Social Distancing: Airline Will Keep Middle Seat Empty For $39

(image via Facebook/FrontierAir)

If you would like to ensure an empty middle seat when flying, Frontier Airlines will let you pay $39 to block off the seat.

From NBC News:

Customers will be able to select a “more room” option, beginning at $39, to ensure that the middle seat is reserved without a passenger, the airline announced Monday. Some airlines such as Delta and EasyJet have already started to block off the middle seat, where possible, to allow for social distancing.

Starting May 8, face coverings are also mandatory at the gate and boarding areas as well as on the plane, the airline said.

“While we believe the best measure to keep everyone healthy is to require face coverings, for those who want an empty seat next to them for extra peace of mind or simply additional comfort, we are now offering “More Room,” Frontier chief executive Barry Biffle said in a statement.

Frontier also announced all passengers will have to fill out a form declaring neither they nor any family members have had COVID-19 symptoms in the two weeks before traveling. Additionally, anyone with a fever will not be allowed to travel.

(h/t JoeMyGod)