Small Group Of West Hollywood Quislings Chanting ‘Gays For Trump’

A small group of Log Cabin Republicans and other quislings made their way up to San Vicente Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood last night chanting “gays for Trump, gays for Trump.”

Hardly a face mask in sight – which is local ordinance – but who’s surprised?

Podcast: Anti-Trans Bathroom Measure Fails In WA; Germany Close To Adopting Marriage Equality; New Out Music From Superfruit

In this week’s headlines on The Randy Report podcast:

• An anti-trans bathroom measure in Washington state fails in epic fashion

• Germany is close to adopting marriage equality

• Chechnya resumes rounding up and torturing gay men

• UK Prime Minister Theresa May sends best wishes for “Happy Pride” in London

• Nelsan Ellis (TRUE BLOOD’s “Lafayette Reynolds”) passes away at 39

• New music from Superfruit – the disco-tastic “Bad 4 Us”

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report.

Homocon Trump Supporter Attacks Protester At North Carolina Rally

More violence occurred at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina as a self-described “Gay for Trump” supporter put a protester into a headlock and attempted to remove the protester himself.

The protester is removed by the police, and then two men (apparently a gay couple) are also ejected.

It gets sadder and sadder each day as the tone and physical threat of Trump’s supporters devolves further into the muck.

Watch video of the attack below.

(h/t JoeMyGod)

This Gay Couple Supports Donald Trump

Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Bellini talks with a gay couple who say they support Donald Trump at a Cincinnati, Ohio.

The couple, who said they have “a lot of gay friends that support Trump,” also said they felt comfortable being affectionate amid the Trump crowd.

“Nobody’s saying anything about it,” they said. “No one’s stopped us or done anything, so it’s pretty good.”

When asked why they support the Republican billionaire, one of the men shrugs and laughingly to his bf, “I don’t know, why?”

“I’m tired of the bullshit government,” said the other. “I work in the steel industry and I see it hardcore with the trades and stuff. It’s time for a change. Trump’s the man for it.”

 Actually, it’s been noted that Trump himself bought steel for his various construction jobs from over seas.

The first man also chimed in with, “Plus, I really feel like he would bring more jobs to the country. The system and everything could be a hell of a lot better.”