News Round-Up: June 28, 2021

(Courtesy of Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Tishman Speyer)

Some news items you might have missed:

NYC Pride: It was nice to see Pride events return to NYC this past weekend. Rainbows were everywhere in the city from Rockefeller Center (above) to Washington Square and everywhere else. And ABC News covered the entire 3-hour parade! You can watch it here.

CNN: California will ban state-funded travel to five new states (Arkansas, Florida, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia) over their “discriminatory” LGBTQ laws, state Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Monday, citing the importance of “aligning our dollars with our values.”

Right Wing Watch: Right-wing pastor Greg Locke used his sermon on Sunday to allege that there are child-trafficking “tunnels” under the Capitol and White House and accuse Joe Biden, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Hanks of being “a bunch of pedophiles.” This is a seriously hot cup of crazy. Hit the play button.

TMZ: In a recent interview praising Las Vegas Raider Carl Nassib for coming out, former NFL player Bruce Smith said there was a gay player (maybe two) on the 1990s Buffalo Bills teams but it “didn’t matter to us.”

NY Daily News: 24 people at a Sydney, Australia birthday party tested positive for the COVID delta variant. Only 6 party attendees — health care workers — were spared. Only those 6 were vaccinated.

Twitter: Donald Trump Jr., son of ‘the former guy,’ posted a wild, slurring, disjointed rant against President Joe Biden that careened from claims about hacking McDonald’s to Biden giving the nuclear football to Putin. The Twitterverse didn’t know what to think of the seemingly drunken/stoned performance.

Video: South Carolina Man Goes On Wild Racist Rant

John Walter Miles
John Walter Miles (via screen capture)

Seriously – what is wrong with this man?

WBTV reports John Walter Miles, 27, went on a racially-charged rant at a grocery store when a clerk refused to sell him and his girlfriend alcohol.

It appears Mr. Miles might have had a few already.

According to the Sumter Police Department, Miles refused to leave the store and called an employee a racial slur.

In the video uploaded to TikTok, he reeled off a wild “Black lives don’t matter” screed as he cussed out other people in the store.

He was eventually escorted off the premises and charged with aggravated breach of peace and trespassing.

(mug shot via Sumter Police Department)

Covidiot Refuses To Wear Mask On Flight, Then Pees Himself

Grier mugshot
Grier mugshot
Landon Grier (mugshot)

Meet Landon Grier, 24, who allegedly refused to wear a face mask on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Denver (as required by the FAA) on March 9 and then apparently urinated in the cabin.

He’s now facing a possible 20 year prison sentence and $250,000 fine for the federal charge of interfering with a flight crew and attendants.


The affidavit by FBI Special Agent Martin Daniell III, who interviewed Grier and crew members, says Grier appeared to be trying to sleep but swatted at an attendant when she asked him repeatedly to put on his mask, as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

A passenger later summoned attendants because Grier was urinating in his seat area, Daniell wrote.

The agent said Grier told him he had several beers and “a couple of shots” before boarding the flight, fell asleep on the plane and “awoke to being yelled at by the flight attendants who told him he was peeing.”

Grier later admitted to having several beers and “a couple of shots” before the flight.

Journalist Jeremy Jojola reports that Grier has several previous arrests including drunk driving and burglary.

“Jalapeno Mac & Cheese” Brat Charged After Drunken Rant

Talk about a serving of justice served cold.

From Huffington Post:

Luke Gatti, 19, of Bayville, New York, was charged with breach of peace and criminal trespass, the Hartford Courant reported.

In a viral YouTube video of the incident, titled “Drunk Kid Wants Mac And Cheese,” Gatti can be seen telling the manager of Union Street Market, “Just give me some f–king bacon, jalepeno mac and cheese” and verbally abusing him. The manager tells the student, “You can’t come in here with an open bottle of booze, dude. Think about it!”

(h/t Boy Culture)

Chris Pratt Gives Acting Lessons While Drunk

Hunky Hollywood “It” man Chris Pratt is currently promoting his upcoming (and soon to be HUGE hit movie) Jurassic World.

During a “behind the scenes” with Pratt for a GQ Magazine photo shoot, someone thought it would be fun to ask the hunkster for acting tips. At issue, however, was the fact that Pratt had a few shots of Fireball whiskey to loosen up for the shoot.

That’s ok, Chris. We’re good with that. Proceed 🙂

“The truth is, it’s hot as hell. And I’m drunk,” admitted Chris with a mischievous grin.

Pratt asked for more shots, and talked away, to hilarious results.

“Fireball Whiskey – Ignite the Night”

Drunk Homophobic Attacker At DFW Airport Gets Slap On The Wrist

Back in October I reported on an incident at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport where an apparently drunk man attacked a man for being perceived to be gay. After his arrest, theories abounded that he would receive a mere slap on the wrist for his violent behavior.

And now, that’s exactly what happened.

Towleroad has the details:

The passenger who went on a drunken, violent, anti-gay rampage that was caught on video at DFW International Airport in October will pay $474 in fines for the incident, according to a court spokeswoman.

McCleish Christmas Benham, now 28, of Shelbyville, Tennessee, assaulted two people while yelling anti-gay epithets, before other passengers tackled him to the ground and he was arrested on Oct. 23.

A bystander captured the incident on video and posted it on YouTube, where it’s been viewed more than 5 million times.

Benham was charged with public intoxication and simple assault, both class-C misdemeanors each punishable by a maximum $500 fine, but no jail time. The case was referred to the Municipal Court in the city of Grapevine, Texas.

When asked by police how many alcoholic drinks he had had, Benham replied: ‘About 100.’

A cellphone video of the altercation has received over 5 million views.

Dallas: Drunk Homophobe Gets Taken Down After Attacking Possibly Gay Man

In an apparent anti-gay attack, a seemingly drunk traveler attacked what he clearly assumed was a gay man at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport yesterday.

From Raw Story:

The video is dated Thursday, October 23, and shows an unnamed angry man bellowing and threatening another passenger who is wearing a jacket and a pink shirt.

A tall man in a black cowboy hat approaches and asks the angry man what he’s upset about.

“Queers!” the man shouted. “That’s what I’m upset about. This faggot right here.”

After a tense exchange, the angry man kicks the man in the pink shirt, then slaps at him and grabs his hair.

A number of people rush to intervene as the man is tackled and put on the floor.

The man in the cowboy hat can be heard saying loudly, “No way! No way, you motherfucker. You ain’t doin’ that fucking shit, motherfucker.”

You can hear the man as he’s being handcuffed saying “I punched him square in the mouth in the fuckin’ mouth is what I did. Because this is America. When I get up I’m gonna beat the shit out of him.”

Props to the folks who jump in so quick.  AND to Andrew Kennedy who captured the scuffle on video.