Eric Trump Wins “Dumbest Trump Of The Day” Award

Eric Trump

President Donald Trump on Monday called Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “Pocahontas,” an attack he uses often, during a White House event celebrating Navajo Code Talkers.

Just to remind you, here’s the video:

Unfortunately, his son Eric decided he wanted to compete with brother Don Jr. again for the high honor of “Dumbest Trump.”

Eric picked a fight with an ABC News reporter arguing since ABC’s parent company is Disney, and Disney made the animated feature Pocahontas, the reporter has no standing to say using the word “Pocahontas” is “offensive.”

You get where this is going, yes? Right over Eric’s head.

Eric Trump “Disgusted” By Charity Coverup Being Exposed

Eric Trump is all upset this morning because he got caught lying about money his “charity” raised via a golf tournament at his dad’s golf club.

As the story goes, it seems the Donald charged his son’s charity over $1 million for use of the club for the events. So, it would seem the donors money went into his dad’s pockets not to children.

Via ThinkProgress:

On Tuesday, Forbes reported that Eric Trump has diverted more than $1 million donations to his kids-cancer charity to Trump golf courses. These costs were incurred during the Eric Trump Foundation’s annual golf fundraiser. But according to charity experts, “the listed expenses defy any reasonable cost justification for a one-day golf tournament.”

The golf fundraiser was marketed as an opportunity for donors to have nearly their entire gift go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, since the golf and other services were provided free of charge.

A former employee of the club, however, told Forbes that beginning in 2011, the charity was charged for the use of course and other services. Ian Gillule, membership and marketing director at Trump National Westchester, said the club began billing Eric Trump’s foundation after Donald Trump “had a cow.”

“I don’t care if it’s my son or not — everybody gets billed,” Donald Trump said, according to Gillule.

The payments by the charity to the Trump Organization for its one-day tournament were also confirmed by a former member of the Eric Trump Foundation board. And the payments increased dramatically over time — from $46,000 in 2011 to $322,000 in 2015.

Eric Trump appears to have gone to significant lengths to cover up these payments. Last year, he told Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold that none of the money actually went to the Trump Organization.

Rather, Eric Trump insisted, the money was simply passed from the Trump Organization to “to cover the cost of outside vendors.”

Eric Trump was enraged last July when Fahrenthold asked about the money claiming, “It’s disgusting. It is so disgusting what’s happening. I’m saving dying children. We do tremendous good for people. And you’re sitting there tearing us apart.”

At the time, Eric pointedly said the Trump Organization made “zero” from the charity events. That doesn’t seem to be the case now.

Fahrenthold asked Eric Trump yesterday whether he lied last year when discussing the charity. Now the story seems to be the Trump Organization didn’t “profit” from the events.

Eric also spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity this week to rant on the Democrats for blocking his dad’s agenda. “I’ve never seen hatred like this,” he said. “To me, they’re not even people. It’s so, so sad. Morality’s just gone, morals have flown out the window and we deserve so much better than this as a country.”

Trump Sons Offer Access To President Trump For $1 Million “Donation”

Remember when Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of “selling access” to the government via donations to the Clinton Foundation? Which by the way never happened…

Check out the Trump situation:

First, Ivanka Trump tried to market her $10K bracelet thanks to her wearing it on 60 Minutes.

Now, the Trump boys, Eric and Don Jr., are literally selling access to soon-to-be President Trump.

Via Mediaite:

Donald Trump‘s adult sons are apparently behind a new nonprofit organization that’s offering access to the president elect – if you’re willing to pay up. The Center for Public Integrity reports that Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are board members for the Texas-based Opening Day Foundation, which will be holding an event in D.C. on the day after Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

In the meantime, Opening Day is accepting donations that will go to unnamed “conservation” charities, and big donors will be rewarded with some high-value prizes.

According to a brochure published by TMZ, the organization’s biggest donors will be able to snag rewards like inauguration tickets, autographed guitars, and hunting trips with the president-elect’s children. The package offers go up to $1 million and the high-level perks include access to a “private reception and photo opportunity” with Trump.

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(h/t JoeMyGod)

Madonna Trolls Trump Bros For Big Game Hunting

It will come as no surprise that Madonna is no Donald Trump fan.

See her post via Instagram as she trolls the brothers Trump for their horrid killing of beautiful animals for “sport.”

How Big of. Pussy Do you have to BE to kill this Noble Animal for sport? Just ask Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for Hilary! 🙋🇺🇸

Eric Trump: Dad Ran For President Because Folks Stopped Calling It A “Christmas Tree”

Speaking to right-winger James Robison earlier this week, Eric Trump explained several of the “reasons” why his dad is running for president.

Along the way, Eric erroneously says that the National Christmas Tree has been renamed “Holiday Tree.”

“He opens up the paper each morning and sees our nation’s leaders giving a hundred billion dollars to Iran, or he opens the paper and some new school district has just eliminated the ability for its students to say the pledge of allegiance, or some fire department in some town is ordered by the mayor to no longer fly the American flag on the back of a fire truck,” Trump told James Robison in an interview posted this week.

“Or he sees the tree on the White House lawn has been renamed ‘Holiday tree’ instead of ‘Christmas tree,’” continued Trump. “I could go on and on for hours. Those are the very things that made my father run, and those are the very things he cares about.”

Psst, Eric – that’s not true.

Eric also says he thinks his dad should get extra credit for running since he really “does not need the job.”

Reading through the interview, you can’t help but notice Eric really likes the phrase, “There’s no question…” He uses it over and over again in the span of a few minutes.

What is it about Trump’s and their love affair with absolutes?

Eric Trump: Ivanka Trump Could Be Vice-President Because She’s “Beautiful” & “Smart”

The Hill reports that Eric Trump, son of presumptive GOP nominee for president Donald Trump, has declared his sister based on her intelligence and “beautiful looks” is qualified for the vice-presidency.

Eric Trump on Thursday floated his sister Ivanka Trump as a potential running mate for his father.

“She’s got the beautiful looks, she’s smart, she’s smart, smart, smart,” Eric Trump said Thursday on Fox News. “She’s certainly got my vote.”

Trump noted that his sister will turn 35 just before the election — the minimum age required by the Constitution to be president or vice president.

“She just makes that by about seven, eight days,” he said, calling Ivanka Trump “a machine.”

For a campaign that denounces any kind of sexism is in play in this election cycle, I have to wonder why Eric Trump made a point of describing her appearance as part of her qualifications…?

Eric Trump: Waterboarding “Is No Different” Than What Happens At Frat Houses Every Day

Eric Trump, son of GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump, believes waterboarding is akin to chugging beer:

“You see these terrorists that are flying planes into buildings, right? You see our cities getting shot up in California. You see Paris getting shot up. And then somebody complains when a terrorist gets waterboarded, which quite frankly is no different than what happens on college campuses and frat houses every day. And, you know, the man would keep this country safe. There is no question about it.”

Bolding is mine.