‘Love, Victor’ Season 2: Figuring Out ‘Perfect Level Of Gay’

Michael Cimino in 'Love, Victor'
Michael Cimino in 'Love, Victor'
Michael Cimino in ‘Love, Victor’ (image via Hulu)

For a lot young LGBTQ folks, coming out may seem like crossing a finish line, but as we know – it’s just a beginning.

Hulu released the official trailer for Season 2 of Love, Victor today which picks up right at the moment we last saw Victor (Michael Cimino) – coming out to his parents.

The series is the TV spinoff of the acclaimed 2018 film Love, Simon directed by Greg Berlanti.

But the new season of the coming-out/coming-of-age series won’t be our young hero coming out just to his family but the whole community of Creekwood High School.

In the trailer, Victor and boyfriend Benji (George Sear) decide they’re going public as a couple. “I want to tell people,” says Victor. “I’m ready. No more hiding who I am.” The next scene shows the adorbs duo linking hands as they walk through the school hallways.

And we’re off and running as Victor enters his junior year navigating the challenges and excitement of being out while trying to figure out “the perfect level of gay to keep everyone happy.”

Michael Cimino and xxxx in 'Love, Victor'
Michael Cimino and George Sear in ‘Love, Victor’

While Victor copes with his family and basketball teammates dealing with his revelation, his ex-girlfriend Mia (Rachel Wilson) is trying to move on but has her own turbulent times ahead of her.

Plus, Victor’s bestie Felix (Anthony Turtle) is getting more serious with his girlfriend Lake (Bebe Wood) as his mother’s battle with depression deepens as well.

And along the way, having sex for the first time waves hello in the distance.

Last June, co-showrunner Brian Tanen told TVLine, “We’d love to tell sexier stories.” And that looks to be the case as this is the first season of the dramedy produced for Hulu. The first season was originally filmed for Disney+ but was moved to Hulu after the material was deemed too mature for that family-friendly audience.

Season two premieres with all episodes on June 11th on Hulu.

News Round-Up: April 19, 2021

Kara 'Karen' Bell refused to identify herself to officers after refusing to wear a face mask in a Nordstrom Rack
Michael Cimino in 'Love, Victor'
Michael Cimino in ‘Love, Victor’ (image via Hulu)

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine: The show runners for the Hulu series Love, Victor starring Michael Cimino (above) say the second season (arriving June 11) will age up a bit in terms of content with an ‘edgier’ sense of humor.

New York Times: The iconic Village Voice is back on news stands for the first time since its shutdown in 2018.

KVUE: Lake Travis ISD School Board candidate Kara Bell (photo) was given an assault citation last week after a confrontation with a store employee at Nordstrom Rack when Bell refused to put on a mask upon entry of the store. As you can see in the police body cam video, Bell refused to ID herself even though she was being detained announcing, “”I am a Christian woman of God.”

Kenneth-in-the-212: In his new feature, Kenneth puts the focus on ‘man-spreaders’ and their ‘spread.’

Washington Post: Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes a day after he confronted rioters at the Jan. 6 insurrection, the District’s chief medical examiner has ruled. The ruling, released Monday, likely will make it difficult for prosecutors to pursue homicide charges in the officer’s death.

CBS News: The jury has begun deliberations following closing arguments in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the fired Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s death. Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

CNN: The Army is preparing to approve a request for DC National Guard forces to deploy as soon as Monday night if there is unrest in the wake of the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

MSN: A suspected poacher was trampled to death by a herd of elephants in South Africa’s Kruger National Park on Saturday. That’ll learn ’em.

Michael Cimino Received Homophobic Messages Over ‘Love, Victor’

Michael Cimino in 'Love, Victor'
Michael Cimino in 'Love, Victor'
Michael Cimino in ‘Love, Victor’ (promo photo)

Michael Cimino, star of the Hulu series Love, Victor, says he’s been on the receiving end of homophobic messages since taking on the role of a gay-questioning high school student.

In a video chat with Attitude Magazine, Cimino (who identifies as straight) was asked about viewers who might struggle to separate actors from their characters and whether he’d experienced any homophobia since the launch of the series.

Cimino acknowledged he had.

“To be honest, I actually have gotten homophobic messages. What’s the craziest part is, it’s like sometimes, it’s from people I know, which is even crazier.

“I think it just kind of shows where the world’s at, and possibly how much this show is actually needed. I feel like it starts a conversation, and I think that’s the most important thing. Especially in a time like the world is right now, we need more conversations started.”

Michael Cimino (screen capture via Attitude)

Asked how he responded to the homophobic remarks, the 21-year-old explained he took the moment as an opportunity to educate.

“As far as when it was people I know, I would either kind of lean into it, and be like, ‘OK, and what?’ or I would try to enlighten them as much as I possibly could.”

“To be honest, there are so many undertones of understated homophobia in the world. And a lot of people have these little microaggressions that they don’t realize are actually homophobic. And when they do stuff like that, they’re sending homophobic messages.”

“I feel like the best thing to do is try to educate them or realize that they’re ignorant and you can’t really say anything that’s going to help them, unfortunately.”

While Cimino got some pushback from playing the role of “Victor,” a lot of the world celebrated the series.

When Love, Victor debuted last June, it became the streaming platform’s number one drama and was quickly renewed for a second season.

Love, Victor premieres in the UK on February 23 on the Disney+ platform Star.

Podcast: Instagram Celeb Murdered, What To Watch, EU Denies Funds For Six ‘LGBT Free’ Towns In Poland

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In this week’s podcast:

• A gay Instagram & TikTok influencer in Russia was found murdered in a possible hate crime

• The world’s first openly gay prince denounces so-called ‘conversion therapy’ and calls for banning it in his native India

• The European Union denied funding to six Polish towns that say they are “LGBT free”

• Lifetime Channel has announced a gay romantic movie for the holidays and Hulu’s Love, Victor gets the green light for a second season

• What to watch now? How about four short films exploring the intersection of coming out and soccer? Find The Male Gaze: Strikers & Defenders on Amazon here.

• NYC-based singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger releases his new disco-themed single, “No Shame,” that drops the beat on body shame.

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report podcast.

News Round-Up: August 7, 2020

Pennsylvania legislator Brian Sims (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

LGBTQ Nation: A Republican lawmaker called the police this week on out Pennsylvania Democratic lawmaker Brian Sims saying that the gay legislator made him fear for his family’s safety. Sims denies the allegations.

Instinct Magazine: Walt Disney Studios and Hulu have decided to renew Love, Victor for a second season after the first season’s well-received debut in June. Hulu later announced that Love, Victor was the number one most-watched drama on the streaming platform during its premiere week in June.

theOUTfront: Premiering today on Disney+, the new documentary Howard pays tribute at the life of gay director/librettist/lyricist, Howard Ashman who also helped give a genie his magic and a carnivorous plant his menace and has made generations want to be part of that world.

Means Happy: Get ready to be celebrated because Gay Uncles Day is a thing. Since around 2016, Gay Uncles Day has been widely celebrated on the second Sunday in August – it’s a great way of recognizing the diversity of our families, and also the important contribution that queer men make to family life.

Washington Examiner: With the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, leading President Trump by a wide margin in national polling, there could very well be a another “blue wave” come November. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted ratings in four more House races this week in the direction of the Democrats.

New Music: Australian pop star Kylie Minogue recently released the music video to her new single, “Say Something,” and it is all you could want in galactic glitter goodness. The vibe of the video could be described as Xanadu meets Starlight Express as the pop princess galavants across the universe on a golden steed surrounded by shirtless men. #TotallyNotGayAtAll

Trailer For Upcoming Hulu Series ‘Love, Victor’

Get ready for all the feels with the official trailer for Hulu’s upcoming dramedy series Love, Victor, a spin-off of the groundbreaking feature film LOVE, SIMON.

Synopsis: Set in the world of the 2018 groundbreaking film Love, Simon which was inspired by Becky Albertalli’s acclaimed novel, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city and exploring his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.

The series stars Michael Cimino (Anabelle Comes Home), Ana Ortiz (Whiskey Cavalier, Ugly Betty), James Martinez (One Day at a Time), and Isabella Ferreira (Orange is the New Black).

I loved the 2018 film, which was the first mainstream studio movie to feature a teen gay as the lead character. Critics praised the film leading to a 91% Fresh rating at movie fan site Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition to being a critical success, the film (which cost $17 million to make) grossed over $66 million worldwide.

The full 10-episode season will premiere on June 19 on Hulu.

News Round-Up: April 27, 2020

Jwan Yosef (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Ricky Martin’s hubby, artist Jwan Yosef (above), says he’s taking the ‘clothing optional’ approach to sheltering-at-home. #ThankGod Follow him on Instagram here.

NewNowNext: HIV hero Michael Cavnaugh was able to obtain 500 medical-grade masks and donated them to the volunteers at God’s Love We Deliver. The NYC-based organization and its network of volunteers provide thousands of free, freshly cooked, medically tailored meals every day to New Yorkers who are too sick to cook or grocery shop for themselves.

TV Insider: Check out this sneak peek from the upcoming series  Love, Victor – the TV spinoff of the coming-of-age, coming-out feature film Love, Simon. You may never look at a latte the same way again. The series debuts June 19 on Hulu.

The Advocate: Christiaan Otto, who has spent years spewing anti-LGBTQ vitriol and claimed the current health crisis is a punishment from God, appears to have been cruising for sex on Grindr. The group Expose Christiaan Otto posted screenshots of what it said was Otto’s Grindr account including a reported shirtless selfie. One message translates as “I thought I could trust you, dude. You say you deleted the Grindr chats. What are you trying to do? Delete and block me!”

The Daily Beast: Trump supporters Diamond & Silk (aka Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) have been dismissed from their streaming gig on FOX Nation streaming service after promoting lies about the coronavirus health threat like the COVID-19 death toll is false, that the disease was made in a lab, caused by 5G networks, and was a product of the “deep state. #ByeGurls

Out Music: Pop/R&B vocalist Malia Civetz recently released her new single and video, “Heart Broke,” chronicling the relatable feeling of early, exciting, whirlwind romance – regardless of potential heartbreak. Malia’s passionate voice booms over the punchy production like a clarion call asking, “What’s a girl gotta do to get her heart broke?”

Back in March, I shared Civetz’s “Broke Boy” music video here.