Dance Floor Rumble At Greek Circuit Party

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 There’s currently a huge circuit party taking place in Mykonos, Greece, this week – the XLSIOR Festival.

You know the scene: shirtless, sweaty, gym-bodies dancing, prancing, drinking and all that good stuff.

Oh, and I hear there might be some sex taking place. Maybe.

Last night a fight broke out on the dance floor between two of the built bodies (thank god they had different shorts on or we’d have never been able to tell them apart) and cell phone video footage immediately went viral.

The video appears to start with a swing, then a slap, a hair pull (no, this wasn’t the sex part of the week) and then more of the queens jumped in.

All the while, “Never Enough” from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman is playing in the background.


You can almost hear the dialogue in your head:

“Janet is NOT the ‘Queen of Pop’ – Madonna is!”

“No – Beyoncé is better!”

“You Bitch!!!”


Or who knows – maybe someone inadvertently touched someone else’s weekend boyfriend…?

Fortunately, none of the queens knew how to throw a punch and no one appears to have been seriously injured.

And, in truth, this kind of thing hardly ever happens at gay events.

In any case, the brief mini-brawl has gone viral – much to the delight of some, the embarrassment of others.

Take a look below.

U.S. Senators Get Into Shouting Match Over Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Sen. Orrin Hatch

This was really quite the exchange yesterday between Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah.

During a Senate Finance Committee hearing last night, Brown accused Republicans of pushing a tax plan that provides a tax cut that’s “not really for the middle class, it’s for the rich.”

Brown clearly seems to have touched a nerve with the Republican.

Via The Hill:

Hatch, the committee chairman, quickly fired back at Brown, saying that he isn’t advocating for the rich but comes “from the poor people.”

“I’ve been here working my whole stinking career for people who don’t have a chance,” Hatch said. “And I really resent anybody who says I’m just doing this for the rich. Give me a break.”

“I think you guys just overplay that all the time and it gets old, frankly you ought to quit,” he continued. “I get kind of sick and tired of it. … It’s a nice political play, but it’s not true.”

Brown quickly responded, saying that he gets “sick and tired of the richest people in this country getting richer and richer.”

The two senators loudly talked over each other as they tried to regain control of the floor.

“Listen, I’ve honored you by allowing you to spout off here but what you said was not right, that’s all I’m saying,” Hatch said. “I come from the lower-middle class originally, we didn’t have anything. So don’t spew that stuff on me, I get real tired of that crap.”

Not surprisingly, the plan was advanced out of the committee by a party line vote of 14-12.

Watch below.

How’s Everyone’s Black Friday Going?

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Black Friday got a bit out of hand for these two Kentucky bargain hunters, who were filmed rolling around on the floor punching each other.Posted by The Telegraph on Friday, November 27, 2015

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Sir David Attenborough narrates Black FridaySir David Attenborough narrates Black FridayPosted by Huffington Post UK Comedy on Thursday, November 26, 2015

Walmart Fight: “This Is White Trash At It’s Finest”

A brawl breaks out at an Indiana Walmart over a crowded aisle. As one woman complains to a store employee, another defends the employee.

The two customers end up on the floor in a fight with one of the women telling her young son, “Johnny, punch her in the face! Punch her in the f*&king face!”

At several points, the boy did indeed join in as his mother wrestled on top of the second woman. He kicked the second woman in the head, and picked up cans of what look like hairspray to hit the woman in the head.

During the incident one onlooker can be heard saying, “This is white trash at it’s finest.”


(h/t JMG)