Kelly Clarkson & Out Singer Billy Gilman Deliver Stunning “It’s Quiet Uptown” On THE VOICE Finale

Last night, The Voice finalist Billy Gilman teamed with Kelly Clarkson on “It’s Quiet Uptown” from Broadway blockbuster Hamilton.

Clarkson recently covered the tune for the The Hamilton Mixtape project, a collection of songs from the show recorded by major recording artists.

Normally an ensemble moment in the show, Clarkson and Gilman delivered the duet to devastating effect, swinging from tender and quiet moments to showcasing both their signature power notes.

Gilman’s Monday night show-stopping performance of the Frank Sinatra classic “My Way” can be viewed here.

The out singer was a front-runner the entire season, but ended up in second place to country artist Sundance Head.

Still a big winner in my book. I’m looking forward to what’s next for the talented Mr. Gilman.

Billy Gilman Shines In THE VOICE Finale

Out singer Billy Gilman performed his last night on THE VOICE exactly as he had the entire season, his way.

Gilman opened the show with a stirring version of the Frank Sinatra classic “My Way,” doing the first verse a capella.

Adam Levine joined him for a duet of The Everly Brothers’ “Bye Bye Love”, and he closed his run on the talent show with an original track – “Because of Me.”

A child star at 11 years old, Gilman scored a huge country hit with “One Voice,” earning him a Grammy nomination. He came out as gay in 2014.

I’ve become a big fan throughout his run on THE VOICE. Fingers crossed he wins.

You can find more of his music on iTunes here.

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The Voice: Billy Gilman & Andrew DeMuro Go Head-To-Head “Man In The Mirror”

Out singer Billy Gilman sang with fellow Team Adam member Andrew DeMuro in a head to head matchup on last night’s The Voice, taking on Michael Jackson’s classic “Man in the Mirror.”

What did the judges think?

Blake Shelton: “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more evenly matched battle. Billy has this voice that just cuts through everything, just like a laser voice. It’s so good, man. Then Andrew has all these little runs and things that he throws in there that separates from Billy. So, I don’t think you can go wrong here either way.”

Alicia Keys: “Billy your voice started out in this crystal space. And then you think of where we are in the world. It ended up making me feel that maybe things aren’t so bad as they sometimes seem, so thank you for that.”

In the end, Adam Levine moved Billy Gilman on to the next round.

I think they really were evenly matched here. Hottie Andrew is right in there, vocally on point and totally present in the moment.

And yeah, I’m always a sucker for a good “Man in the Mirror” cover.

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Former Child Country Star, Out Singer Billy Gilman Kills On THE VOICE

Back in 2000, Billy Gilman became the youngest singer to have a Top 40 hit on the country music charts with his first single, “One Voice.”

His debut album of the same name went on to be certified double-platinum. For several years, he was famous as “that child country singer.”

Gilman came out in 2014 just days after fellow country singer Ty
Herndon came out publicly. At the time, Gilman said he’d struggled with
Nashville due to “whispers” about his sexuality, and in the aftermath of
Herndon’s story, he felt the time was right. You can read my post on Gilman’s coming out here.

Last night, Gilman was a surprise contestant on The Voice, and just like 16 years ago, created a sensation.

Now an adult, Gilman has found his true voice, his true sound; and all four judges were impressed.

I have to say I heard about his appearance before I saw it.

My first thought was, “Well, he’s not new to the industry and he had his shot. This might not be fair.”

But watching the video below, I think there is a new ballgame here in that Billy Gilman of today is a different singer, a different artist and a different person that the “Billy” of 2000.

Truth be told, he kicks butt here. Terrific vocal and presence. I’m thinking good thoughts for him as he starts this journey on The Voice.

And even more that he’s bringing visibility to the LGBT community.

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• Country music singers Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman come out as gay 

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• Out NBA-er Jason Collins retires from basketball

Country Singer Billy “One Voice” Gilman Comes Out

And on the heels of Ty Herndon’s coming out comes country singer Billy Gilman, who at the age of 12 became the youngest artist to have a Top 40 hit with “One Voice.”

Gilman says he had been thinking on making this video for a while, but Herndon’s coming out today makes it that much easier.

Gilman also mentions that, due to “whispers” in Nashville, he was aware that no major label showed any interest in his new music despite a showcase he performed there recently. He attributes the lack of interest to his rumored sexuality.

“You know, it’s difficult for me to make this video not because I’m ashamed of being a gay male artist or a gay artist or a gay person. But it’s pretty silly to know that I’m ashamed of doing this knowing that because I’m in an genre and industry that is ashamed of me for being me.

“That said, I want to say that all of the country artists that literally I grew up with – Keith Urban, Vince, Lee Ann Rimes and all of these wonderful friends of mine have been nothing but supportive. Not that they knew but they’ve just been such wonderful people.”

Gilman shares that he’s been with his current partner for five months.