Zachary Quinto & Billy Porter Cast As Gay Parents In Disney Series

Billy Porter and Zachary Quinto
Billy Porter and Zachary Quinto
L-R Billy Porter and Zachary Quinto (images via Instagram/Depositphotos)

Out actors Billy Porter (POSE, Kinky Boots) and Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, The Boys in the Band) are joining the cast of the upcoming reboot of Disney’s The Proud Family.

The original series ran on Disney Channel from September 2001 to August 2005 with a 14-year-old African-American protagonist named Penny Proud.

The new series, titled The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, will stream on Disney+ and pick up with the straight A student and her coterie of friends.

As part of the new crew, Porter and Quinto will voice the roles of Randall Leibowitz-Jenkins and Barry Leibowitz-Jenkins, respectively. The pair will play mixed-race adoptive parents to 14-year-old activist Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, to be voiced by Keke Palmer.

The animated characters of Barry and Randall Leibowitz-Jenkins
The animated characters of Barry and Randall Leibowitz-Jenkins (image via Disney)

Plus, EJ Johnson (Rich Kids of Beverly Hills) will voice the role of Michael Collins, Penny’s bestie who is described as “a non-conforming trendsetter serving fierce looks at school and on the basketball court” by EW.

The animated character of Michael Collins
The animated character of Michael Collins (image via Disney)

The new series is slated to launch on Disney+ in 2022.

In the meantime, you can catch Porter in the final season of FX’s acclaimed series POSE currently airing new episodes on Sundays. And Quinto can be heard as the voice of the Robot on the Amazon Original adult animated series, Invincible.

Matt Baume: Was ‘Bewitched’ About Gay People All Along?

Elizabeth Montgomery and Agnes Moorehead in Bewitched (screen capture)

Smart guy and LGBTQ pop culture historian Matt Baume takes a deep dive into the 1960s sitcom Bewitched calling it “one of the queerest shows” he’s ever seen.

From Baume:

The sitcom Bewitched is one of the queerest shows I’ve ever seen — which is a little strange, since it’s about a straight couple.

Just a few years later, Soap had gay characters; Mary Hartman Mary Hartman had a gay couple; MASH had a gay coming-out episode. Bewitched never had any of that.

And yet … it somehow feels more queer than any of those other shows. So, why is that? Well, that’s what I want to show you.

I love how Matt breaks these things down showing us LGBTQ characters and story themes were really out there all the time, we just didn’t know to look for it.

For more of my coverage of Matt Baume’s insights into classic TV, click here.

Univision To Premiere Its First Series To Feature Gay Couple As Lead Characters

Univision announces the premiere of “El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca” (The Heart Is Never Wrong), the first Spanish-language U.S. broadcast television series featuring a same-sex couple as the leading characters.

Univision announces the premiere of “El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca” (The Heart Is Never Wrong), the first Spanish-language U.S. broadcast television series featuring a same-sex couple as the leading characters.

The coming of age series is a spinoff of Juan Osorio’s popular telenovela “Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia” (My Husband Has More Family) and follows the fan-favorite love story of Aristoteles and Cuauhtémoc (Temo), better known as their couple name “Aristemo.” 

Loyal fans flooded social media in support of the spinoff, with the #Aristemo trending worldwide on Twitter and Instagram. 
Many viewers express that the young couple has inspired them to embrace their identity with a sense of confidence, happiness, and encouragement.

In “El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca,” the storyline centers around the young couple as they move to Mexico City to attend college. 

Aristótles, played byEmilio Osorio, is ready to begin his music career and his communication studies, while balancing his influencer status and his personal relationship. 
Temo, played by Joaquin Bondoni, wants to be a politician despite the prejudice that he might encounter. 
Their love will be put to the test as they create new friendships and overcome the challenges of being gay in Mexican society.

Praised for their positive LGBTQ+ portrayal, the duo has received a GLAAD Media award and an E! Online’s “TV’s Top Couple” award.

The new series will premiere on Tuesday, August 13, at 9 p.m. ET/PT 8 p.m. CT.

Amazon’s “AFTER FOREVER” Nominated For 8 Daytime Emmy Awards

Kevin Spirtas & Mitchell Anderson in ‘After Forever’

Amazon Video’s AFTER FOREVER, the gay-themed series created by actor/producer/writer Kevin Spirtas and his creative partner, Michael Slade, has received a whopping eight 2019 Daytime Emmy Award nominations.

AFTER FOREVER is the story of Brian, played by Kevin Spirtas (Days of Our Lives) and Jason, played by Mitchell Anderson (Doogie Howser, Party of 5), a “50-ish” New York City gay couple, who have it all – until they don’t.

The 8-episode first season follows them and their friends through a journey of love, loss and moving on.

The series also features Tony Award winner Cady Huffman (Will Rogers Follies, The Producers), Tony Award nominee Anita Gillette (Chapter Two), and tons of TV & Broadway veterans like Jamison Stern, Jim Newman, Colleen Zenk and Michael Urie (Ugly Betty).

Jamison Stern & David Dean Bottrell

Speaking to The Advocate last year, Slade shared that the depiction of 35+ year-old gay men in series television has been missing in his estimation.

“We as gay men, after we’re no longer 35, we tend to disappear from popular culture until we’re Christopher Plummer — asexual down the hall with a cat,” Slade told The Advocate.

And co-creator Spirtas underscored the universality of the series’ love story.

“I think you can look at this story about love between two people and realize it’s two people anywhere,” said Spirtas. “It’s two men, it’s two women, it’s a male and a female, it’s older, it’s younger, it’s same age.”

The series’ 2019 Daytime Emmy nominations include:

• Nomination for Outstanding Digital Drama Series

• Nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Digital Drama Series: Michael Slade and Kevin Spirtas

• Two nominations for Outstanding Actor in a Digital Drama Series: Kevin Spirtas, Mitchell Anderson

• Two nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Digital Drama Series: Erin Cherry, Cady Huffman

• Nomination for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Digital Drama Series: Anita Gillette

• Nomination for Outstanding Director of a Digital Drama Series: Jennifer Pepperman

AFTER FOREVER was also honored with a writing nomination for Michael Slade & Kevin Spirtas last month at the 2019 Writers Guild Awards in the Original Short Form New Media category.

You can watch the first episode of the series here for free and check out my interview with co-creator and lead actor Kevin Spirtas below.

In related Daytime Emmy Awards news, veteran daytime drama actor Greg Rikaart picked up a 2019 Best Supporting Actor nomination as well for his work as “Leo Stark” on Days of Our Lives.

Already a Daytime Emmy Award winner for his longtime role as “Kevin Fisher” on The Young and the Restless, should the 42-year-old actor win, he would become the first to win Best Supporting Actor for a gay role, and the first openly gay actor to win for a gay role in any category.

The 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be held May 5 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

When ‘Quantum Leap’ Looked Back At Gays In The Military

Super-smart guy Matt Baume’s latest installment of ‘Culture Cruise’ breaks down a 1992 episode of the NBC series, Quantum Leap, which explored the early gay movement in 1964 at a military academy.
Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in ‘Quantum Leap’

Super-smart guy Matt Baume’s latest installment of ‘Culture Cruise’ breaks down a 1992 episode of the NBC series, Quantum Leap, which explored the early gay movement in 1964 at a military academy.

As you may recall, the series (which aired from 1989-1993) starred hunky Scott Bakula as “Dr. Sam Beckett,” a scientist who travels through time tasked with having to ‘set right what once went wrong.’ His co-star was a hologram of his friend “Al” played by Dean Stockwell.

That may sound kind of weird today, but it was a hit in its day.

Baume shares how the episode integrated a lot of accurate historical details of the early gay rights movement from a time when such a thing barely existed.

Matt Baume’s Culture Cruise

In the episode titled, “Running For Honor,” Sam leaps into the persona of Tommy, a mid-western military cadet. As in every installment, Sam’s first challenge is to figure out why he’s even there.

It turns out there have been violent attacks around the military academy targeting young men suspected of being gay.

The tie-in here is that when the episode aired in 1992, the country was gradually becoming more comfortable talking about gay-related issues.

After a decade of HIV/AIDS headlines, and the deaths of 150,000 Americans, the importance of coming out and visibility was becoming more and more clear.

The topic of ‘gays in the military’ was making headlines as presidential candidate Bill Clinton promised to overturn the ban on open service by gays and lesbians, and Republicans were fiercely opposed to that idea.

This all led to the hideous compromise that became ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

The episode also highlights the use of ‘underground newspapers’ which were the precursors to publications like The Advocate, and even includes a scene about ‘outing’ fellow students in the name of the gay movement.

In the end, Sam has to stop the hate crime murder of a gay ex-cadet and, in doing so, proves the foolishness of banning gays in the military.

Baume does a great job of highlighting the effort the writers took to weave in true historic details, including the Stonewall riots. And he does so without sounding like a boring history lecture.

Check out Baume and his ‘Culture Cruise’ below, and you can find more of his videos on YouTube here.

Riverdale’s Kevin Cott: Moose & Kevin Are ‘Definitely A Thing’

One of the actors from RIVERDALE confirms 'Moose' and 'Kevin' are 'definitely a thing' this season
Kevin and Moose’s infamous bathroom kiss

 The CW dropped a new trailer for the upcoming third season of Riverdale at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend.

While the three-minute video recapped some of last season, there was some new footage and it appears that two male characters are headed for Romance-ville.

You may recall that in the pilot of the series, “Kevin” and “Moose” had a bit of a late-night tryst. But nothing really came of that as Moose stayed loyal to girlfriend Midge.

Well, until she was murdered, and a grieving Moose sought comfort in Kevin’s arms and a make-out session in the high school bathroom.

In May, creator and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told EW that a men’s room kiss between Kevin Keller and Moose could become “more than just a moment of passion:”

“My hope is that it continues. It’d be nice to see Kevin in a romance again. But they’ve got a big cloud looming over them, which is the death of Midge. Which is kind of par for the course on Riverdale. But I’m rooting for them. I hope it’s more than just a moment of passion.”

This weekend, Casey Cott, who plays Kevin, went further in Comic Con interviews saying Kevin and Moose “definitely are a thing.”

In another statement, Cott shared, “I think making out in the bathroom cemented us as a ‘thing.’ We’re trying to push Moose in the right direction [in terms of him being out].”

And there’s more in the LGBTQ news as the new trailer features a two women kissing, and Aguirre-Sacasa has teased that there will be “an unlikely romance for Reggie starting in Episode 3.”

Season 3 of Riverdale premieres Oct. 10.