Podcast: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jane Fonda, LGBTQ Critics Honor Best Of 2020 TV

In this episode of The Randy Report - France bans conversion therapy, Florida Republicans push "Don't Say Gay" bill, bad news for Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Rippon has good news, and the award-winning Western short film STEAM! premieres on Revry.

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In this week’s podcast:

• Remembering the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a fierce champion for LGBTQ rights, who died this week at the age of 87

• A Navy veteran sues the Veteran’s Administration claiming he tested positive for HIV over 20 years ago and his doctors never informed him of the diagnosis

• A sportscaster suspended for using a gay slur on-air says he’s ‘never said the word’ before that moment

• A woman denied Social Security survivor benefits after a 27-year relationship wins in federal court

• New data shows the number of same-sex households rising in the US

• Burger King lays a whopper on Ronald McDonald for LGBTQ Pride

• Academy Award winner Jane Fonda reminds us what an awesome ally she is

• And GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Critics announces the best in 2020 TV entertainment. Click here to watch the glitzy honors special on Revry TV (free).

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report

Kansas Cop Faked Story Of McDonald’s Coffee Labeled “F**king Pig”

A police officer in Kansas has admitted he fabricated the story of a McDonald’s employee writing “f**king pig” on his coffee cup.


A Kansas police officer who initially claimed McDonald’s employees wrote “F—–g pig” on his cup has resigned, the city’s police chief said.

“In (our) investigation we have found that McDonald’s and its employees did not have anything whatsoever to do with this incident, this was completely and solely fabricated by a Herington police officer who is no longer employed with our agency,” Herington Police Department Chief Brian Hornaday said in a news conference Monday.

The incident, the chief said, has been an “obvious violation of … public trust.”

“Our job is solely to do this job with the utmost integrity because if you can’t trust the cops, who can you trust,” he said.

After McDonald’s conducted its own investigation, the owner and operator of the Junction City franchise said in a statement the fast-food chain was “glad that the evidence confirmed our evaluation that McDonald’s and our crew members were absolutely not involved.”

The now-fired police officer had been with the department for just two months.

After the officer texted the photo of the coffee cup to Hornaday on Saturday, the police chief posted it on his personal Facebook account, which clearly became embarrassing after discovering the story was faked.

Man Pulls Gun On Four Young Women At McDonalds, Manager Attempts To Throw Victims Out

A white man, who grew impatient as four black girls were paying for their food at a Minnesota McDonalds, harassed the women to the point of pulling a gun on them.

To make things worse, the manager of the McDonalds attempted to throw the women out of the restaurant where the man was waiting for them.

Watch below.

My jaw literally dropped upon watching that video.

According to the website MuslimGirl, the four girls (Farida Osman, Jihan Abdullahi, Amal Mohammed, and Zainab Hassan) had been studying a few blocks away but grew hungry.

Heading down to McDonalds, they ordered their food and wanted to try using their Apple Pay. They weren’t too familiar with the process and after some time gave up trying to use it.

I’ll let MuslimGirl take it from here:

“Jihan heard the man say, ‘You’re probably using EBT’, and she immediately turned to him and said “Just because I’m Black, doesn’t mean I use EBT.”

Electronic Benefit Transfer, or EBT, is an electronic system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefit payments.

In Farida’s vivid recollection, this outrageously racist comment and the ensuing retort was immediately followed by the man “cussing them out,” and advancing aggressively towards the defenseless teens. He continued advancing, forcing Amal to call her friend Amin, who was seated in a booth nearby, for help, “because the man was so close she believed he was going to physically hurt her.”

“Amin and his friends came over and that’s when…the man pulls out the gun,” concluded Farida. The rest of the incident plays out in its entirety on video. The patron is seen aiming the gun at the teens as they scatter, while he swiftly backs out of the restaurant in a cowardly attempt to escape from the consequences of his obvious overreaction. 

The manager of the McDonalds in question

In the aftermath of this horrifying episode, the video depicts a McDonald’s employee screaming at the astonished teenagers, in an expletive-laced frenzy, insisting that they get out of her store. Equally incensed, another gentleman at the restaurant jumped to the aid of the teenagers in distress, vehemently protesting the idea that the victims of this heinous attack should be thrown out into the streets, along with the gun-toting lunatic.

The staff of the McDonalds was reportedly hesitant to call the police, but eventually did after extreme pressure from the frightened young women.

Paul Ostergaard, owner of the franchise in question, responded to MuslimGirl about the incident:

“Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our customers and employees. We take this matter seriously and are working with local law enforcement while we investigate the situation.”

McDonalds Trolls Chick-Fil-A With “Welcome” Message

A Connecticut McDonalds appeared to be throwing shade at its new neighbor, a Chick-Fil-A restaurant over its history of anti-gay policies
(screen capture)

Did McDonald’s just shade Chick-Fil-A?

A new Chick-Fil-A restaurant is opening in Glastonbury, Connecticut, right next to a McDonalds, and over the weekend, locals noticed a message on the McDonalds sign which read, “We Welcome Everyone.”

In the past, Chick-Fil-A has caught some serious criticism for the owner’s opposition to LGBTQ rights like same-sex marriage.

Founded in 1946 by religiously conservative S. Truett Cathy, and now run by his family, the chain’s policies have often been guided by those beliefs including allowing none of the restaurants to be open on Sundays in order to give employees ‘a day of rest.’

The general manager of the McDonalds told the local NBC affiliate that the sign’s message wasn’t political in nature.

“It just means that everyone is welcome, young old, everyone,” she said.

Most folks liked the message.

Tina Manus of Stratford drove almost an hour to show her support.

“For McDonald’s to step up and say we welcome everyone,” she told NBC. “I feel that is a huge step for them. Then in the background you have Chick-fil-A who has historically not welcomed everyone.”

Zack Caporale of Glastonbury wasn’t feeling it thought.

“I feel like it’s kind of rude to Chick-fil-A because they have Christian beliefs, but that doesn’t mean they have to not accept gay people,” said Caporale.

Jordan Snook, the franchise owner of the new Chick-Fil-A wasn’t quite sure what to think about the McDonalds message but issued a statement which read:

“We are excited to open in Glastonbury next week, and look forward to being great neighbors who welcome everyone. Glastonbury will be representative of all Chick-fil-A restaurants in serving great food and providing remarkable service for all customers, as well as a diverse workplace of individuals who represent many viewpoints, opinions, backgrounds and beliefs.”

(h/t NBC Connecticut)

McDonalds Taiwan Ad Features Son Coming Out To Dad

A new ad spot from McDonalds Taiwan has gotten a lot of attention for it’s depiction of a young man coming out to his father.

The short video shows a young man passing his coffee cup to his dad. Written on the side of the cup – “I like boys.”

The stern father looks upset and leaves his son at the table. But soon, the father returns, picks up his son’s cup of coffee, and adds to the son’s written comment so that it reads, “I accept that you like boys.”

As warm and fuzzy as it is, some folks on the religious right in Taiwan are not happy about the commercial.

From Business Insider:

The Facebook video has now been viewed more than 3.6 million times, with the original post gaining more than 92,000 likes, and 11,800 shares.

However, not all viewers support the ad’s heartwarming message.

The secretary general of the Alliance of Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of Family, Chang Shou-yi, has called for a McDonald’s boycot following the ad, reports Shanghaiist.

“Because McDonald’s is frequented by many children, it is especially important to oppose the promotion of same-sex behavior,” Chang said in a statement on the ad. The Alliance “rebukes and boycotts all enterprises that are polluting the next generation.”

Despite the hate, social media response to the ad has been overwhelmingly positive, both in Shanghai and as it has crossed over to Western media outlets.

Taiwan is considered one of the most progressive countries in Asia. While same-sex marriage is not yet legal there, recent polling shows over 70% support marriage equality.

McDonalds vs. In-N-Out

Via US Uncut

McDonald’s reported its worst profit and sales numbers in a decade on Tuesday, suffering losses in every major segment of business.

By contrast, In-N-Out Burger, which pays workers $11-14/hour plus health, dental, and 401(k) retirement benefits, continues to thrive and has been consistently ranked the top fast food chain in the US by Consumer Reports.

With that in mind, remember that conservatives love to proclaim that paying a higher minimum wage would “kill” businesses.

In-N-Out seems to be doing just great…

Read more on the differences at Salon.