Video: Woman Slaps Spirit Airlines Agent, Gets Slapped Back

An argument that became physical at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport involving a Spirit Airlines agent went viral
(screen capture)

A video of a woman acting out and attacking a Spirit Airlines agent at Dallas/Fort Worth airport has gone viral.

In the clip, the unnamed woman and the gate agent are yelling at each other as she repeating touches and pushes him.

When another man intercedes trying to diffuse the situation, she reaches around the second man and slaps the agent. That sets the agent off and as she attempts to run from him, she trips on some chairs.

The agent catches up to her, and trips falling on top of her. He then slaps the woman’s back which suddenly gets the onlookers involved.

The incident apparently happened at DFW airport on August 11. Spirit Airlines has issued a statement acknowledging the altercation and sharing the agent has been suspended.

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I don’t advocate any kind of physical violence, and both of the two individuals could have walked away at any time. But the woman was totally out of line by escalating the violence. Sometimes, when you play with fire you get burned. Don’t write a check your ass can’t cash.

The clip, shared by the Twitter account DTX Daily, has been viewed almost 11 million times.