John Boehner Will Resign From Congress By End Of October

In a move that surprised many, Speaker of the House John Boehner told a closed meeting of Republican colleagues that he will not only be stepping down from his position as Speaker, but he will give up his seat in Congress.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Boehner was trying to craft a solution to keep the government open through the rest of the year, but was under pressure from a growing base of conservatives who told him that they would not vote for a bill that did not defund Planned Parenthood. Several of those members were on a path to remove Mr. Boehner as speaker, though their ability to do so was far from certain.

Mr. Boehner’s surprise announcement came just a day after Pope Francis visited the Capitol, the fulfillment of a 20-year dream for Mr. Boehner of having a pontiff address Congress. He had a private audience with Francis before the pope’s address to a joint meeting of Congress.

Boehner has served in Congress since 1991.

He has had a rocky time as Speaker of the House trying to wrangle the traditional base of the Republican party with extreme right wing Tea Party members.

The Tea People have opposed any hint of moderation for the past four years.

Listen to the roar of the crowd when White House hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio announced news of Boehner’s resignation at the Values Voter Summit this morning.

John Boehner: States Should Continue To Deal With Marriage No Matter What SCOTUS Rules

Appearing on NBC’s  Meet The Press this morning, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) told Chuck Todd that even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality, states should still “continue dealing with it.”

Chuck Todd: “If the Supreme Court rules how a lot of people expect them to rule, legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, do you anticipate gaveling a platform of the Republican party at the Cleveland convention in your home state of Ohio that is still going to have a platform calling for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage?”

John Boehner: “I don’t know what’s going to happen at the Republican convention. But listen, I believe in traditional marriage, but I also respect the views of others. I’ll let the Court make their decision but at the end of the day the states are well equipped to deal with this. They’ve been dealing with it, and they should continue dealing with it.”

Boehner added that he wasn’t asked to sign the Republican amicus brief submitted to SCOTUS opposing same-sex marriage, but says he “probably” would have signed it if asked.

Boehner said in 2013 that he couldn’t imagine supporting marriage equality even if his own son were gay.

Watch Boehner’s remarks on same-sex marriage below at the 3:25 mark.

John Boehner: House Republicans Will Not Weigh In On SCOTUS Review Of Marriage Equality

Speaker of the House John Boehner

In a departure from previous positions on marriage equality, Speaker of the House John Boehner says House Republicans will not be filing amicus briefs or other official positions on the upcoming SCOTUS review of same-sex marriage laws.

From the Washington Blade:

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday declined to offer his hopes for litigation seeking marriage rights for same-sex couples before the U.S. Supreme Court, but said he doesn’t expect House Republicans will weigh in a legal capacity.

“I don’t expect that we’re going to weigh in on this,” Boehner said. “The court will make its decision and that’s why they’re there, to be the highest court in the land.”

Boehner, an opponent of same-sex marriage, made the remarks in response to a question from the Washington Blade at his weekly news conference the month after the Supreme Court agreed to hear the lawsuits, which includes a lawsuit challenging the state law in Boehner’s own state of Ohio.

Methinks Mr. Boehner and company sees the writing on the wall regarding the tide of history.


New House Of Representatives May Rebuff Speaker John Boehner Today

As the new Congress is just now convening, Tea Party House members are posing a threat to John Boehner’s position as Speaker of the House.

The Daily Caller lists these Repubs as planning to vote against Boehner:

– Walter Jones (North Carolina)

– Jim Bridenstine (Oklahoma)

– Thomas Massie (Kentucky)

– Ted Yoho (Florida)

– Louie Gohmert (Texas)

– Paul Gosar (Arizona)

– Steve King (Iowa)

– Dave Brat (Virginia)

– Marlin Stutzman (Indiana)

– Gary Palmer (Alabama)

– Justin Amash (Michigan)

– Randy Weber (Texas)

– Curt Clawson (Florida)

– Tim Huelskamp (Kansas)

– Jeff Duncan (South Carolina)

Should the opposition get 29 votes, the House then moves to a second round of voting.

While I doubt Boehner’s Speakership is in jeopardy, it would be embarrassing for him to be pushed to a second ballot.

The vote begins about 12:30pm ET.

You can watch on C-SPAN here.

UPDATE: Boehner was re-elected to the Speakership with 216 votes. Twenty-five Republicans voted against him. We’ll see how that shakes out later.   Nancy Pelosi received 164 votes from Democrats.

In the end, 25 Republicans voted against Boehner – the most against a sitting Speaker since 1923.

John Boehner can’t even explain why House GOP wants to “sue” the President

Speaker of the House John Boehner

In an uneven and poorly ghostwritten Op-Ed for CNN, Speaker of the House John Boehner tries and fails to explain why House Republicans plan to sue President Obama for his “lawlessness” – i.e. his use of executive orders to get the work of the people done.

After calling President Obama’s use of executive orders “egregious in quantity,” Boehner forgets to mention that President George W. Bush issued 291 executive orders versus Obama’s total of 182. Hard to be excessive when the “other guy” signed a whole lot more, Mr. Boehner. As a matter of fact, most modern-day presidents have issued more executive orders than Mr. Obama.

And the House Speaker says that the President’s policies have hurt the US economy. Another difficult charge to make just a day or so after the June jobs report showed over 288,000 new jobs created last month, and unemployment falling to five year lows. This is “hurting the economy?” Imagine what Boehner thinks about the stock market which has doubled under President Obama. Oh, the horror!

Even Erick Erickson of the conservative blog RedState sees through the smoke and mirrors, and advises House Republicans to get to work instead of waste taxpayer money on a frivolous “lawsuit:”

John Boehner’s lawsuit is nothing more than political theater and a further Republican waste of taxpayer dollars. If the Republican leaders in the House are too chicken to use their constitutional powers to rein in the President, they should just call it a day and go home.

House Speaker John Boehner slaps back at the Tea Party over budget deal

It would appear that House Speaker John Boehner has had enough of the Tea Party rhetoric.

Upon the announcement that Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan have worked out a proposed budget deal, Boehner was asked if he was concerned about “major conservative groups who have rejected the deal.” Boehner had this to say:

“You mean the groups that came out and opposed it before they ever saw it?” he asked. ”They’re using our members, and they’re using the American people for their own goals. This is ridiculous. Listen, if you’re for more deficit reduction, you’re for this agreement.”

Clearly, Boehner is done bowing to tea party folks like Heritage Action that pushed the party into a 16-day shutdown two months ago.

Congress may vote on Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan’s deal as soon as the end of this week. The compromise bill softens the blow of some of the sequester cuts for the next two years, and cuts the deficit by $23 billion.

Read more at MSNBC