Study: Kari Lake Lost Governor’s Race Because Republicans Voted For Someone Else

Failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake
Kari Lake (screen capture)

Despite Kari Lake’s cries of “fraud” and other nefarious reasons for her loss in the Arizona gubernatorial race in November, a study of the actual ballots shows the real reason the failed candidate lost.

It turns out lots of Republicans in Maricopa County (largest county in the state) voted for Democrat Katie Hobbs. Plus, thousands more either left the ballot blank or wrote in another name rather than vote for Lake.

Those same voters all voted GOP down ballot.

From Newsweek:

An analysis of public voting records in the November race found that Democrat Katie Hobbs managed to pick up support from more than 33,000 Republican-leaning voters in Maricopa County, who backed GOP candidates in other state elections such as state treasurer.

Around 6,000 Republican-leaning voters also chose not to vote at all, or wrote in another candidate, rather than support Lake in November.

Lake lost her election to Hobbs by 17,000 votes, meaning the 33,000 votes she failed to achieve from Republicans in Arizona’s largest county ultimately cost her the election, rather than her dismissed claims of voter fraud and machine counting irregularities.

To reiterate – 33K conservative voters in just one county in Arizona (who voted Republican in other statewide races) cast their vote for the Democrat and not Lake. Period.

According to Benny White, a state Republican party analyst and one of the authors of the study, “She just ran a terrible campaign.”

Read the full report at Newsweek.