Sunday song: “Breathe, Dream, Pray, Love”

I was just listening to this song – which I think is terrific – and realized that I have completely separate connections to all three recording artists involved in the song – Jim Brickman, Delta Goodrem and Mark Masri.

Sunday song: “Breathe, Dream, Pray, Love”
With Delta Goodrem, fresh off the dance floor

I was introduced to the gorgeous and spectacular Delta Goodrem, who is a huge recording star in her native Australia, through Olivia Newton-John. Delta is not only gorgeous and talented, but deliciously fun. I’ve been to a few very cool events with Delta and you couldn’t ask for a more fun person. At Olivia’s wedding reception, Delta and I spent a long time on the dance floor together and at one point it ran through my mind “this woman has MILLIONS of fans! She’s a huge star and she’s dancing with ME!”

Mark Masri I met when he was a guest at Olivia Newton-John’s “Grace and Gratitude: Live in Concert” which I staged for Olivia last year outside Philadelphia. What a terrific voice and lack of ego. Mark is amazing and becoming a big presence here in the US, after Canada has spent years celebrating his talents.

And, of course, Jim Brickman I’ve known for almost 15 years. My husband Michael was his publicist for years, and I’ve spent much time with Jim at his home and backstage at his concerts. I think one of my favorite memories of Jim was at an event where he and his longtime partner in crime, Anne Cochran, were performing. Jim knows my favorite recording of his was one of his very first, “By Heart.” After doing a set of music for the crowd Anne started to leave the stage, but Jim – on the fly – asked her to stay and sing “By Heart” only because he knew I was in the audience and I love the song. How many artists do something like that?

Anyway, I don’t post this to be a name dropper (although it’s turning out that way). The point, really, is how small the entertainment world is. And how cool folks can be.

Enjoy the song. I’m back to floating in the pool….