Brooke Shields La-Z-Boy commercial

Since I posted a commercial that Brooke Shields pointed out to me yesterday, I thought I’d post one of her commercials for La-Z-Boy.

She mentioned this one yesterday so here we go…

p.s. I’m very happy to report that Brooke is an absolute doll to work with. She couldn’t be warmer, friendlier or more fun to work with. Very respectful of everyone in the cast. It’s uber-cool to be working with Brooke.

Happy Hump Day

I’m currently working with Brooke Shields on the Hollywood Bowl production of CHICAGO the Musical. She pointed out this commercial and I think it’s pretty funny.

From Brooke…

Commercial: “I’d Date Me”

One Million Moms (actually about 55K, not a million) really, really, really hates this commercial.

From their press release:

Norelco’s new ad crosses a line of decency.

The new Norelco commercial goes beyond a close facial shave to body grooming well below the chest and back. This commercial went WAY TOO FAR! During the commercial, it shows a man trimming hair in different areas of his body. Toward the end, it shows him standing with his boxer shorts down with hair falling to the floor as he uses the hair trimmer. It is implied that he is shaving in his private area. The dialogue in the ad is equally offensive. “I’d wink at me; I’d hug me,” he says. Then he looks in the mirror, admires himself, and says, “I’d F*** me.” The F-word is bleeped out. But then they display their website, This is clearly a play on the F-word.

After receiving complaints on its Facebook page, Philips Norelco replied by posting:

“To our fans: The goal of our community is to talk about guys’ shaving and grooming needs. Lately we’ve received some comments that our new TV ad doesn’t resonate with everybody. We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we’ve heard the feedback. In response we’re going to run the TV ads later in the evening beginning this weekend. In the meantime, we look forward to getting back to what we do best, talking about men’s shaving and grooming!”

The excuse Philips Norelco gave by phone was equally dismissive, saying, “We are trying to reach a certain audience and would pass along these concerns.”

Their response isn’t good enough. The ad shouldn’t run at any time. It is not only inappropriate for children; it is offensive to adults also. The company’s response to people’s concerns is in poor taste. They are basically saying that they don’t care, and they are going to run the commercial anyway. That just doesn’t cut it.

Romantic italian commercial for John Saint-Denis candles

This is how to sell candles.

And how about the sexy leading man of the video, Peter Calandra?

From the YouTube page: After a difficult day, Paolo rushed from the American offices in Torino, climbing up the hills to Montgenevre just over the French border. Phone dead, car stopping and starting, navigating road construction, he was going to be late for their anniversary dinner at their Palazzo.

Starring Peter Calandra (

Executive Producer: John Saint-Denis
Director: Nino Mancuso
Producer: Brian Rodda

Commercial: Diesel’s Only the Brave fragrance

Things kick off with climbing down fire escapes and jumping into rivers in what resembles a trailer for a Jason Bourne-type action thriller. As it becomes clear that the two men are traveling towards each other, the commercial cuts to a close-up of a woman’s red lipsticked mouth saying, “I can’t wait for what is to come.”

The clip may suggest the guys are about to engage in a fist fight. But it also looks like these guys might just as easily start making out.

Check it out below and let me know how you interpret it.