Survivor host Jeff Probst serves up the bacon – naked

Jeff Probst, hunky Survivor host,  tweeted a picture of his very chiseled,
very nude body serving up a plate of bacon and announcing he was “taking
it all off” for this week’s episode of Two and a Half Men.

Did I mention he’s 52 years old?  Looking good there, Jeff.

In an interview with Today, Probst explained how he landed a
guest role on the hit sitcom:

“I got a call from the casting director. I
happen to be friends with Jon Cryer and I texted him and he said, ‘I
just read the script. It’s really funny. You should do it.’ That was it.
And then they said, ‘Oh by the way, you’ll be naked.’ I mean, how can
you turn down Two and a Half Men? —one of the greatest comedies of all time.”

(via Queerty)