best.

Fitness expert Anthony Catanzaro on The Candi & Randy Show

Wow. What a great guest Anthony is. The hour flies by listening to him speak with such passion about inspiring people to be their best.

Hit play and listen to someone who not only “talks the talk” but “walks the walk.”

Anthony Catanzaro joins us this week fresh off his recent TV appearance on “Bayou Billionaires” as well as a photo shoot for Playgirl.

Anthony is a self-made man. With hard work and perseverance, he went from lifting weights in a spare room in his parent’s home at the age of 15 to appearing in hundreds of ad campaigns, TV shows, movies, and running his own fitness business.

Tony is a fitness expert willing to go the distance for his clients. With a big heart, and a bigger brain, Tony shares fitness and nutrition advice, as well as experiences and inspiration from his recent projects.

Make sure you check out Anthony’s website for more info and inspiration: