So This Happened Last Night

Me with Sia at the Flamingo Las Vegas

Can you imagine?

Last night, huge pop star Sia attended Olivia Newton-John’s sold out “Summer Nights” concert at the Flamingo Las Vegas. And I had the chance to meet her backstage!

I’m a big fan of hers. And she is a BIG fan of Olivia’s. So, it all worked out great, huh?

Sia has a “no touring” policy. But that isn’t keeping her from getting offers to do so. And apparently huge offers. So, she’s recently stated that she might consider touring… IF.

What if? This if: “I don’t care about doing it so I’ll throw the most ludicrous idea out and say say ‘I’ll do a live show if you can get Olivia Newton-John to perform with me’, because that’s my childhood dream.”

And so, there she was last night, dancing throughout the concert to all those ONJ hits. And then afterward, she came backstage to meet her idol.

Very, very cool night 🙂