Diabetic, In US Since 6-Months-Old, Dies In Iraq After Being Deported By Trump Administration

The Trump administration deported a man who had lived in America since he was six months old to Iraq where he has died from lack of access to insulin.

The Trump administration deported a man who had lived in America since he was six months old to Iraq where he has died from lack of access to insulin.

The man knew no one in Iraq, nor did he speak the language. He had never been there.

From Politico:

A 41-year-old Detroit man deported to Iraq in June died Tuesday, according to the American Civil Liberties Union and two people close to the man’s family.

The man, Jimmy Aldaoud, spent most of his life in the U.S., but was swept up in President Donald Trump’s intensified immigration enforcement efforts.

Edward Bajoka, an immigration attorney who described himself as close to Aldaoud’s family, wrote on Facebook that the death appeared to be linked to the man’s inability to obtain insulin in Baghdad to treat his diabetes. Aldaoud was an Iraqi national, but he was born in Greece and came to the U.S. as a young child, his family friend said. He had never lived in Iraq and did not speak Arabic, according to Bajoka.


Aldaoud spoke about his deportation in an undated video posted to Facebook this week. In the video, he appears to be sitting on a sidewalk stoop in Baghdad.

“Immigration agents pulled me over and said I’m going to Iraq,” he said. “I said, ‘I’ve never been there. I’ve been in this country my whole life, since pretty much birth.’ … They refused to listen to me.”

Aldaoud said in the video that he had been homeless, vomiting because of a lack of access to insulin and unable to speak the language in Iraq. He also said he had been kicked while sleeping in the street.

“I begged them,” he said of his conversations with ICE agents. “I said, ‘Please, I’ve never seen that country, I’ve never been there.’ However, they forced me.”

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Trans Woman From El Salvador Murdered After Being Deported From U.S.

Camila was murdered after being deported back to El Salvador 
(image via Aspidh Arcoiris Trans)

A transgender woman, who came to the United States from El Salvador, has been murdered after she was deported from the U.S. back to her native country.

The woman, who went by the names Camila and Aurora, sought asylum in the U.S., but according to the Washington Blade, she was deported when immigration authorities didn’t believe she had received threats of violence in her home country.

A Salvadoran transgender advocacy group, Asociación Aspidh Arcoiris Trans, told the Blade that Camila/Aurora had gone missing near the end of January.

After a search of local hospitals, she was located in Rosales National Hospital in San Salvador with multiple injuries. She passed away on February 3.

Camila is now the second trans woman murdered in El Salvador this month.

On February 8, a trans woman named Lolita was murdered with a machete in Sonsonate.

Neither murders have been classified as a hate crime since both died in hospitals without mentioning being victims of violence.

In 2015, El Salvador amended its penal code to include enhanced punishment for crimes based on gender identity and/or sexual orientation. But local activists say the judicial system is slow to investigate such crimes.

“It is unfortunate that although we have articles in the penal code that (allow for the classification of) crimes committed against trans people as hate crimes, they are not put into practice,” Tatiana Molina, an LGBTI activist and Miss Trans El Salvador 2018, told the Blade. “Such is the case of all the crimes that have occurred in recent years and specifically the cases of Camila and Lolita. That is why we are demanding justice and the prompt investigation and prosecution of these cases.”

El Salvador has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world. For transgender people, gang violence, as well as threats from police and family members, has spurred many to migrate from the Central American country to the U.S.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have confirmed to the Blade that 45 transgender women are being housed at a detention center in Texas, including several from El Salvador.

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Mexican Deportations See Significant Drop In Trump’s First Year

Donald Trump launched his campaign on the issue of immigration – particularly Mexican immigration to the United States – saying he would stop and deport all undocumented Mexican immigrants.

Well, as he nears the end of his first year in the White House, it seems the Trump administration isn’t quite as productive in deporting Mexican nationals as his predecessor.

So far in 2017, about 27% fewer Mexican nationals have been deported compared to the previous year.

From LawAndCrime.com:

In total, Trump’s use of the United States’ deportation machinery resulted in roughly 152,000 Mexican nationals being deported between and January and November 2017. Obama’s use of the nation’s deportation machinery resulted in roughly 205,000 Mexican nationals being deported between January and November 2016.

The information was released by Mexico’s Interior Ministry and first reported on by Milenio. Overall, Trump’s record on immigration so far amounts to a 27 percent drop in deportations of Mexican nationals compared to Obama’s final year at the helm.

As far as U.S. government statistics are concerned, data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) shows a somewhat similar drop in “removals” of Mexican nationals from the country during financial year 2017 compared to financial year 2016–the U.S. government financial year spans from October 1 to September 30.

According to ICE, During Obama’s final year spearheading the nation’s deportation system, some 150,000 Mexican nationals were deported. During Trump’s first year, some 129,000 Mexican nationals were deported. Those numbers together result in a 21 percent drop in expulsions from Obama to Trump.

First Active DREAMer Deported Under Trump Administration

Sadly, we all saw this coming.

A 23 year-old male, who was brought to the U.S. when he was age 9 by his parents, was deported within hours after being detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

And so, Manuel Montes becomes the first undocumented immigrant with active DACA status to be deported.

From USA Today:

Federal agents ignored President Trump’s pledge to protect from deportation undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children by sending a young man back to his native Mexico, the first such documented case, a USA TODAY examination of the new administration’s immigration policies shows.

After spending an evening with his girlfriend in Calexico, Calif., on Feb. 17, Juan Manuel Montes, 23, who has lived in the U.S. since age 9, grabbed a bite and was waiting for a ride when a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer approached and started asking questions.

Montes was twice granted deportation protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created by President Barack Obama and left intact by President Trump.

Montes had left his wallet in a friend’s car, so he couldn’t produce his ID or proof of his DACA status and was told by agents he couldn’t retrieve them. Within three hours, he was back in Mexico, becoming the first undocumented immigrant with active DACA status deported by the Trump administration’s stepped-up deportation policy.

“Some people told me that they were going to deport me; others said nothing would happen,” Montes told USA TODAY in his aunt and uncle’s home in western Mexico where he’s been staying. “I thought that if I kept my nose clean nothing would happen.” He asked that the exact location of their home be withheld.

You have to ask, why wouldn’t the CBP officers let him retrieve his wallet to prove his active DACA status?

Montes suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was young which contributed to learning disabilities. But thanks to special ed courses, he graduated from high school in 2013, and has been taking welding classes.

In January, President Trump speaking to ABC News about DREAMers, “They shouldn’t be very worried. I do have a big heart.”

I think all registered DACA immigrants should be VERY worried. This isn’t done yet.