Special Master To Team Trump: Prove Mar-A-Lago Docs Were Declassified

Lawyers for Donald Trump are aghast that the special master they asked for and got is asking for proof that classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago were actually declassified.
Donald Trump (screen capture)

From the “careful what you wish for” files…

The lawyers representing Donald Trump in the case of the classified government documents retrieved from his Mar-a-Lago home asked for a “special master” to manage assertions of ‘privilege’ in regard to the docs.

They got their special master.

Then they recommended names of people they would approve for said ‘special master’ roles including Judge Raymond J. Dearie.

They got their guy.

Today, Dearie told Team Trump he wants proof that the Donald declassified said documents. Continue reading “Special Master To Team Trump: Prove Mar-A-Lago Docs Were Declassified”