Summer: Block The Sun, Not The Fun

Summer: Block The Sun, Not The Fun

I realized that when I post my pics from the pool at Casa de Slovacek, I don’t always mention that it’s uber-important to use sunscreen.

Now that we’re in the midst of summer sun/fun days, it goes without saying everyone knows you should be using a moisturizer with sunscreen every day, right?

Not only to avoid sun burn but who wants to age any faster than you have to? I always use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen and look at me, I’m 87! (kidding…)

There are lots of products out there; some good, some not so much.

My super-cute longtime friend Kari Nicolaisen is such a big fan of Arbonne products she became a distributor. So I asked her about protecting against unfriendly solar rays.

Kari’s sassy reply:

Hey hotties, by now your summer tans should be perfect! Add this little beauty to your maintenance regime to enhance your healthy, youthful glow!

And for some of your majesties, that are stuck in the office, there is NO self-tanner out there that can compete with Arbonne’s.

These products and much, much more!!!

Please contact me to find out how to get you deepest, largest, sexiest discounts!

See you at the beach!

Arbonne is a highly regarded premium brand whose products are botanically based, not tested on animals & do not use animal by-products. You have to be cruelty-free, folks 😉

I know a lot of people are using Arbonne products these days and love them.

Note: I am not being paid or compensated in any way for this post. I figure if you’re going to address a problem (skin damage from the sun), come with a solution (skin care for sun fun).

If you’d like to try Arbonne, check out Kari’s web page here for more info.


Summer: Block The Sun, Not The Fun

Summer: Block The Sun, Not The Fun