SNL Cold Open Offers “A Wonderful Life” Where Trump Was Never President

SNL’s holiday show cold open threw a new spin on the Christmas classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, where Donald Trump wishes for a world where he was not elected president.

The skit features celebrity cameos by Ben Stiller (Michael Cohen), Robert De Niro (Robert Mueller), and host Matt Damon (Brett Kavanaugh).

Entering a holiday party, Trump looks around the room noting the mood of the party goers: “Everyone looks so different. What are those things on their faces?”

Kenan Thompson’s ‘Clarence the Guardian Angel’ replies, “Those are called smiles.”

When Trump asks if ‘they ever found’ Hillary Clinton’s emails, Clarence shares, “They did – they were all Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons.”

In this new world, Mike Pence is a gay DJ (“It’s so great to be myself”).

And Melania Trump, no longer married to the Donald, doesn’t have an accent anymore. “After our divorce, I lost it. They said being around you was hurting my language skills.”

The sketch appears to have triggered the Trumpster: