State Senator Admits To Calling Police On Drag Shows

State Senator Admits To Calling Police On Drag Shows
State Sen. Nathan Wesenberg (R)

During a debate regarding an amendment to a financial omnibus bill in the Minnesota state Senate, Sen. Nathan Wesenberg (R) told the chamber he calls 911 to report drag shows.

“I had talked to my sheriff and other sheriffs about some of the drag shows that have been going on and they said that- and when I showed them the videos of the ones that happened in Duluth and Minneapolis, there were drag queens accepting money from minors.”

“Now I have called 911 and I have reported this as child abuse. And if that were to happen in my county, they would go and do that, so we cannot be accepting…Drag queens cannot be accepting money from minors. It’s on video. That’s disgusting and wrong and immoral and we could go down the list.”

Wesenberg doesn’t explain exactly what is illegal or immoral about a minor handing a tip to a drag queen. He also doesn’t explain in what context this may (or may not) have happened.

Wesenberg previously gained attention when he called COVID-19 vaccines “death shots.”

In all honesty, I’ve never seen a police report about a drag queen molesting a child. But we see reports on a nearly-daily basis of church leaders admitting to inappropriate behavior with minors. So would teaching a child to put money in an offering plate be “grooming?”

Folks on Twitter also wondered about Wesenberg calling 911 to report crimes that don’t exist.