Study: More LGBTs Living In Red States Than A Decade Ago worked with data from Gallup and the Census Bureau to create this interactive map showing the migration of LGBTs to red states over the past decade.

Surprised? I was. And then, I wasn’t.

Here’s just a bit of what ConsumerAffairs found:

• Salt Lake City saw the biggest increase in the size of its LGBT community as a portion of the total population, moving from 39th place in 1993 to 7th as of 2014 (the most recent available data).

• Of the 20 cities that saw a positive change in their ranking, 11 were in traditionally red states including Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Texas.

• Traditionally LGBT-friendly cities like Minneapolis, San Diego and New York saw a drop in their national rankings.

I’m of a mind to think that as we’ve become more visible, and our families and friends have become more accepting, LGBTs are not feeling the pressure to live in the cities we’ve previously associated with being safe for gay families.

Plus, we’ve seen more and more representation in local governments by LGBTs. Salt Lake City in Utah recently elected it’s first openly lesbian mayor – if that isn’t progress, what is?