Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir on what’s “appropriate” for TV

Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir on what’s “appropriate” for TV
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On Tuesday, Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir stormed off the set in the middle of a segment because she was so upset that ESPN showed NFL draftee Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend in a moment of celebration.

Last night, she appeared on FOX News to explain that she “loves everyone” but she worries about certain subject matter being shown on television at inappropriate times.

Please note Ms. Kushnir’s excitement when she hosted the world-famous Chippendales on her show in February. At the end of the segment, she ends up – quite comfortably – being picked up and held the handsome hunks.

Now my readers know I love me some Chippendales. The Chippendales offer good, clean fun. The guys even point out during their interview that their show is “production number” based and they don’t do the “strip and tip” thing. No G-strings, no dollar bills. Just fun.

I have no problem seeing the Chipps on morning TV, just as I have no problem with Michael Sam giving his bf a kiss in celebration.  You see WAY more skin and kissing on any soap opera these days.  And I don’t mind that, either… 🙂

But Ms. Kushnir seems to “slice and dice” morality on TV a bit more precisely than I.  In the segment Tuesday, she indicated that it was the Michael Sam kiss on TV that bothered her and had it been a straight couple, she would have said “get a room!” 

OR – is the issue really the fact that openly gay Michael Sam is a problem for her, and heterosexual fun with the Chippendales is not?

Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir on what’s “appropriate” for TV