Stars Of ‘Spoiler Alert’ Chat On Love & Loss + More News

Stars Of ‘Spoiler Alert’ Chat On Love & Loss + More News
L-R Jim Parsons, Ben Aldridge in ‘Spoiler Alert’ (image via Focus Features)

Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge, the stars of the upcoming film Spoiler Alert, chat with The Advocate about about love and loss that everyone can relate to.

JoeMyGod: Xavier Kraus, who lived next door to the Club Q suspect for a year, says Anderson Lee Aldrich never used they/them pronouns with him or mentioned being nonbinary. (Aldrich recently claimed to be nonbinary via their lawyers). Aldrich also apparently used racist and homophobic slurs saying they “hate faggots.”

Miami Herald: Florida Republicans swore ‘Don’t Say Gay’ wasn’t anti-gay – just pro-child. Now they’re going after school LGBTQ protections.

The Hill: The brother of Paul Whelan slammed Donald Trump after Trump criticized the Biden administration for the deal it struck to free WNBA star Brittney Griner but not Whelan. David Whelan tweeted that Trump seems to have mentioned his brother’s name more in the past 24 hours than he did during the two years of his presidency during which Whelan was imprisoned.

Gothamist: New York City is experiencing a triple wave of respiratory viruses, and on Friday, city health officials warned residents to take extra precautions and mask up indoors and in crowded spaces. New COVID cases increased 50% since Thanksgiving.

Instinct Magazine: ICYMI – my feature article at my ‘other home’ about out singer/songwriter Milahroy’s new music video “The Rush.” Hit the link to see the new vid. #goodstuff

Stars Of ‘Spoiler Alert’ Chat On Love & Loss + More News
Milahroy in ‘The Rush’ (all images screen caps from music video)