Steam Powered Giraffe on The Candi & Randy Show

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Today on The Candi & Randy Show we had the chance to talk with Steam Powered Giraffe.

Steam Powered Giraffe (SPG) is a musical project formed in San Diego in 2008 that is popular in the steampunk subculture. The act combines the visual of robot pantomime with sketches, pop culture references, improvised comedic dialogue, and original music.

Each member of the group plays a “robot”. The Robots are like nothing you have ever seen.

Steam Powered Giraffe is more than just a band, they are an experience.

The Robots:

• The Spine (David Michael Bennett) is a futuristic dieselpunk robot with a titanium alloy spinal column and convincing human mannerisms. His skin is smooth silver, and he wears a black fedora and red tie. He plays guitar, bass, mandolin and keys.

• Rabbit (Bunny Bennett) is a malfunctioning copper clockwork robot, who wears a black coachman’s hat with steampunk-style goggles on it and a black tunic with red accents. He plays the melodica and the accordion.

• Hatchworth (Sam Luke) is an art deco robot made from a stove. He was one of Colonel P. A. Walter’s original robots, but was locked away due to a leaking power core. When the robot The Jon left the band, Hatchworth was released from lockdown and refurbished as a musician. He wears a bowler, sports a bushy orange mustache and wears a black military tunic with red accents. Sam Luke was previously a human member of the band. He plays bass and guitar.

Steam Powered Giraffe on The Candi & Randy Show

Steam Powered Giraffe on The Candi & Randy Show

You can find their music on iTunes by clicking here.