Trump Gives ‘Thumbs Up’ In Photo With Infant Orphaned In El Paso Shooting???

Donald and Melania Trump (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

When none of the eight hospitalized shooting victims in El Paso, Texas, agreed to meet with Donald Trump during his visit, the White House asked that a tiny infant who had already been sent home be brought to the hospital for photo opp with the president and First Lady.

Reporters were told they couldn’t trail the president during his visit at the hospital because the White House didn’t want the trip to be about photo opps.

And then Trump and Melania posed for this photo – what in the hell is there a thumbs up for??? – and the photo was posted to the White House Flickr account. The First Lady tweeted the images as well.

Baby Paul is the child of Jordan and Andre Anchondo who were among the 22 people killed in a mass shooting Saturday at a Walmart in El Paso.

Doctors told reporters he appeared to “lack empathy”, while he was filmed bragging to medical staff – who have spent the week dealing with the aftermath of the massacre – about the size of a rally he had previously held there.

Buttigieg: U.S. Is “Under Attack From Homegrown White Nationalist Terrorism”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaking in Las Vegas, NV

Mayor Pete Buttigieg told attendees at a labor union forum in Las Vegas Saturday that the United States is “under attack” by white nationalists carrying out deadly mass shootings across the country, and those white nationalists have become emboldened by Donald Trump.

Buttigieg was speaking at a forum in Las Vegas sponsored by the public-sector labor union AFSCME.

News of the recent mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart broke during the event.

Eschewing his prepared introductory remarks, Buttigieg addressed the tragedy head-on.

“America is under attack from homegrown white nationalist terrorism,” Buttigieg said in his opening remarks. “White nationalism is evil. And it is inspiring people to commit murder, and it is being condoned at the highest levels of the American government, and that has to end.”

When asked his thoughts on Trump’s position on white nationalists, Buttigieg said the president “at best condones and encourages white nationalism.”

Buttigieg also called for stricter gun control laws across the country.

“We are the only country in the world with more guns than people,” said the 37-year-old White House contender. “It has not made us safer. We can respect the Second Amendment (on gun rights), and not allow it to be a death sentence for thousands of Americans.”

Among several policies he shared that would help stem the tide of gun violence were:

• Implementing universal background checks for firearm purchases

• Banning the sale of high capacity magazines

• Allowing the Centers for Disease Control to research gun violence

• Passing “red flag” laws that remove firearms from at-risk people, such as those convicted of domestic violence

Buttigieg also said there should be stricter regulations for military-style firearms often used in mass shootings.

“Weapons of war have no place in American neighborhoods,” said the Afghanistan war veteran.

Buttigieg addressed the lack of leadership on gun violence by the president today.

“Will the President of the United States leave his golf resort, go back to Washington, address the nation, condemn—in no uncertain terms—white nationalism, and call for the Senate to convene tomorrow to enact at least the most basic gun safety reforms that most Americans want?”

News Round-Up: June 4, 2019

InstaHunk Anthony Bowens

Some news items you might have missed:

• Today’s InstaHunk lead photo was not even hard to decide. Thanks to out pro-wrestler Anthony Bowens for the awesome inspiration. Caption:

“Happy Pride everyone! Let’s spread the love and focus on things that bring us together as human beings rather than our differences. Let’s remember those that have paved the way for us to live openly and freely. Let’s continue fighting for those who have yet to have that freedom and provide hope that they will soon love in a world where they can. How will you celebrate pride?”

• A homophobic prosecutor in Tennessee (do I even need to continue?) says he doesn’t prosecute domestic violence cases involving same-sex couples because bigot.

• Actor Kevin Spacey appeared in court on Monday in Nantucket for a pretrial hearing where he is accused of groping a male teenager in 2016. Spacey’s lawyers say the teen’s mother deleted text messages from his phone (that could help prove Spacey’s innocence) before turning it over to authorities.

• A UK teenager mowed a giant penis shape in the field along the Stansted Airport flight path as a welcome to Donald Trump as he landed for a state visit to London early Monday morning.

• A Florida man is facing a manslaughter charge after deputies say he accidentally shot and killed a woman during an act of foreplay with his handgun. The man told police he and the woman were using the loaded weapon for ‘sexual excitement.’ #smh #straightpeople

• Donald Trump’s campaign held a rally in El Paso, Texas, in February but has refused to pay bills from the city to the tune of more than $470,000. The Trump campaign, using an old Trump tactic, says the city of El Paso is ‘overcharging.’

• The city of Boston, one of the most pro-LGBTQ cities in America, may have agreed to issue a permit for a ‘Straight Pride Parade.’ #IsntThatEveryDay?

And SmashMouth takes it for the win:

El Paso Gay Bar Owner Attends Trump Rally

(image via Instagram)

An owner of a gay bar in El Paso, Texas, has come under fire for attending Donald Trump’s recent rally in his city.

Johnny Alcantar, one of five owners of The Old Plantation (known as the OP), not only took in the event but posted photos on his Instagram with other Trump supporters next to a Trump banner.

The post has since been deleted from Alcantar’s Instagram but not before being screen captured.

Alcantar has since disabled commenting on the post, but left the photo up.

A local drag queen and DJ, Puto Kahlo, noticed the post and shared it via social media saying he was “disgusted.”

In his Facebook post, Kahlo wrote, “Y’all, straight people are the first to try to profit off of our community and our art but won’t hesitate to support a man who has called trans people burdens, hasn’t done shit for community but try to erase us, degraded women, and perpetuated racist and xenophobic rhetoric.”

The post has been shared over 700 times at this writing.

Owner and CEO of the Old Plantation, Mark Adkins, apologized in a statement saying,”The Old Plantation Nightclub does NOT support Trump’s views or opinions especially towards our LGBTQ community.”

Adkins went on to say Alcantar is a minority stakeholder in the club and does not “represent The Old Plantation, its ownership or our community in any way.”

Additionally, the statement noted Alcantar had been spoken to about the Instagram post and “expressed his regret for posting about the rally on social media and his fundamental lack of knowledge about the ways in which Trump’s administration is working to stifle the rights of the LGBTQ community, as well as the rights of others in the greater El Paso community.”

The CEO closed his message saying, “It’s very easy to forget how to express and show love and respect when politicians, including our own president, are spreading division through their words and policies. We have faith, however, that love will always win.”

Local news station KTSM spoke with Alcantar who said he only attended the rally to see a sitting president.

“It was never my intention to hurt anyone,” Alcantar told KTSM. “I didn’t know the stuff that Trump was passing.”

“I don’t agree with everything that Donald Trump says,” he added, “But I have to support our President because he’s our current president; I don’t have any other choice.”

Alcantar also mentioned he “has gay friends and family members.”

Now, there’s a tired old trope…

Some members of the El Paso LGBTQ community are calling for a boycott of the club, which recently reopened after years of being shuttered.

What do you think, readers?

Is it plausible a straight man who invested in a gay bar in Texas had no inkling of Donald Trump’s attacks on the LGBTQ community?

Should the local community hold the bar responsible for a “minority stakeholder” attending a Trump rally?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.