Out Country Hottie Covers “We Are The World”

Out country music artist Chase Sansing

With a shooting in Maryland today, and worries about the Supreme Court, now’s a good time for music that can lift us up.

Out country artist Chase Sansing has released a new music video to raise awareness of homelessness in Nashville.

The remake of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s mega-hit “We Are the World” was filmed throughout Music City by Sansing himself.

The new music video also features Nashville musicians Kelsey Malone, Rae Cecil and Justin Shaw trading verses similar to the original USA for Africa video released in 1985.

Justin Shaw, Chase Sansing, Kelsey Malone and Rae Cecil

“I chose to re-record ‘We Are the World’ because I wanted shine a light on the issue of homelessness in Nashville, but this is a problem seen around the country especially among LGBTQ youth,” said Sansing. “It seems like the problem keeps getting worse instead of getting better.”

According to a study by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, one in 30 youth ages 13 to 17 and one in 10 young adults ages 18 to 25 endure some form of homelessness in the U.S. each year.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth had a 120% increased risk of experiencing homelessness compared to youth who identified as heterosexual and cisgender. This often stems from a lack of acceptance that young people experience both in and outside of the home.

Chase Sansing recording “We Are The World”

“It’s impossible for me to sing something I don’t feel, which is why my videos usually have an emotional pull on them,” says the 25-year-old.

“Kelsey, Justin, Rae and I all agreed this is a very important issue we all believe in. If we all lend a hand, maybe we can help decrease the number of homeless LGBTQ youth in our country.”

I’ve previously written about Chase and his music here.

Watch the music video below.

Out Music: Chase Sansing “Begins With You”

Chase Sansing

Rising young country artist Chase Sansing has released the music video to accompany his single “Begins with You.” 

The Mississippi native shot the video at various locations throughout Nashville and incorporates footage from gay pride festivals in Louisville, Chicago, Murfreesboro and Nashville.

“I wrote this song two and a half years ago after coming out,” mentions Sansing. “After coming out, I felt like I could finally sing the songs I really wanted to sing. I grew up struggling with balancing being a country singer and also being gay because I knew the two didn’t mix that well.”

Sansing follows in the footsteps of fellow out country singers Patrick Masse, Drake Jensen, Chely Wright, Billy Gilman and Ty Herndon, who each faced their own challenges as they chose to pursue their musical passions while living their authentic lives.

Over the years I’ve interviewed several out musicians who have all mentioned the struggles of coping with the country music industry which not been as accepting of LGBT as the rest of the music world.

Sansing, now 24, wrote “Begins with You” a few days after coming out, and recorded it at Prime Cut Studio in Nashville. “I began traveling to pride festivals to interview and film people who struggled just like me. It took me two years to finish the project because I wanted to do it right.”

Not only do the shots of folks celebrating pride resonate, Sansing includes terrific scenes of giraffe shot as the Nashville Zoo. Who doesn’t love giraffe???

“This song is basically my new start to being the singer I’ve always wanted to be because country music is about singing the truth and if I’m not singing the truth and what I’m truly feeling then I’m not singing country music.

“I wrote this song specifically to reach out to kids that are like me and are growing up in a small town thinking they are different and that there’s something wrong with them and that it’s a bad thing. I hope this song shows them that it’s not and they are perfect the way they are.”

Sansing offers an additional word of encouragement: “The most important thing I’d say about this song is that I hope it reaches a kid who feels like I did when I was keeping my secret from everyone. I hope it tells them that it’s okay.”

For more info, head over to ChaseSansingMusic.com.

And check out the music video for “Begins With You” below.