Anderson Cooper’s most artful take-down of anti-gay Amy Kushnir

By this point, Randy Report readers have seen and heard more than they’ll ever want of Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir.

But, hoping this will be the last chapter to Ms. Kushnir’s public hypocrisy over “what’s appropriate” to be on TV.

Anderson Cooper put the morning show host on his “Ridiculist” last night in grand style. From Queerty:

“If you’re not in the Dallas area you are missing out on a spectacular morning show called The Broadcast,” Cooper said without a hint of sarcasm in his voice, “and an incredible moment last week when they veered away from springtime pizza recipes and how to slim down your fat pets, to weigh in on this: Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend while ESPN cameras were rolling after Sam became the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL.”

Cooper then played footage from last week’s episode of The Broadcast, which has garnered more than 1.2 million hits and 600 “dislikes” on Youtube.

“Amy Kushnir has every right to express her opinion,” Cooper said. “She just wants us to think of the children. And she has a point, if we don’t take action, TV could become a Bacchanalian free-for-all complete with half-naked men and indiscriminate kissing.”

Video of an episode of The Broadcast from February then flashed across screen. In it, a very giddy Kushnir is seen being lifted up by two shirtless male strippers. Giggling, she then gives each stripper a kiss on the cheek.

As Cooper put it, “If you happen to be playing Predictable Excuse-Laden
Intolerance Bingo at home, get ready to mark some boxes, folks.”

Amy Kushnir still spinning publicity after storming offset at “The Broadcast”

Amy Kushnir continues her media parade highlighting her outraged exit during a segment of her Dallas TV show “The Broadcast.”

She talks with Glenn Beck here about the fallout of her storming offset last week.

A few inconsistencies here though. She says her comments were not about the “Michael Sam draft kiss” being about the fact that the couple were same-sex. She says she’d have said the same thing about a straight couple. Kushnir says she was upset about seeing a public display of affection on TV.

But when Beck brings up other famous “media kisses,” he mentions Al and Tipper Gore but Kushnir swings back to Madonna and Britney Spears – a same-sex kiss.

Kushnir also makes a point of describing the kiss as “nothing natural.”

She later mentions that many people have come up to her, thanking her for “expressing what we believe” and that they support her. But what is it that these supporters believe? To denounce public displays of affection? OR are they thanking her for standing against a same-sex kiss in public?

She complains at one point that she was upset that the kiss on ESPN was a publicity stunt. But it seems like Kushnir is the one chasing publicity at this point, no?

Recent reports indicate that Kushnir is the daughter of disgraced scamvangelist Rev. Robert Tilton, who bilked followers out of millions of dollars in the 90s. It takes a talent to convince a TV audience of one thing when you’re really doing another. Perhaps she learned a lot from her famous father.

Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir on what’s “appropriate” for TV

Graphic via Memeographs

On Tuesday, Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir stormed off the set in the middle of a segment because she was so upset that ESPN showed NFL draftee Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend in a moment of celebration.

Last night, she appeared on FOX News to explain that she “loves everyone” but she worries about certain subject matter being shown on television at inappropriate times.

Please note Ms. Kushnir’s excitement when she hosted the world-famous Chippendales on her show in February. At the end of the segment, she ends up – quite comfortably – being picked up and held the handsome hunks.

Now my readers know I love me some Chippendales. The Chippendales offer good, clean fun. The guys even point out during their interview that their show is “production number” based and they don’t do the “strip and tip” thing. No G-strings, no dollar bills. Just fun.

I have no problem seeing the Chipps on morning TV, just as I have no problem with Michael Sam giving his bf a kiss in celebration.  You see WAY more skin and kissing on any soap opera these days.  And I don’t mind that, either… 🙂

But Ms. Kushnir seems to “slice and dice” morality on TV a bit more precisely than I.  In the segment Tuesday, she indicated that it was the Michael Sam kiss on TV that bothered her and had it been a straight couple, she would have said “get a room!” 

OR – is the issue really the fact that openly gay Michael Sam is a problem for her, and heterosexual fun with the Chippendales is not?

Dallas talk show host Amy Kushnir heads to FOX News to explain storming off set

According to KVIL, Amy Kushnir – co-host of local morning show “The Broadcast” who stormed off the set over the “Michael Sam draft kiss” – will be appearing on Megyn Kelly on FOX News tonight to explain her comments as she feels very misunderstood.

Amy Kushnir will not appear on today’s airing of The Broadcast as she is not in the city. She’s actually on her way to New York to appear on Fox News to address her comments in front of a national audience.

Steve Kemble has been in touch with Kushnir and producers of The Broadcast since yesterday to confirm the news and bring us the exclusive! He says, Amy is hurting right now. She feels her comments were very misunderstood, and she is looking forward to explaining them further in hopes that people will better understand her viewpoint.

On yesterday’s episode of The Broadcast, Kushnir offered an emotional explanation for her abrupt exit:

I feel personally that I was not able to express my opinions appropriately without bein’ interrupted. I felt like I was bein’ painted to be something that I personally was not.

Everybody that knows me knows that I love everybody, and I’m a deeply lovin’ person, and I get choked up because I truly love deeply.

So with that bein’ said, I felt like I had no choice but to get up, push myself out of the situation because we were goin’ nowhere, as you probably saw, and we have a term around here that we say: we’re goin’ to Midland. And what that means, actually Suzie started this trend, and what that means is we’re going to excuse ourself from the conversation…politely. And that’s what I did. I just decided it was time to go to Midland. And I went to Midland, and I’m back and I’m a happy camper, and I’m ready to move on.

Dallas morning show co-host Amy Kushnir storms off set mid-segment

Courtney Kerr (L) and Amy Kushnir (R)

The chat got heated on Dallas’ “The Broadcast” yesterday when co-host Amy Kushnir got so upset over Michael Sam’s “draft kiss” that she stormed off the set in mid-segment. What a real pro.

Said Kushnir, before stomping off:

“When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong…I don’t call it a moment of celebration…It’s being pushed in faces. I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to see cake in your face, kissing each other.”


“Here’s the thing. ESPN would not have aired any of it had he been kissing his wife.”

The usual cries of gays “shoving it in my face” make their appearance. If the sentiments weren’t so icky, this would be funny.

Note that Kushnir says she doesn’t like to see public displays of affection. THAT’s what bothered her. But – check out the main image on her Facebook page.  Why, is that a public display of affection?  Is she kissing someone and “shoving it down our throats?” Truth be told, what Ms. Kushnir doesn’t like are PDAs between the gays.