Italy: Court approves step-child adoption by same-sex couple

A terrific step forward for Italy as an Italian court approves the step-child adoption of a girl by the female partner of her biological mother.

From Gay Star News:

For the first time in Italian history, a court has granted permission for the adoption of a child living with a gay couple. The child is the biological daughter of one of the women, and her partner has been allowed to legally become her co-parent through adoption.

The couple have been living together in Rome since 2003, and the decision was taken by the city’s Juvenile Court. It’s believed that the child was conceived through IVF treatment abroad – where the couple also underwent a marriage ceremony.

In a statement, the women told Italy’s Republica newspaper that they were, ‘happy, almost incredulous’, with the decision.

‘This is a victory for children and all those children who are in the same situation of our child.’

Trailer: Award-winning indie film “Bridegroom”

This fall, Bridegroom will give audiences a closer look at the tragic story of Shane and Tom, a committed couple living in California. They started a business, bought a home together, traveled the world together, and adopted a dog together.

Though they weren’t legally able to marry in California, Tom and Shane planned to wed one day. Unfortunately, they were never able to, because Tom died after accidentally falling off a roof in 2011.

Tom’s family prevented Shane from going to the funeral because Shane had no legal rights. On the one-year anniversary of Tom’s death, Shane posted this moving and emotional video.

It went viral and garnered the attention of Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (Designing Women), who went on to write, produce, and direct a documentary about Shane and Tom’s story. Bridegroom premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, where it was introduced by President Clinton, and went on to win the Audience Award there as well as at multiple other film festivals this year.

The film will be released in New York City on Friday, Oct. 4, and in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 18. It will air on the OWN Network on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and will also be available on Netflix beginning that same day. More at


“‘Til There Was Us” – Broadway’s Best Gay Showmances

Chris Sieber and Kevin Burrows

My dear friend of almost 19 years, Kevin Burrows, has penned a great essay about “Broadway’s Best Gay Showmances” – couples who have met, fallen in love and stayed in love.  Kevin met his husband Chris Sieber at about the same time I met my husband, Michael, while Kevin and I both were in the 1995 Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!

Kevin had recently seen an article compiling couples who had met on Broadway.  Only problem?  No gay or lesbian couples.  WHAT???

So Kevin took it upon himself to rectify that situation.

I have to share a portion of it with you:

Last Friday, while surfing through the major Broadway websites, I came across a feature entitled “”Til There Was You’: Broadway’s Best Showmances.” It was a collection of stories of 18 Broadway couples who fell in love while performing in or working on the same show. As I scrolled through the slideshow with the love stories and images of these couples — most of whom I know — I started feeling uneasy. And by the time I got to the end of the article, I was astounded. Of the couples depicted, not one of them was a same-sex couple.

How could this be? I mean, I’m pretty sure most people are aware of this (and even if people aren’t, this major Broadway website certainly must be), but there are quite a few gay individuals in the Broadway community. I know, shocker, right?

I thought about that gay, theater-loving kid in some small town somewhere — this website offering him some hope and a connection to a potentially bright future — seeing this feature and not seeing himself represented in any way. Once again, something is making him feel different, other, alone.

I want that kid to know that we are out here. And not only are we out here, but we are out here in huge numbers. We have fantastic, successful careers, relationships, marriages, and kids! That’s what I want the next generation to see.

Make sure you read all of Kevin’s fab essay at Huffington Post.

Plus, there’s  a slideshow featuring 20 (just the tip of the LGBT Broadway couples iceberg) Broadway-born gay and lesbian couples.  You might recognize number 19.