NOM’s graphic fail: Losing sight of children

Note the latest graphic fail by the ironically named National Organization for Marriage.

The anti-gay rights group put out this graphic today with the tag “Our laws should never lose sight of children.”  Because – we’re always thinking about the children, riiiiight?

Then, what parent would actually put a small object like a wedding ring in a baby’s hand?  Any parent will tell you the first thing a baby does with a small object is put the object in it’s mouth.  And then you know what happens.

So this graphic is a big ole fail for NOM, who clearly doesn’t keep “the best interests of children.”  So busy hating on the gays, they forgot common sense.

As LGBT activist and dad Jeremy Hooper of Good As You put it:

As a parent of an infant, my eyes are like laser beams in constant hunt of objects that might pose a choking hazard to my little peanut.

But while I know that anything small enough to pass through a toilet paper roll is a potential danger, apparently NOM is not concerned enough about infants’ growth and development to keep potential dangers out of the vulnerable baby’s hands.

This graphic is like a warning poster from a pediatrician’s office.

Former senior NOM official predicts 50 states of marriage equality by 2015

Jennifer Roback Morse spent 5+ years battling against same-sex marriage – first as a Proposition 8 spokesperson, followed by a senior position with the anti-gay National Organization For Marriage.

Morse now predicts that by this time next year, same-sex marriage will be the law of the land across all 50 states in the US.

I’d love to see that happen.  And in truth, this is very possible.

With Utah, Virginia and Oklahoma all requesting SCOTUS to rule on the repeal of their various marriage equality bans, one is bound to get to the high court this year.

We shall see.  Apparently, Morse already does.

(via Good As You)

National Organization for Marriage boycotts Target for supporting equal rights

The ironically named National Organization for Marriage has launched a boycott of Target department stores due to the company’s recently announced support for same-sex marriage.

In the past, NOM has called for similar boycotts of companies like Starbucks, General Mills, and J.P. Morgan Chase for their support of LGBT causes.

Brian Brown writes for the NOMblog:

On Tuesday, the retail giant Target signed on to an amicus brief for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in two pending cases challenging the definition of marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin. Target joins with a number of other companies in signing the brief, including the Starbucks Coffee Company. But it is the spirit behind the brief, and its language, which are most noteworthy.

The brief uses extremely charged language to refer to laws defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. It calls them “the states’ bans [on same-sex marriage]” and, even more radically, “marriage discrimination” laws! Without providing any rationale at all, the brief states bluntly that “Same-sex couples should have the same right to marry as opposite-sex couples,” and refers to Indiana and Wisconsin’s traditional marriage laws as “an unproductive, inequitable, and unjust status quo.”…

Target and other companies need to be forced to realize that it is their alignment with the radical cause of redefining marriage that is “bad for business”–not states’ marriage laws that uphold and protect the common-sense idea that kids do best with a mom and a dad! So I’m announcing a new boycott today, against Target, for insulting consumers like you and me. The brief they signed in court this week insinuates that people like you and me, who would vote to uphold traditional marriage, as akin to segregationists and racial bigots. Would you want to shop at a place that viewed you in that way?…

Target and its peers in the corporate world need to realize that the countless Americans who believe in marriage as the union of a man and a woman will not stand for being insulted and demeaned.

It should be noted that in the past these boycotts have had exactly the opposite effect NOM is looking for.

For instance, Starbucks’ stock has risen more than 42% since NOM began it’s failed “boycott.”

Companies must be lighting candles in prayer that NOM will boycott them…

Rick Santorum at NOM’s 2014 Anti-gay Hate Rally in Washington DC

While many GOP politicians are beginning to put some distance between themselves and publicly opposing same-sex marriage, Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum certainly wasn’t going to miss a chance to spout some anti-gay rhetoric at yesterday’s hate rally sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage.

Where once there would have been many conservative politicians lining up to speak out against equal rights for the LGBT community, yesterday’s epic fail of an event in Washington DC only saw the barest handful show up.  Billed as a kind of “national event,” the rally turned out only about 2,000 attendees.

Watch Frothy Mix tick off his usual reasons why the gays shouldn’t marry, including the mystifying idea that same-sex marriage is bad for the economy, when study after study shows gay marriage adds millions to states economies as states have seen the freedom to marry become legal across the country.

NOM’s Hate Rally sees sparse turn out

The ironically named National Organization for Marriage has an epic fail on it’s hands today as it’s “national event” in the form of an anti-gay hate rally #March4Marriage sees a very sparse turn out.

Check the pic above courtesy of JoeMyGod.  Note all the vast, open lawn.  You can click on the pic to enlarge.

Looks like NOM prez Brian Brown will be spinning another fail into fairy tale on the interwebs.

NOM’s anti-gay hate march in Washington DC today

Today is the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage’s hate rally to oppose marriage equality.

This has been promoted as a “national” event, and that huge numbers of people would be showing up from around the country to listen as the haters speechify about how terrible it is that the gays are getting equal rights.

Note in the picture above the 200-300 folks at the rally so far.

Folks for equality are using the event’s hashtag – #March4Marriage – to share how we feel about equality for all today.  Make sure you use the hashtag as you tweet today.

Happy Thursday!

US Supreme Court refuses to halt same-sex marriages in Oregon

The US Supreme Court has just announced it will NOT put same-sex marriage in Oregon on hold.

From LGBTQ Nation:

The court issued an order Wednesday declining to block any new same-sex unions in the state while a federal appeals court considers whether an anti-gay marriage group can intervene in the case.

The order follows an emergency appeal by the National Organization for Marriage that seeks to overturn the May 19 ruling of U.S. District Judge Michael McShane. The group had unsuccessfully tried to intervene in the lower court proceeding after Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum declined to defend the same-sex ban.

Hundreds of same-sex Oregon couples have obtained marriage licenses since McShane’s order.

The full court considered the request from NOM, and it was denied without comment.

Take that, haters!

Propaganda: “March for Marriage 2014”

The scare tactics in this video promoting the National Organization for Marriage’s “March for Marriage” on June 19th includes just about everything they can think of:

Unelected judges!
Benghazi! (Ok, that one they did leave out this one time…).

Sad that all of this is in the name of preventing a segment of Americans from having equal rights.

Bless NOM’s little tiny heart.

Maine: National Organization for Marriage fined $50K for illegal anti-gay donations

The state of Maine has fined the virulently anti-gay National Organization for Marriage more than $50,000 for violating the state’s campaign finance laws.

More from LGBTQ Nation:

The Maine Ethics Commission on Wednesday also ordered the National Organization for Marriage to file a campaign finance report that would reveal the donors who supported the 2009 referendum that struck down the state’s gay marriage law.

A lawyer for NOM said that it would file an appeal in state court.

NOM gave nearly $2 million to the political action committee Stand for Marriage Maine, which represented 64 percent of the PAC’s funds. Groups must register as ballot question committees if they raise or spend more than $5,000 to influence a state ballot question.

NOM argues that since the money wasn’t specifically raised for the Maine fight the organization did not have to register or file reports.

Interesting how NOM tells Maine what Maine law is…

Marriage equality meme of the month: Going down with the ship

(Graphic via Politics with Jarred and Dave)

I might have lost count at how many important marriage equality court rulings have been found in favor of the good guys now. Yay for us!

And I think Governors Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania and Chris Christie of New Jersey have too, given that they decided to not even attempt an appeal over the issue in their respective states.

But the haters at National Organization for Marriage and Family Research Council are still plugging away.  They are gonna go down with the ship.  Over at the NOM Blog they write “The fight is far from over.”

Of course, it bears noting that Tony Perkins at the FRC and Brian Brown of NOM get paid to do just that.

At least, for now…