Trailer For Upcoming Hulu Series ‘Love, Victor’

Get ready for all the feels with the official trailer for Hulu’s upcoming dramedy series Love, Victor, a spin-off of the groundbreaking feature film LOVE, SIMON.

Synopsis: Set in the world of the 2018 groundbreaking film Love, Simon which was inspired by Becky Albertalli’s acclaimed novel, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city and exploring his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.

The series stars Michael Cimino (Anabelle Comes Home), Ana Ortiz (Whiskey Cavalier, Ugly Betty), James Martinez (One Day at a Time), and Isabella Ferreira (Orange is the New Black).

I loved the 2018 film, which was the first mainstream studio movie to feature a teen gay as the lead character. Critics praised the film leading to a 91% Fresh rating at movie fan site Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition to being a critical success, the film (which cost $17 million to make) grossed over $66 million worldwide.

The full 10-episode season will premiere on June 19 on Hulu.

Podcast: Billy Porter On Sesame Street, National Guard LGBTQ Inclusion, Homophobes In Croatia

In this episode of The Randy Report - France bans conversion therapy, Florida Republicans push "Don't Say Gay" bill, bad news for Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Rippon has good news, and the award-winning Western short film STEAM! premieres on Revry.

The Randy Report podcast delivers the week's top stories in a quick, convenient podcast - 'the 60 Minutes of gay news - only shorter'

In this week’s podcast:

• National Guard units are taking positive steps to promote LGBTQ inclusion

• A crowd in Croatia cheered at the burning of an effigy depicting a same-sex couple with a child

• Texas teacher wins $100K settlement for LGBTQ discrimination

• Atlanta man convicted of rape after pretending to be gay in order to befriend lesbian

• The ‘Love, Simon’ TV sequel will premiere in time for Pride Month on Hulu

• One Million Moms is really, really mad Billy Porter is heading to Sesame Street

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report

News Round-Up: February 24, 2020

(image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: I hate to say it, I’m guilty of this as well, but Bremen Menelli (above) is right: there are no excuses to get some kind of workout in  – even if it’s just a few sets of bicep curls. Get up and do something folks.

Deadline: The TV series inspired by the praised 2018 movie Love, Simon is moving from Disney+ to the Disney-controlled Hulu streaming service. The half-hour comedy, which will be re-titled Love, Victor after its protagonist, will debut in time for Pride month.

Reuters: Stock market experts pointed to the growing coronavirus outbreak threat as well as the surging Bernie Sanders campaign for the S&P 500 managed healthcare index of health insurance stocks (SPLRCHMO) tumbling over 7% early Monday afternoon.

LA Times: Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and a felony sex crime Monday. Weinstein was acquitted on the two most serious charges of predatory sexual assault, which each carried a potential life sentence. Sentencing for the 69-year-old is set for March 11.

Axios: The Trump White House and its allies, over the past 18 months, has assembled detailed lists of government officials perceived to be disloyal to oust. The plan would be to dismiss those officials and replace them with Trump loyalists.

NBC News/Marist Poll: A new poll in South Carolina shows Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by only four points. That said, Biden continues to lead the pack of Democratic contenders among African American voters by double-digits with only five days before the South Carolina primary.

News Round-Up: August 16, 2019

Nick Sandell (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Hunky fitness model Nick Sandell is ‘catching some rays’ in my native Texas.

FreeMovement: An immigration judge in the UK has rejected an asylum seeker because the man did not have a gay “demeanor” and did not “look around the room in an effeminate manner.” I kid you not.

NY Times: The official cause of death for accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was suicide by hanging according to the coroner’s autopsy. The report indicates he tied a bedsheet to the top of a set of bunk beds, then knelt toward the floor with enough force that he broke several bones in his neck.

Boy Culture: Serious props to Adam Price for this romantic oceanside marriage proposal to his bf, former X Factor contestant Naisa Lasalosi.

Deseret News: Ed Smart, the father of kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart, shared in a Facebook message with family and friends Thursday that he is gay, divorcing his wife and doesn’t see a place for himself in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

OUT: Disney has announced the leads for its upcoming spin-off of the successful coming-out film, Love, Simon, and neither of the two lead actors are openly gay.

New Music: Randy Report favorite Mika drops his latest, “Tiny Love,” from his upcoming album My Name Is Michael Holbrook.

“The most important thing in the world is the love we have for those around us, the love others offer us and the love we have for ourselves,” says Mika about the track. “That love can feel so massive and yet at the same time it’s so tiny and imperceivable to others. This song is a conscious decision to provoke that emotion.”

Musically, I like the track – fun melody and the production is rich and sophisticated.

But, every now and then, this happens: I like the song, but in this instance, the music video gets in the way for me. I’m just not vibing with the video.

That said, it’s a fun track. Let me know what you think in the comments.

News Round-Up: April 11, 2019

Me and the Brun

Some news items you might have missed:

• As National Pet Day winds down, here’s to the best dog I ever worked for (and loved more than anyone else on this planet ever never ever never), Bruno the wonder dog! (You’ll notice, clearly, I was the pet and Bruno was the master, right?)

• The cast of the hit FX series, Pose, have been named as Grand Marshals of New York City Pride.

• The latest Monmouth University poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden, who hasn’t officially entered the race, as the first choice of roughly a quarter of likely Iowa caucus-goers (27%). He’s followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) with 16% and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, in third place with 9%.

• In related news – a new poll out of New Hampshire shows Pete Buttigieg in 3rd place there as well. The results put Biden at 23%, Sanders at 16% and Buttigieg at 11%.

• Disney will develop the hit movie, Love, Simon, into a series for Disney+, the mouse house’s streaming platform.

• Michael Avenatti, who became famous as porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, has been indicted on 36 charges of tax dodging, perjury, theft from clients.

• A white South Carolina man was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Thursday for attempting to hire the Ku Klux Klan to kill his black neighbor. I kid you not…

• Recording artist Lizzo will releases her new album, “CUZ I LOVE YOU” on April 19th. Check out her recent appearance on NBC’s Today Show singing lead single, “Juice.”

What a charismatic talent, and I love her positive/body positive message. Hit play.

Podcast: The Best Of LGBTQ Music, Movies & Pop Culture

What? You thought I wasn’t going to count down and recap the year that was 2018?

Fat chance.

Here’s my take on the best that the year had to offer in terms of LGBTQ music, movies, television and pop culture moments, as well as the stories that resonated most with my readers.

Please kick back, pour a cocktail, and take a little journey on the way back machine as I review 2018 in terms of the LGBTQ community.

And, as always, I would muchly appreciate it if you would share The Randy Report podcast with your friends.

So, here we go. Let me know in the comments what you thought I might have missed.

See you all in 2019! Thanks to all of you for visiting The Randy Report. It totally wouldn’t be any fun without you here.

LOVE,SIMON Wins “Best Kiss” At MTV Movie Awards

Nick Robinson and Keiynan Lonsdale win Best Kiss at the 2018 MTV Movie Awards
Nick Robinson and Keiynan Lonsdale in ‘Love, Simon’

It looks like the MTV Movie Awards loved the romantic coming-out/coming-of-age film Love, Simon as much as we did.

At last night’s awards, the film’s two lead actors, Nick Robinson and Keiynan Lonsdale, took home the trophy for “Best Kiss” for their yes-yes-yes lip-lock at the end of the movie.

Here’s the award-winning smooch:

Robinson wasn’t available for the ceremony as he’s shooting a new project, but Lonsdale (who came out as bisexual last year) took the stage to accept the award saying:

“I just want to say to every kid — if you can live your dreams and wear dresses; you can live your dreams and kiss the one that you love no matter what gender they are. You can live your dreams and you can believe in magic, you can live your dreams, and you can be yourself.”

Love, Simon was the first mainstream film featuring a gay lead character to be backed by a major studio. Released in March, the film was met with strong reviews and box office. To date, the film has grossed almost $60 million on a budget of $17 million.

This is the second year in a row the MTV Movie Awards have honored a same-sex kiss with last year’s nod going to the Oscar winning Moonlight’s beachside kiss between actors Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome.

Boy Culture points out the long history of same-sex kissed in the category with same-sex wins by Cruel Intentions in 2000, American Pie 2 in 2002, Starsky & Hutch in 2004, Brokeback Mountain in 2006, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in 2007, and Moonlight in 2017.

Colton Haynes Hits On Nick Robinson In Deleted Scene From “Love, Simon”

Colton Haynes (L) and Nick Robinson (R)

And you wondered where out actor Colton Haynes was during the whole Love, Simon movie?

He was right there!

Well, and then he wasn’t.

It seems Colton shot a scene with young protagonist Simon (played by Nick Robinson) in his character’s first visit to a gay bar egged on by his straight friend Nick Eisner (played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.). The scene would have occurred after Simon is outed in the film.

But, in the end, it didn’t really further the plot, so the segment was cut.

But we’ve got it here!

How many young gays had a similar experience their first time “out?”

Watch below.

Another deleted scene shows the Atlanta Eagle was almost Simon’s first gay bar:

Trailer: Netflix’s New Teen Comedy “Alex Strangelove”

Just as we come off our Love, Simon high, Netflix steps up to the plate with their own take on questioning high schoolers.

In the new coming-of-age film Alex Strangelove, produced by Ben Stiller, we meet way-cute, wide-eyed high school senior “Alex Truelove” (played by Daniel Downey) who seems to have it all.

Life seems pretty sweet for young Alex until his girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein of Beach Rats) begins to pressure him about that major teen milestone – losing his virginity. Suddenly, Alex isn’t so sure about which team he plays for.

Adding to the confusion is “Elliott,” a gay teen (played by out actor Antonio Marziale) who clearly sparks an interest in Alex.

Here’s the official synopsis:

High school senior Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) has it all – the grades, the girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein), and the motley crew of hilarious friends. Everything is smooth sailing until Alex shares that he’s decided to part ways with his virginity – and meets Elliott (Antonio Marziale), a sweet and confident gay boy who isn’t shy about his instant crush on Alex…who may or may not feel the same. Rocketed into a endearing and amusing journey of sexual and self-exploration, Alex ultimately learns that like so much of growing up, love can be confusing. And that’s okay.

Director Craig Johnson (The Skeleton Twins) recently told Entertainment Weekly that he’s thrilled the film landed at Netflix, “because you can be a closeted kid in rural Wyoming and access it, where you might not have gone to it were it playing in the theater.”

The film feels very much in the same vein as recent hit Love, Simon, and we couldn’t be happier. More gay rom-coms!

Alex Strangelove premieres on Netflix June 8. Watch the trailer below.

Gay Teen Flick “Love, Simon” Is An Unequivocal Hit At The Box Office

Gay teens not only have a hit movie they can relate to in coming-out/coming-of-age flick Love, Simon, but the film is also an unequivocal box office hit.

BoxOfficeMojo reports that in 24 days the gay-centric rom-com, which cost $17 million to produce, has grossed over $37 million domestically.

According to Buzzfeed senior film reporter Adam Vary,  Love, Simon is the most successful teen movie in four years.

(h/t Boy Culture)