Study: No Men On PrEP Contracted HIV Over 32 Months

Study: No Men On PrEP Contracted HIV Over 32 Months

A new study by Kaiser Permanente published in Clinical Infectious Diseases shows that over a 32 month period exactly zero men, out of 600 participants  who took Truvada on a daily basis, contracted HIV.



“Our study is the first to extend the understanding of the use of PrEP in a real-world setting and suggests that the treatment may prevent new HIV infections even in a high-risk setting,” he said in a press release. “Until now, evidence supporting the efficacy of PrEP to prevent HIV infection had come from clinical trials and a demonstration project.”

However, 30 percent of participants did contract at least one sexually transmitted infection within six months of the study’s commencement. This number jumped to 50 percent after one year.

In addition, 41 percent of participants reported a decrease in condom use, in contrast to the 56 percent who said their use of condoms remained unchanged throughout the study.