Drunk Student Arrested After Homophobic, Racist Classroom Rant

Dayton Kingery on left (image via screen capture)

When a student at Chapman College in California went on a drunken homophobic, racist rant in an economics class Tuesday morning his fellow students took it upon themselves to eject him from the space.

Dayton Kingery, 21, was captured on video that was shared on Twitter announcing he’d been “drinking Bacardi all day” before declaring “I f*cking hate n*ggers.”

In the video clip, another student can be heard to say “You should probably chill, buddy.”

After repeating the statement a few more times, he shifted his focus to queer people telling the class “I f*cking hate f*ggots, too – how about that?”

At that point, the students in the room were done. One classmate informed Kingery, “All right, you’ve got to get out of here, bro.”

In a second clip also posted to Twitter, Kingery is seen arguing with someone in the room, saying, “You don’t know who I am, guy. I’m not kidding … I’ll bury you. I’m worth, like, $50 million.”

He then turned to another student in the classroom, poked him and said, “This f*ggot right here.” That student, having had enough of the intoxicated tirade, can be seen standing up to Kingery telling him, “Don’t touch me, don’t touch me.”

At that point, he’s ejected from the classroom but is handed the wrong backpack. Kingery throws that backpack down the hall and then proceeds to stomp on it yelling, “I hope your laptop was in there, you f*cking f*ggot.”

When campus security was called to the scene, the 21-year-old ended up in a violent scuffle with the officer.

When officers from the Orange Police Department attempted to arrest him, he resisted resulting in the cops placing him in a hobble restraint in order to remove him from campus.

Kingery was arrested and charged with suspicion of making criminal threats, felony vandalism (for destroying the laptop in the backpack), and elder abuse for injuring the campus security guard who was over 65-years-old.

Dayton Kingery (mug shot via Orange Police)

The university issued a statement on Thursday that Kingery was no longer a student at the school.

The statement posted to Twitter from Chapman President Daniele Struppa read, in part, “Racist and homophobic conduct will not be tolerated on this campus, and we took decisive and swift action.”

“A situation such as this is difficult, it affected many and we want to provide the needed support as we all move through this difficult time.”

Struppa also expressed her “deepest apologies to the Black and LGBTQIA communities who were specifically targeted” during the drunken rant.

Here’s the report by CBS Los Angeles:

Missouri Man Threatens To “Kill Every Gay Person I Can”

A St. Louis man has been charged with making a terrorist threat after allegedly telling PrideFest organizers he planned to show up at this year’s Pride parade with his guns and “kill every gay person I can before I kill myself.”
Edward Terry (image via Missouri Dept of Corrections)

A St. Louis man has been charged with making a terrorist threat after allegedly telling PrideFest organizers he planned to show up at this year’s Pride parade with his guns and “kill every gay person I can before I kill myself.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports 49-year-old Edward Terry created a fake email address using the name of a woman he used to live with in order to send his threat to a parade organizer for PrideSTL.

But, after being notified by the recipient, the FBI tracked the account to Terry’s cell phone.

Terry’s bail was set at $20,000.

St. Louis’ Pride Parade regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of participants and spectators.

Marty Zuniga, vice president of PrideFest, said in a statement to the press that the organization works “hard to produce an event that is safe for all participants.”

“PrideFest takes all threats seriously and works with local law enforcement,” added Zuniga.

The St. Louis Pride Parade was in the news earlier this week after organizers reversed themselves on whether to allow police officers to march in uniform in the June 30 event.

The Post-Dispatch reports that Pride St. Louis requested officers not take part in the parade “citing sensitivities surrounding the 50-year anniversary of the New York police raid on the Stonewall Inn bar that helped spur the gay-rights movement.”

But after meetings and discussions with police and LGBTQ community leaders, the decision was made to allow LGBTQ police officers to march in uniform.

Mayor Lyda Krewson told the Post-Dispatch, “Exclusion of our police or, frankly, anyone is not in the spirit of our city.”

Wisconsin High School Students Throw Full-On ‘Sig Heil’ In Prom Photo

(Click image to enlarge)

Folks are kind of flummoxed by a photo taken at the junior prom of Wisconsin’s Baraboo High School showing the class’s male students doing a ‘sig heil.’

Law & Crime points out the event was last spring, but the photo just came to light when it was posted to the Twitter account @GoBaraboo that has since been been made private.

It was posted with the caption, “We even got the black kid to throw it up #BarabooProud.”

One guy in the front was clearly doing the sign for white power:

Vice contributor Jules Suzdaltsev asked Twitter to help him do a deep dive into the matter, and he began getting private messages from students at the school saying they had seen and heard a lot of racist language while attending the school.

One student who graduated from BHS this spring wrote Suzdaltsev saying he could “100% support the claims of racism at that school.”

“The use of the n-word was pretty common among a lot of white students, whether jokingly or not,” he added.

Another told Suzdaltsev that the day after Donald Trump was elected, students were yelling “White Power!” in the hallways.

Folks did note that one student, in the upper right hand corner of the photo, was clearly not having the moment.

Suzdaltsev spoke with the student, Jordan Blue, who said the photo was taken so quickly he couldn’t leave. But he also shared that he’d been bullied by his classmates for years.

“My name is Jordan Blue, I am the boy captured in the photo to the far right. The photo was taken during our Junior Prom Photos. I clearly am uncomfortable, with what was happening. I couldn’t leave the photo as it was taken within 5 seconds. The photographer took the photos telling us to make the sign, I knew what my morals were and it not to salute something I firmly didn’t believe in. I attend BHS, these classmates have bullied me since entering middle school, I have struggled with it my entire life and nothing has changed. These are the boy of Class of 2019, nothing has been done and my question is… with anything ever be done. I truly & firmly believe we need to make a change to this horrible act, it need to stop. Bullying. Immaturity. And just taking things as a “joke”…”

According to Suzdaltsev, the photographer (identified as local motorcycle photographer Peter Gust) has taken the photo album down from his website and issued an odd message calling out “malevolent behavior on the part of some in society.” He seems to be blaming the scandal on folks taking issue with the idea of telling students to do a Nazi salute.

The photo has even received international attention as the Twitter account for the Auschwitz Memorial tweeted, “This is why every single day we work hard to educate.”

Baraboo School District Superintendent Dr. Lori Mueller issued this statement:

The Barabook School District sent the following letter to parents this morning in response to a photo on social media.

Dear Parents/Guardians of Baraboo School District Students:

Early this morning, a photo that was taken last spring of some Barabook School District students who appear to be making extremely inappropriate gestures began circulating on social media. The District has confirmed at this time that the photo was not taken on school property or at a school-sponsored event.

The school district is investigating this situation and is working with parents, staff and local authorities. If the gesture is what it appears to be, the district will pursue any and all available and appropriate actions, including legal, to address the issue.

With that, we want to be very clear: the Baraboo School District is a hate-free environment where all people, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, are respected and celebrated.


Dr. Lori Mueller, Superintendent

YouTube Offers To Help Clean Up Gus Kenworthy’s “Hater” Issue

Gus Kenworthy

Yesterday I reported on Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy sharing some of the hateful comments he’s received on his YouTube channel.

Well, it turns out YouTube was listening and plans to do something about it.

YouTube tweeted the Gus man saying, “This is unacceptable, we’re so sorry these comments and notifications came through to you. We’re actively working to fix this so you won’t see or be notified of abusive comments and exploring more ways to protect people from abusive comments overall.”

And Kenworthy was ready with a solution: “Thank you YouTube! Maybe consider filtering out keywords and phrases like “faggot” and “kill yourself” so that they just never show up in anyone’s comments? I’m confident enough to brush it off but a younger me would have had a harder time.”

Bonus Gus: Kenworthy also shared that he and several other U.S. Olympians will be at the NYC Ralph Lauren store this evening for a meet & greet with fans! Bring him dipping dots and you may catch his eye!

Olympian Gus Kenworthy Shares YouTube Comments: “Go Die Of AIDS”

(image via Parker Malloy)

Along with the increased visibility that comes with being one of the first openly gay U.S. Olympic athletes, freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy has also become something of a target for hateful homophobic comments on his YouTube videos, making the point that homophobia is alive and well in 2018.

In a tweet, Kenworthy shared comments he’s received calling him “faggot” and wishes for him to die an agonizing death from AIDS or some accident.

The tweet began, “Them: It’s 2018 nobody cares that you’re gay. Homophobia doesn’t exist anymore. Get over yourself.”

That was followed with screen captures of the hateful messages.

“Gross faggot. Fuck you. Go die of aids. Sodom and Gomorrah will return. Sick nasty pedi-fag.”

“But you are not a “champion” you are a faggot. With any luck you die a horribly painful and drawn out death mangled in a car wreck. Or a mussy pushes you off a building would also be just fine. Or maybe someone just walks up to you and play the “knock-out” game on you and your skull cracks wide open when you hit the ground and bleed out in the street.”

“Gus you are nothing but a sperm drinking, ass fucking FAG – a fucking FREAK of nature, hurry and get AIDS.”

Lovely people, no?

Yes, kids, homophobia is alive and well in Trump country.

But, that said, there were lots of folks who spoke out on Gus’s behalf.

Arizona Man Goes On Wild Rant In LGBT-Friendly Church Because Trump’s Win Gave Him “Permission”

An Arizona man, driving past a church flying an LGBT rainbow flag, stopped his car and stormed into the church’s office ranting about the flag, the LGBT community and more.

He said Donald Trump’s presidential win gave him permission to do and say what he wants.

From the local CBS affiliate in Tempe:

A Tempe church is warning all Valley religious organizations about a man storming into its office using inflammatory, graphic language about the LGBT community, citing Donald Trump’s presidential win as permission. Tempe police said the stranger saw the rainbow flag hanging outside the Community Christian Church on Wednesday and went inside the office to voice his disgust.

“It made me so angry and afraid for our country,” Pastor Doug Bland said. Aside from the man voicing his hatred for the LGBT community, he threatened to pay people to protest outside the church and spread lies about pedophilia among the congregation.

“He said that if Hillary would have won he would have driven right on by the church without stopping, but because Trump won he felt he had permission to say and act the way he wanted to expressing the hate that he had for this particular group of people,” Bland said.

The pastor said his employee kept her composure and didn’t escalate the situation. The man eventually left without further incident. According to Tempe police, the incident was documented but detectives said the man didn’t commit a crime. He threatened to spread lies and picket the church but didn’t cause bodily harm. If he returns, the man could be cited with trespassing.

Matthew Shepard’s Mother Denounces Donald Trump’s “Hate” Rhetoric

A new campaign spot from Priorities USA features Judy Shepard, the mother of Matthew Shepard, denouncing the dark and hateful rhetoric coming out of the Donald Trump campaign.

As many know, Matthew Shepard was the victim of a hate crime in 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming. Two men pretended to be gay after meeting Matthew, then they kidnapped him, beat him and left him for dead tied to a fence in the cold Wyoming night.

“When I see the hate that Donald Trump brings to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. Words have an influence. Violence causes pain. Hate can rip us apart. I know what can happen as the result of hate, and Donald Trump should never be our president.”

Pastor Roger Jimenez: Round Up All The Gays And Blow Their Brains Out

Video of this past Sunday’s sermon by Pastor Roger Jimenez, of the Verity Baptist Church, shows more hate speech regarding the deadly shooting at an Orlando nightclub that left 49 dead, and 53 more hospitalized.

From the Sacramento CBS affiliate:

“Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?” he said in the sermon. “Um no, I think that’s great! I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight.”

The remarks were delivered on Sunday morning, hours after the attack happened. “We don’t need to do anything to help. As far as I’m concerned, Orlando is a little bit safer tonight,” he said.

Jimenez’s sermon went on to call for even more death at the hands of the government. “If we lived in a righteous government, they should round them all up and put them up against a firing wall, and blow their brains out,” Jimenez said in the sermon.

Hate Pastor James Manning To Protesters – “You Faggots! Lesbos!”

Today in “Christian Love” we get another performance from Hate Pastor James Manning of Harlem.

This time, Manning’s virulently anti-gay rant is practically a melt-down of hate.

As protesters of his vitriolic attacks on the LGBT community chanted “Stop the hate now,” the good pastor stood on a chair and screamed at the crowd calling them “faggots,” “lesbos,” “dung eaters,” and “perverts.”

“There is no salvation for butt-lickers and butt-bangers like you! You perverted faggots! You smell like rectums! I am the greatest preacher and defender of the word of God! Hallelujah!”

Is that really the word of God? Hmm…