Strictly Come Dancing: Radebe & Whaite Show The World ‘It Gets Better’

Strictly Come Dancing viewers were treated last Saturday to a deeply moving semi-finals performance by the show’s first all-male team, John Whaite (winner of season 3 of the Great British Bake Off) and pro dancer Johannes Radebe.

The duo performed a stunning Couple’s Choice routine to Adele’s “Hometown Glory” inspired by their own experiences struggling with coming out.

I realize I’m tardy in posting this with tonight’s finals show, but I wanted to make sure I shared the gorgeous performance.

Before hitting the dance floor, the duo had a message for the viewers at home who might not be ready to be as out and proud as them.

“To the people who perhaps feel a bit afraid in life,” said Waite. “I want those people to know that it gets better.”

Whaite also shared that the first person he ever came out to was a teacher when he was 14. The teacher outed him to his family “which I wasn’t ready for.”

Fortunately, his family was supportive and rock solid.

“It just reminds me of how much we needed that when we were little and it was never there. I grew up with a great deal of shame and I think if I’d seen two men dancing together on television it would have changed my life.”

“I want to dedicate our couple’s choice dance to the people who perhaps feel a bit afraid in life and I want those people to know it gets better, believe me.”

Here’s the full performance:

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The dance propelled the men into tonight’s finals where…

!!! Spoiler alert !!!

!!! Spoiler alert !!!

!!! Spoiler alert !!!

….the duo came in second to the team of actress Rose Ayling-Ellis (Eastenders) and Giovanni Pernice.

Not only did Rose & Giovanni dance beautifully (garnering the first perfect score of the season) but Ayling-Ellis made Strictly history as the competition’s first deaf contestant.

In true form, John & Johannes were bright lights and gracious as runners-up.