Suni Lee Wins Gold In Women’s All-Around Gymnastics

Suni Lee wins gold today as the 18-year-old Minnesota native lived her best life today showing  judges and the world her world-class talent as she took home the Olympic gold medal for Team USA in the artistic gymnastics women’s all-around final.

Rebeca Andrade of Brazil won silver and Angelina Melnikova of Russia won the bronze.

I know some criticized Simone Biles (the 2016 Olympic all-around champion) for stepping out of the event for mental health reasons, but this is where Biles showed her greatness. She trusted her teammate, Suni Lee. She knew the talent and grit that Lee possessed.

As a true champion, Biles recognized the champion in Lee. #Greatness

It’s worth noting that on Tuesday, at the team finals, Lee chose to perform her hardest uneven bars routine — the most difficult in the world — instead of the easier one she had planned. After Biles pulled out, Lee knew the team needed every tenth of a point to win a medal. Result? Her 15.4 points on bars was the highest score of the night.

Lee becomes the fifth straight American woman to win the women’s all-around Olympic gold, continuing a winning streak for Team USA started in 2004 by Carly Patterson.

Since then, Nastia Liukin, Gabby Douglas and Biles have all followed suit.