Sweet Charity rehearsals – first day

First day of rehearsals for SWEET CHARITY in Oklahoma City for Lyric Theatre.

First number up for staging was “Something Better Than This” with Charity and her two sidekicks Nickie and Helene. This is my partner in crime Kathryn Murphy who is playing “Nickie” – we’ve worked together several times and she saves me in the rehearsal studio in many, many ways. She’s my associate choreographer here and already helping in huge ways.

Staging “Something Better Than This” requires a very latin flair, which in turn HAS to have some “skirt-ography.” So, of course, I requested a rehearsal skirt too. After a few minutes though the ladies couldn’t see my foot work so off the skirt went.

Got the number done and the ladies look great already! Whoo-hoo!

Sweet Charity rehearsals – first day

Here’s a clip from the movie starring Shirley Maclaine, Chita Rivera and Paula Kelly doing “Something Better Than This.”