Funny: Michael Henry Goes After ‘Masc4Masc’ Dating Trope

L-R Michael Henry, Adrian Anchondo, Lyle Colby Mackston

YouTuber and queer culture guru Michael Henry goes after the “masc 4 masc” dynamic on dating apps in his latest video by proudly declaring he’s “fem4fem.”

Hanging out with his friends on the bleachers – as gay men are inclined to do – Henry snatches Adrian Anchondo’s phone out of his hand when he hears the familiar sound of a Scruff alert.

Reading Anchondo’s profile he sees, “No Fems no flakes. If you don’t work out than we won’t work out.”

Lyle Colby Mackston asks “who’s that?” upon seeing the username “Masc4Masc4Now.”

“That’s me,” replies Anchondo.

In unison, Henry and Mackston: “You?”

“I just like guys’ guys. You know, guys that work out and go to the gym like me,” says Anchondo. “It’s just a preference.”

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Without pause, Henry announces, “Well, I’m ‘fem4fem.’”

As Anchondo laughs, Henry and Mackston launch into a dialogue about the kind of men THEY prefer.

“You don’t have to be sexually attracted to a fem guy, but to explicitly say ‘no fems’ and ‘masc4masc only’ in your profile is kind of a douche move,” says Mackston before adding, “I love a fem top.”

Henry chimes in, “I will only bottom for a bottom.”

After listing several “masc” tropes like guys who wear “basic black tank tops and ball caps,” or deepen their voices, Henry shares his preference for “fem” guys comes from feeling he can be his authentic self with them.

In true Michael Henry form, the short video not only exposes but explores yet another stigma the LGBTQ community inflicts upon itself.

Hit play below and then tells us your thoughts in the comment section.

Documentary: “Bad Ass Gays”

Taking a hard punch in the ring, careening 180 mph around a race track or leading a combat mission, it’s a brave new world for gay men openly pursuing their professional passions, defying stereotypes, discrimination and setting the stage for a new generation.

“Bad Ass Gays” is a documentary that tells the personal stories of gay men in “manly” professions, going on the job with them, revealing their motives, passions, joys, challenges and struggles to succeed. The film is a co-production between Rogue Culture and Logo TV.

Premieres in the fall of 2014.

(h/t JMG)

Family Research Council exec: We’ve feminized Jesus but he was a “man’s man”

This just strikes me as an odd kind of thing for a conservative, anti-gay leader to be talking about.  (And by the way, for a man who seems concerned about masculine and feminine – curious choice of shirt to wear…)

Family Research Council Executive Vice President Jerry Boykin speaking at a Men’s Prayer Breakfast at William Jessup University explaining that Jesus was not the weak, effeminate, “feminized” figure taught in church today but was really a ripped, tough, strong “man’s man” who smelled bad.

According to Boykin, Jesus was a carpenter and stone mason for most of his life, which required him to be constantly lifting heavy pieces of wood and stone. All this lifting, in turn, meant that Jesus had calluses on his hands and “big, bulging biceps, big ole veins popping out of his arms, thin waist, [and] strong shoulders.”

“He was a man,” Boykin said. “He was a man’s man, but we feminized him in the church … He was a tough guy and that’s the Jesus that I want to be like. That’s the side that I want to be like. But we’ve feminized Jesus in the church and the men can’t identify with him anymore; not the kind of men that I want to hang out with, they can’t identify with this effeminate Jesus that we’ve tried to portray. He was a tough guy. He was a man’s man”:

(via Right Wing Watch)